Saturday, February 28, 2015

It Snows *sort of* in the South Too!

This week has been quite a hectic, terrifying, but exciting week for any person living in the south because we had a rare unicorn come into town, aka SNOW! :D And of course by snow I mean ice... which is a completely different matter. >_< Snow/Ice is perfectly wonderful, dreamy, romantic, etc. when you're not driving on it. Unfortunately, classes were canceled too late and I had to make the terrifying drive back home.

For those who do not get ice and for those who usually get snow instead of ice, let me tell you now... ICE KILLS! The normally 5 minute drive home took well near an hour, and I didn't drive so much as slid home. O_O And this is swerving, slipping, sliding while not even stepping on the accelerator or break! Come back to me sweet friction!

There were so many near wrecks and accidents that I can't help but thank every ounce of sanity I hold I didn't panic and swerve into a pole or truck. We live in that strange middle zone that seems to not get snow so much as ice when we get anything at all (once every lifetime?). Snow can be driven on. It's a risk yes, but it's not impossible. Ice? That's a completely different story.

And for those who think I'm exaggerating, here is the Google traffic map for the nation yesterday:

Yup. That small very red, very very very convoluted pimple of traffic on the map is where I am.

And here is a close up of all the destruction this ice storm has left. Each yellow triangle means that a car wreck happened at that spot. Look at this! This is ridiculous!

I was so glad I lived close to campus. So many of my classmates were in an accident yesterday! It was really frightening. This unicorn was not peaceful and cute at all. This unicorn had a lot of rage pent up and released it all over the streets and freeways. >_<

Once I arrived at home and the adrenaline from the drive had worn off, I was able to take the Lissie and Sawako Lilly out to "play" in the snow. Here are some more cheerful photos to take your mind off the carnage the unicorn left in it's wake:
"Look Lissie! It's snow! How beautiful!"
"So this is that powdery nonsense people fawn over? General Washington is not impressed! At least not outwardly!"
"Will General Washington be impressed if she builds a snowman?"

Unfortunately it wasn't snow. It was ice. And do you know what does not make a good snowman? 

"If I wasn't impressed before, I'm even less impressed now."
"Don't grump Lissie, we can still make a snow angel!"
"Can I make a snow pterodactyl instead?"

Unfortunately, it wasn't snow. And do you know what doesn't take impressions for angels/pterodactyls well?

"Oh you're right Lissie! This weather is a flop. It's not at all like what the movies show. Let's go inside and get warm."
"NO! Now we're committed to living the snow day dream Lilly!"
"But it's a complete, utter failure. We can't do anything with all this ice."
"Ah! When you are given flower, bake cake!"
"Lissie... I think you're using 2 different words."
"And do you know what you do when you're given ice?"

"GO ICE SKATING! Come on Lilly! It's like just like a rink only with speed bumps!"
"Oooo Lissie, that looks so dangerous!"
"Which is exactly why we're doing it! Nothing says infinite fun like frictionless surfaces!"
"But our Big Person said that was the most dangerous surface."
"Fooey! That's because she actually tried to drive on it. Just look at her now!"
"... Oh my! Is she-?"
"Yup, she's sliding down the driveway on a piece of cardboard."
"Ack! She just tumbled head over heels!"
"And now it's our turn, come on already! Let go of the rock, you'll be fine even if you fall!"
*sigh* "Oh why was I cursed with this vinyl, unbleeding body? I shall never taste that crimson glory!"

Ah... That's right... I might have tried to live out my snow fantasies, one of which includes sledding. XD Obviously sleds are not sold here so I improvised... TOTALLY WORTH THE SCRAPS! :D (Blood and all I went for a few more rounds till the cardboard was too torn up to slide efficiently anymore.)

"Now this, this is living the snow dream!"
"Oh I agree Lissie! Even if we couldn't make a snow animal or impressions, and our Big Person used up a month's supply of neosporin on her wounds, everyone knows the quintessential part of the snow dream is coming in numb from cold and having hot chocolate."
"But don't leave out an important part of that dream Lilly! We have to do it in front of a fire!"
"It's against our lease."
"The dream-"
"Is open to interpretation."

