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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Create Your Own Custom American Girl Doll Visual Guide

American Girl's "Create Your Own" custom AG doll was originally slated to be released by now, but it has been delayed (rumors say either due to IT problems, or for the current 20% coupon to expire). The new release date is August 8th, 2017 according to a recent Mattel press release. (Click here to read the press release.)

Until then, AG has released a little teaser trailer for the launch on Youtube, showcasing some of the possible combinations. Because I am a nitpicky, curious person, I ended up taking about 70 screenshots from the video to see just what exactly the customization options will be. XD Below is a little visual guide I put together to help people "pre-design" their doll.

Price for Each Custom Doll: $200
- Your Custom Doll
- Free Shipping
- Special Doll Box
- Outfit
- Accessory Set
- 6 Month Subscription to AG Magazine

Face Molds & Vinyl Coloring:
There will be 5 face mold options (Classic, Addy, Josefina, Jess, Sonali) and  3 vinyl color options (Light, Medium, Dark). Below are the 15 possible face mold and vinyl color combinations, listed in the order the face molds were created.
**Additional examples of the face mold/color combinations from the AG video are at the end of the post where I posted all the screenshots taken.

Classic Face Mold
Light vinyl

Medium vinyl

Dark vinyl
(Sorry for the blurry quality of this photo! For the life of me I couldn't get a clear screenshot because it went by so fast)

Addy Face Mold
Light vinyl

(I could not find a medium vinyl Addy doll example from the AG video and catalog.)

Dark vinyl

Josefina Face Mold
Light vinyl

Medium vinyl

Dark vinyl

Jess Face Mold
Light vinyl

Medium Vinyl

Dark vinyl

Sonali Face Mold
Light vinyl

Medium vinyl

Dark vinyl

Eye Colors:
There will be 7 eye colors (Dark pinwheel blue, Light pinwheel blue, Pinwheel green, Dark pinwheel brown, Decal light brown, Grey pinwheel, Hazel decal)
**You can see close ups of the different eyes on L&L's Eye Chart by clicking here.

Dark Pinwheel Blue

Light Pinwheel Blue

Dark Pinwheel Brown

Decal Brown

Green Pinwheel

Grey Pinwheel

Hazel Decal

Hair Styles & Colors:
According to the AG video, there will be 112 style/color combinations of hair.
So this is the section that was the most confusing and hard to figure out. I used a combination of the screenshots from the video, and the catalog images to flesh it out as much as possible, but it is not complete. The categorization of each hair style and color are made up by what I see, and may very well have errors. Please let me know if you see any!

I have split the hair section into 2 categories, Hair Styles & Hair Colors. Both sections have the same images, just organized in a different way depending on what you're looking for.

Hair Styles:
#1 - The Ruthie/Rebecca/#56 Hybrid

#2 - The #58 

#3 - Mega Waves & Curls

#4 - Bob with Bangs, aka The Nellie

#5 - The #67

#6 - The Maryellen (-uneven bangs)

#7 - The Jess

#8 - The Kit

#9 - The Lea

#10 - The Grace

#11 - The Pixie

#12 - The Basic Smooth Long Hair

#13 - The Textured Basic

Hair Colors:

The Lighter Blonds

The Darker Blonds

The Darker Brunettes

The Lighter Brunettes

The Darker Carrot Reds

The Caramels

I'm not freckle savvy. Can anyone tell me if these are the same as the original AG freckle pattern? Grace's freckle pattern? A completely new freckle pattern?
Left: No freckles
Right: With freckles

I'm not sure if these are painted onto the teeth and relatively permanent, or if they're stickers that can be taken on and off, or if they're an actual plastic piece.

These are the glasses I saw in the video, though the options may continuously change as AG gets new designs and retires old ones. They seem to line up with the Truly Me glasses.
Brown Ombre Glasses

Raspberry Glasses

Striped Sunglasses

Turquoise Glasses

Tortoise Sunglasses

Ear Piercing with Earrings:
I only see the star earrings from the video, though there may be other options.

Hearing Aid:

There are 6 outfits to choose from.
Those cat shoes!!!! XD So cute!

"My shirt looks like static on the TV."

I like this one a lot!

Another outfit I really like. The flower crown looks like the "flower princess" filter on Snapchat. XD

This outfit is also in my top 3. 

This one is a little too fuwa-fuwa-princessy for my personal taste though I can see it being a hit with little girls. 

Accessory Sets:
There are 6 accessory set options.
I dub thee "Boho Turquoise Set"
This is also the only set without a cup/drink container.

"Fruity Hipster Set"

"Sporty Health Nut Set"

"Fancy Rich Princess Set"

"Colorful Sparkle Bling Set"

"Cutesy Girly Set"

Doll's Background:
You can choose your doll's Name, Favorite Place, Hobby, and Pets.
I hope they have a lot of options in each bubble. XD 
This is Michelle who likes to travel and has a dog. ^_^

Nicolette likes music and dance, and has a dog.

Giana like sports and has a rabbit? 

Keepsake Box:
I like the fingerprint-stars on the box! It's a nice subtle touch! ^_^

Fancy ribbon tie!

AG Magazine:

A 6 month subscription to AG's magazine! So 3 free issues since they're bi-monthly. 

Custom T-Shirt:

You can design your own shirt as well! I wonder if it will be similar to what they already have in stores. 

Link to original AG video on Youtube:

Link to original AG Catalog with additional images:

Below are all the screenshots I took from the video: