Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Girl of the Year 2018 Name, Books, & Outfit Leaked!

With less than half a year left in 2017, we're starting to get clues for next year's Girl of the Year 2018 character. A while back, American Girl filed a trademark for the name Luciana Vega. At the time there was speculation who the name could be for, but now we've gotten strong hints that it is possible for GOTY 2018.

Yesterday, Instagram user butik_boneka_andfir shared an image of what appeared to be a grey market seller's photo of a shirt with a space and heart graphic with the words, "I need some space/Luciana/2018". From this, we can guess that Luciana has an interest in space, and we'll hopefully finally have our much desired STEM girl. The shirt itself appears to be a possible release day giveaway gift.

Please keep in mind nothing is official until AG releases it, and it's still possible Luciana may either be just a placeholder name, the name of a new contemporary character, the name of a new Beforever character, or something else completely. 

Photos of Outfit:

I'm not sure if the shorts are AG or from something else. O_o

Girl of the Year 2018 Book Information:

There have been at least 2 books confirmed for Girl of the Year 2018 on Amazon. The author for GOTY 2018's books is Erin Teagan and the illustrator is Lucy Truman. It appears the author Erin Teagan has a background in science as well, according to her Amazon biography:

"Erin Teagan worked in biochemistry labs for ten years. She knew that in science, especially working on research drugs, bringing your work home could actually be punishable by law. This left lots of time to work on her writing after work. Erin’s debut middle grade novel, The Friendship Experiment, was published by Houghton Mifflin in fall 2016. Erin lives in Virginia with her family."

Based off the Amazon website, books will cost $7.99 USD and be released on Dec. 26, 2017. Below are the direct links to each book on Amazon in case you want to preorder them.

Girl of the Year 2018: Book 1https://www.amazon.com/Girl-Year-2018-Book-American/dp/1338186485/

Girl of the Year 2018: Book 2https://www.amazon.com/Girl-Year-2018-American/dp/1338186507/

How do you feel about the potential 2018 Girl of the Year?
Do you like her name? The space theme? 
Any guesses/hopes for what will be a part of her collection? 
What are you hoping she'll look like?

I'm personally very excited for the possibility of the GOTY character who does STEM, especially space science because I've been a giant space nerd ever since I fell in love with Sailor Moon as a child. If her name really is Luciana Vega, then I'm even more excited. It's such a unique name, and Vega reminds me of the Vega star and the beautiful Chinese legend of the cowherd and weaver tied to the star. This might be the first Girl of the Year doll I go full in for and pick up her whole world! ^_^


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    1. I wonder what special item she'll get? Saige had the ring, Isabelle hair piece, Grace bracelet, Lea messenger bag and necklance, etc. They're running out of accessories! :D

    2. Err...monocle? XD
      I'm writing a steampunk story right now, so I'm a bit weird-wired. Ooo, how about she comes with brass knuckles! :D XD

    3. Ahahaha! That would be awesome!

    4. Maybe it'll be a telescope?

  2. Love it! I asked for this several years ago. My daughter has ASD and just loves everything about science (STEM) and astronomy. She even has the tshirt saying on her bedroom door.

    1. Your daughter is going to be so excited for Luciana then! I really do think AG underestimates just how many STEM girls are in their target market. ^_^

  3. Can't wait to see her! I'll bet she's going to be an amazing GOTY!

    Also, welcome back Lily! :D

    1. Thank you! It's good to hear from you again! I hope you've been doing well. ^_^ It looks like I came back just in time for lots of exciting things coming soon.

  4. So excited for the new doll. Wish I could be at the release. They have made dancers and gymnasts but not cheerleaders. I'm happy their making another doll who has interests of mine.