Oh ho ho! Good job Lilly! Because I also wanted to build a fire with my old notes and papers but I had to come to terms with my carpeted flooring... ^_^ Hahaha, I know it may sound weird, especially to those who live in the north and get to see snow regularly every winter, but I really do have all these snow fantasies of playing in the snow, reading with hot chocolate while the snow comes down outside, sledding, wearing those funny tennis racket things on my shoes while walking on the snow, etc. 
One day! One day I will live the dream! :D

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 18 - A "Hair"rowing Day

Lissie & Lilly: A "Hair"rowing Day (Photostory)

Lydia: I am thrilled you are having us over for tea Samantha.
MG: Oui, it is most exciting! I have never tried Japanese macha before.
Cecile: I’m sorry Samantha, but I could not find the snacks to go with the tea. I looked everywhere but we are out.
Sam: Oh dear, thank you for looking Cecile. I must have forgotten to restock after our last tea party.

Lissie: No snacks? NO SNACKS??? But that’s like no water at Niagra Falls! No rocks at the Grand Canyon! No dastardly deed running through my mind!
Sam: I am afraid we must make do Lissie. It is such a pity though. Macha can be quite bitter without something sweet to balance it.
Lissie: And I’m all about balance! Cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Can’t be more balanced than that.
Cecile: Non Lissie, there is no cake either.
Lissie: Then we are all doomed… A barren Niagra in our bowels…
Sam: We shall simply have to flood your barren Niagra bowels with tea then. Have you seen Sawako Lilly? It is not like her to be late.
Lissie: She’s probably still in the bedroom studying her brain to submission. I’ll go check!

Lissie: Lilly! I knew you’d still be here! Come on, everyone’s waiting for you downstairs for tea. Just be warned though, there’s no snack so we might as well roll around in misery now and get it out of the way.
Lilly: Please tell everyone to start without me. I can’t come down right now.
Lissie: Was the no tea snacks news that devastating? Don’t worry, we can raid our Big Person’s secret stash #8 afterwards.
Lilly: It’s not that. I just… I’m not myself.
Lissie: ARE YOU AN ALIEN??? OR A CYBORG??? I knew it! No real doll could study as much as you do without bursting into a million shards of despair.

Cecile: Lissie! Lilly! What’s wrong? Are you both alright?
Sam: Why are you screaming Lissie? What has happened?
Lissie: Only that Lilly is either an extraterrestrial being or a cyborg meant to suck out our stuffing!
Lydia: Goodness Lissie, you had me worried something serious happened.
Lissie: You don’t think stuffing-less dolls is terrifying Lydia Charlotte? Oh you’re in for a surprise.
MG: While we wait for the surprise, let us all go down and enjoy le thé, the tea.
Lilly: You all go ahead. I – I’m feeling unwell so I won’t be joining you.
Lydia: What is it Sawako Lilly? Please tell us what is bothering you.
Lilly: It’s so embarrassing, but I guess I can’t hide it from you all forever…

Sam: Your hair! Your hair is – !
Cecile: Blue!
MG: Purple!
Lydia: Green!
Lilly: I know it is, but I don’t know how this could have happened! I just woke up this morning and they were there!
Lissie: Did you eat something weird last night? Perhaps drink from a bottle labeled “toxic”?
Lilly: You know I haven’t Lissie, I’ve been studying nonstop all this time.

Lilly: Oh what I am going to do? How can I go out in public like this? It looks completely unprofessional!
Cecile: Mais très fantastique! It may be unprofessional but it is so avant garde, so stylish!
Sam: You must not fret Sawako Lilly. Your hair did this on its own so perhaps tonight it will go back on its own.
Lydia: Yes, Samantha is right. Don’t let that spoil your day. Come down with us and have tea.
Lissie: Some tea it’ll be though, when the snacks are all vacationing in the Bahamas leaving us nothing to clear the palate between chugs.
Lilly: You’re not supposed to chug tea Lissie. It is a shame though. I wish we had snacks to go with our macha.
MG: What was that? The entire room shook!
Sam: We must go down and see if anything is damaged! Hurry!

Sam: Thank goodness, everything looks fine down here.
Lilly: What is that on top of the tea cup?
Lissie: SNAAACKS!!! SUGAR!!! Calories most glorious and divine! Even the Heavens realized our sugar free plight and seeks to deliver us!

Lydia: But… How can this be? I am certain it was not there before!
MG: Attendez! These types of snacks cannot even be purchased here. Where did they come from?
Cecile: Do you think… perhaps these are not actually snacks?
Lissie: Only one way to know for certain! And that’s in our stomachs! Go on and open it Samantha, or my cravings will open the gate to the netherworld!

Sam: They look like real snacks.
Lilly: They smell like real snacks.
Lissie: Do they taste like real snacks? That’s the real question we need to be asking here.
MG: I think we must be careful. We still don’t know how they got here.
Cecile: But can snacks even be suspicious?
Lissie: Hear hear! I second that motion! Let me interrogate them one-on-one in my mouth and we’ll know soon enough!

Lydia: Sawako Lilly, your hair!
Lilly: I already know it has colored streaks in it Lydia Charlotte. Didn’t you see it upstairs?
Lydia: No, the blue streak!
Lilly: Oh no! Did it get bigger?
Lissie: Lilly! It’s gone! The blue streak is gone! How did you do that?
Lilly: But-but I haven’t done anything! How could it just disappear?
Lissie: Are you sure you’re not a cyborg alien? How old am I?
Lilly: As old as time itself.
Lissie: Hmmm…. Well played… What pas –
Lydia: Come along Lissie, and stop interrogating. Now that we have snacks, we can finally have our tea.

Sam: Now that we are all here, we can begin. This is the chawan, the tea bowl.
Lilly: Lissie, where are your shoes?
Lissie: I don’t wear shoes! That’s for respectable dollfolk who care about propriety. All I care about is propane burners and the spark of revolution!
Lilly: I know you like your fires of rebellion, but still, I wish you had shoes for tea.

Lissie: AGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Cecile: What happened?!?
Lilly: Is everyone alright?
Lydia: The earthquake again?
Sam: Uhm, but we are not on a fault line. What is going on?

MG: Lissie, what is wrong? Why you are screaming non stop?
Lissie: My feet! Look at my feet!!! LOOK AT THOSE MODEST, SENSIBLE THINGS ON MY FEET!!!!!
Lilly: You have shoes on!
Sam: How is this possible? What are you playing at Lissie?
Lissie: There is an evil power at work here and it means to make me a civilized person! I won’t stand for it!

Lydia: Wait just a moment, look at your hair again Sawako Lilly! The purple strand is missing now!
Lilly: You’re right! It’s gone! Do you think they’re related?
Lydia: They must be. Remember the first time the earthquake came? It was right after you wished for tea snacks and when we came down, there they were!
Lilly: That’s right! And just now, I said I wanted Lissie to put on shoes, and then it happened!
Lydia: Your hair is magic Sawako Lilly! Or at least the colored strands are. There’s no other explanation.

Lissie: Lilly, you must understand, a great weight and responsibility have been placed on your shoulders.
Lilly: They have?
Lissie: It falls to you to use your power to bring us unlimited glory, snacks, and borderline risky excitement for all time.
Cecile: Non, you must use your final wish for all the outfits we still do not have! Think of how much time and money we will save on eBay alone!
MG: Or you could wish to be done with l'école, school and have all the knowledge right now!
Sam: We need more books as well! You could wish for an entire library!
Lydia: If you wish for a new piano, I could teach you how to play, Sawako Lilly. Didn’t you tell me you always wanted to learn?
Lilly: Well, all of that sounds very nice but really I just wish my hair would go back to normal.

Sam: Ahhh! Help!
MG: Oomph! Cecile, you are squashing me!
Cecile: Ohhhh, my head… I’m sorry Marie-Grace, but I cannot move because Lydia Charlotte and Lissie are on top of me.
Lissie: Lilly! What have you done?!? That was the last wish!
Lilly: And it worked! Look everyone! My hair is back to normal! Thank goodness!
Lissie: All that power… used on normalicy… Think of what we could have had!
Lilly: It’s no good thinking of what we could have had. We can have tea now, however.

Sam: I suppose if we had all the books in the world we would not really have a place to put them after all.
Cecile: Oui Samantha, and if we had all the clothes we would not have time to wear them.
Lydia: A piano would be nice but it can wait I guess.
MG: And what is the point of knowledge if you do not earn it? This is probably for the best.
Lissie: Well I stand by my wish! Unlimited glory, snacks, and dangerous fun is an excellent wish!
Lilly: Yes, but you are fully capable of obtaining that on your own Lissie. You don’t need me to wish it for you. Speaking of which, why are you holding the snack box so tightly?
Lissie: If I have to wear shoes and miss out on a wish, the least you can do is let me snuggle with comfort food.
Sam: Shhh! We are ready to begin.

This was a really fun episode for me to write! ^_^ I purchased the Jewel Highlights set when it was on sale but I was having a hard time deciding how to use them. None of my dolls are very avant garde and rebellious in terms of new fashion trends, and also the only doll with hair straight enough to wear them was Sawako Lilly. In the end, it occurred to me that magical things happen in threes, and the best person to give power to was someone who didn’t want it so Sawako Lilly fit that perfectly.

I love teas in general, but I recently received a package from my friend in Japan with lots of goodies (kimono for Sawako Lilly!), cute things, and delicious snacks so I wanted an excuse to eat them, hence the matcha tea. Matcha is a Japanese powdered green tea, used for tea ceremonies and formal tea presentations (it's really expensive to just drink for fun, so I save it for special occasions, like right before or after an exam to calm myself). It is scooped into the chawan (tea bowl) and hot water is added until the cup is about a third to a fourth full. This is for 2 purposes. First, the matcha is whisked vigorously until it is frothy and foamy, and if the cup were full, you’d spill tea everywhere. Not elegant. The other is so the bowl is not too hot to pick up and hold when drinking.

The sweets that go with matcha are usually traditional Japanese snacks and desserts, which are very sweet. This is because matcha itself can be bitter and the sugary snacks compliment the flavor of the tea just as the tea balances the sweetness of the snacks. The concept of balance is very important in Japanese culture (and how to manipulate that balance in asymmetry like bonsai and ikebana flower arranging). I don’t often make matcha for myself because it’s not that type of tea, but since it was a special occasion, (can’t risk the snacks going bad right?), I made myself a cup. :D

Thank you for reading L&L and I hope you all have a wonderful week! PS, I'm sorry for the horrible pun title! XD I'm such a sucker for horrible puns! ^_^ Please do share some if you know any bad ones.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Featured Etsy Shop: Katherine's Creations & Giveaway!

- This giveaway has ended. Winner announced here. -

Welcome to our third Etsy feature with the lovely Katherine Gabor, owner and creator of Katherine's Creations on Etsy. She has graciously provided a beautiful outfit for one lucky reader as the giveaway to celebrate this post.

The interview is presented first, followed by a review of the giveaway outfit, with the giveaway details at the end of the post.

KC = Katherine's Creations

~Interview with Katherine Gabor of Katherine's Creations~
Lydia: Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by to see our latest Etsy Feature.
MG: Nous avons beaucoup de chance, we are very lucky, and very happy to present Ms. Katherine Gabor from Katherine’s Creations to you today!
Lydia: Not only does she create beautiful historical clothing, but stylish modern wear as well.
MG: Oui, and on top of that she is now entering the world of male fashion for all the custom boy dolls Big People have created.
Lydia: Please join us in welcoming Ms. Katherine Gabor!

MG: Bonjour Ms. Gabor! Merci pour visiting with us today. To start us off, would you mind sharing with us the story of how you first learned to sew?
KC: I took a class over the summer when I was in 5th grade. It seemed like a fun hobby to pick up and both my grandmothers and my mother were sewing at the time.

Lydia: My! So you have been sewing since 5th grade! What was our Big Person doing in 5th grade Marie-Grace?
MG: I believe I heard Lissie mention something about learning where slugs like to hide under rocks.

Lydia: How… admirable… Well then, putting slugs aside, Ms. Gabor, out of all the doll lines available, why did you choose to create outfits for AG dolls?
KC: I rediscovered my childhood Addy doll back in 2010. I fell back in love with her and she needed more clothing. Money was tight so I decided to add to her wardrobe by sewing for her myself. After a year or so of practice and relearning sewing skills and techniques, I decided to open an Etsy store. Back then it never occurred to me to sew for any other doll than an AG doll.

Pink and Brown 1850s Dress is a wonderful example of Civil War era fashion.

MG: A year of practice? That is incroyable! Incredible! It goes to show nothing is easy, well except for procrastination perhaps. You have a wide array of outfits from many time periods as well as modern in your store but do you have a favorite style or time period to design for?
KC: Since Addy has a special place in my heart, I really enjoy sewing for her time period. There are so many wonderful Civil War era patterns right now for AG dolls and beautiful Civil War era reproduction fabrics.

Lydia: I must agree! Our Big Person fell in love with your Civil War era designs when she first saw them so it is quite wonderful to hear that is your favorite time period to create for. Would you mind sharing with us what is your favorite part of what you do? What about your least favorite?
KC: My favorite part is searching for the perfect fabric and trims and being able to see how the outfit is going to come together. My least favorite part is the hand sewing. I hand sew metal snap closures to almost all my outfits now. It takes more time than sewing on Velcro, but it looks so much better and I do not have to worry about a customer snagging their doll's or tights on the Velcro

This Vintage Style 3 Piece Nurse Uniform is both fun to wear and stylish!

MG: C'est merveilleux! That is wonderful! I have very long cheveaux, hair, and I hate getting it caught in velcro.
Lydia: Absolutely! Velcro wrecks complete havoc on my curls, not to mention all our dresses with lace and satin.

MG: You mentioned that snaps take longer to sew on than velcro, but how much time on average goes into an outfit or design? Could you briefly explain the process?
KC: How I wish I had more hours in the day to sew. At this point in my life I can only sew when my two year old naps, so it takes me a couple of naps to finish an outfit. If I have everything I need on hand it I can get an outfit done in 2-4 naps. But if the outfit is a custom request it takes much longer.

Lydia: My! You work on quite the time line!
MG: Oui Lydia Charlotte! Nap time never feels long enough.

Lydia: Since you create outfits from a wide variety of time periods, could you share a little about what is different in your designing process from creating a historical versus a modern outfit?
KC: When I sew my historical dresses I mostly like to sew using civil war reproduction fabric or 1930s reproduction fabric whenever possible.

The collar on the Navy Blue Polka Dot 1930s Princess Seam Dress is perfect for the time period.

Lydia: That means your outfits are made with authentic fabric and an accurate print representing the time period. Fantastic Ms. Gabor!

MG: May I ask, what or who inspires your creativity when sewing and designing an outfit?
KC: Pinterest is awesome for inspiration. I follow a board that daily updates with historical clothing by Jaana Seppala. Most days I have to wipe the drool off my iPad from the gorgeous outfits she pins. Pinterest is also an awesome place to keep vintage pattern covers all in one place too. If I need some 1930/1940 inspiration I will look on Pinterest or Etsy for pattern covers.

Lydia: Ah, the internet is a wealth of inspiration! We shall have to insist on having our Big Person show us Jaana Seppala’s board and look at these designs. With such a wealth of resources, do you ever get a creative block? If so, how do you overcome it?
KC: If I ever struggle with an outfit while sewing, I will put down my project and walk away from it. Time away from it helps clear my head.

Occasionally she will create clothing from Felicity's era, such as this 1700s En Forreau Gown.

MG: Now I know that you have recently started to create outfits for boy dolls as well.
Lydia: Boy dolls?

MG: Oui! Many people have created custom dolls to be boys and they look très beau, very handsome. Ms. Gabor, what inspired you try your hand at sewing boy doll outfits?
KC: I decided to try sewing for boy dolls because members on AG Playthings message board were complaining about the lack stylish clothing for their boy dolls.

Lydia: You make is sound so simple, but surely that couldn’t have been so easy! What are some main differences between designing and sewing for boy doll clothes versus girl doll outfits?
KC: A really big problem right now is the lack of boy well made and drafted patterns out there. I am hoping this changes as 2015 chugs along. There is a big difference between in the cut of a boy clothing and girl clothing. For example boy button down shirts are baggier width wise and longer. Girl button down shirts are more fitted. The same thing goes with skinny/slim jeans. Boy skinny jeans are baggier in the crotch and longer in the legs. Girls skinny jeans look like they are painted on and the length of the pants leg stops by the ankle. I do not have any pattern drafting skills, so in between projects I am playing around with adding seam allowances on girl patterns to see if I can properly adjust them for a boy.

Her modern outfits are equally as detailed and well made, like this Button Down Shirt, Capri and Slouchy Sweater Set, which is perfect for St. Patrick's Day or even the start of spring!

MG: C'est étrange, how strange that boys have to worry about crotch bagginess. They have such difficulties! It is most admirable that you are venturing into this area Ms. Gabor! There are so many boy dolls and so few clothing options for them.
Lydia: Indeed Marie-Grace! And it would appear we cannot even lend them our jeans because ours do have the appropriate bagginess.

MG: Before we wrap up, is there any advice you would like to share with the readers?
KC: I encourage anyone who wants to pick up the hobby of sewing to do so, but it does take time and lots of practice. You would laugh at some my projects that went wrong. I'm still learning new tips and tricks all the time.

Lydia: Don’t forget the one word bonus Marie-Grace. You know how Lissie loves it so.

MG: Ah, merci for reminding me! Ms. Gabor, your one word bonus is: Steak or Sushi?
KC: Steak. Sushi freaks me out.

This adorable Pink Daisy Print Dress is cheerful and looks like it could be another beautiful dress made for Kit by her Aunt Millie from a feedsack. 

MG: Thank you so much again for taking the time to join us and answer our questions! 
Lydia: Yes! We are all looking forward to seeing your boy outfits when you release them. You can stay notified with Ms. Gabor's latest projects at these links:

Instagram - #katherinescreations

MG: C’est vrai, it’s true! And in the mean time we shall enjoy your historical and modern outfits currently in your store. Let’s all have one more round of applause for Ms. Katherine Gabor!
Lydia: Now we will go over to Lissie and Sawako Lilly as they present the review of the outfit Ms. Gabor has generously provided for the Giveaway. 


Lilly: Thank you Lydia Charlotte and Marie-Grace! We are so fortunate and grateful to Ms. Gabor for providing this beautiful dress for us to review and giveaway. Lissie here.... Lissie? Where are you? It's our turn!

Lissie: BAM! Here I am! What do you think?
Lilly: Are you- Is that- Why are you already dressed Lissie?
Lissie: Because fashion can wait for no one, not even a scheduled feature!
Lilly: *Ahem* well then, here you can see Lissie modeling the 1860s Purple School Dress. 
Lissie: Oooo, modeling. I like the sound of that. Sounds... delicious!
Lilly: Oh Lissie, I really don't know if I can do this. I can name all the bones in the skull but I haven't a clue when it comes to fabrics and sewing.
Lissie: Don't worry Lilly! Let's start from the top! Let everyone admire my beautiful collar!

Lilly: Good idea Lissie! You can see the dress' white collar is edged with lace, giving a bit of flair to this school dress.
Lissie: Don't forget to mention how extra grand I look in lace.
Lilly: I don't think that's relevant to the review Lissie, now hush and let me continue.

Lilly: Down the center of the dress' bodice is a straight row of small, white buttons for decoration.
Lissie: Don't forget to mention how extra grand I look in buttons!
Lilly: Lissie! *ahem* The fabric is very thick and high quality, perfect as a cool weather dress.
Lissie: Like today! Not spring, not winter, but a wanna-spring-winter day! Or a... wansprinter.
Lilly: .....

Lilly: The white sleeves are attached to the bodice for ease of wearing and characteristic of the wide, bell shaped sleeves from the time period.
Lissie: Don't forget-
Lilly: Not now Lissie, we all know you look grand in bell sleeves but we need to focus on the dress, not you. Now please turn around so we can see the back.

Lissie: *sigh* You know, this isn't what I thought modeling would be like. It's a good thing this dress is pretty or I would be really bored.
Lilly: The bow looks funny Lissie.
Lissie: Yeah... Our Big Person is awful with bows, no help for it. But I wear it with style!
Lilly: The back of the dress closes with snaps.
Lissie: Infinitely easier than velcro! I tied my hair up just in case it would get caught, but since it's snaps, I didn't have to worry about it.
Lilly: Now it's time to take off the dress so we can get a closer look at it.
Lissie: Does this mean... I can talk endlessly about myself now?
Lilly: No.

Lilly: The dress is made from a Civil War reproduction fabric created by Judie Rothermel. She works with Marcus Fabrics and makes not only stunning Civil War reproduction fabric but also 1930s reproduction fabric too.
Lissie: Fabric can be reproduced, but no one can reproduce General Washington!

Lilly: The sleeves close with snaps as well, much easier to use and more flattering than the velcro that AG uses on the sleeves of Kirsten, Addy, and Samantha's outfit.
Lissie: And the snaps make it easy to hide dangerous contraband like dark chocolate in those giant bell sleeves!
Lilly: ...Is that why the sleeves were so large?
Lissie: Obviously! Nothing says 1860s like dark chocolate in the sleeves.

Lissie: The only thing better than the front of a dress is the back!
Lilly: How so? All the decorations are in the front.
Lissie: Ah, but all the skill goes to the back.

Lissie: Look Lilly! It's a secret message sewn into the dress!
Lilly: Don't be silly, that's Ms. Gabor's clothing label she includes on all her clothing. My! Look at how tightly those snaps are sewn on. Not even a tornado could whip those off.
Lissie: It doesn't have to withstand a tornado, just my awesomeness!

Lilly: The inside of the dress is neat with no fraying ends.
Lissie: Everyone likes to see the clean guts of a dress.
Lilly: I'm not sure clean guts is the proper term for finishing edges Lissie.

Lilly: Here you can see a close up of the serged edges, all straight and neat, meticulously done.

Lilly: And here you can see where the decorative buttons on the front bodice attach. 

Lissie: The sash that ties in the back is sewn onto the sides of the bodice. The seams are watertight and straight and neat as an uncooked spaghetti!
Lilly: Overall, this dress is not only historically accurate and beautiful, but also easy for both adults and children to use.
Lissie: Or modeling dolls.
Lilly: Yes, especially modeling dolls. Now we'll go to Cecile and Samantha, who will explain how you can enter to win this lovely dress! Lissie, where are you going?
Lissie: Sorry Lilly, a doll model's work is never done!

Lissie: I'm back!
Cecile: Shhh Lissie! You must model en silence, silently.
Lissie: Oh moon pies and cheesecakes, fine!
Sam: Hello everyone! Cecile and I are here to tell you how you can enter to win this beautiful 1860s Purple School Dress for your lucky doll.
Cecile: Il est facile, it is easy! All you must do is visit Ms. Gabor's shop and tell us which is your favorite outfit and why.

Sam: The giveaway is open to all entrants, including international readers as well. 
Cecile: There is no purchase necessary-
Lissie: Ask for gold! Ask for candy! Ask for golden candy!
Sam: Shhhhh Lissie! We can not ask for such extravagances. If you are under the age of 13, please ask your parent or guardian to enter for you.
Cecile: This is très important! Do not forget to include your name with your entry! You can comment using the "Name/URL" option. Put your name in the "name" option and you can leave the URL part blank.
Sam: Thank you again so much to Ms. Gabor for providing us with such a lovely dress to give away.
Cecile: Oui, merci Ms. Gabor! Bonne chance! Good luck everyone!

- This giveaway has ended. Winner announced here. -

The giveaway will run from Feb. 23 - Mar. 5 (midnight Central USA time).

To enter:
Visit Katherine's Creations' Etsy Store by clicking here. Share with us your favorite item in her shop and why. (theme, design, style, time period, etc.)

For bonus entries:
Favorite Katherine's Creations' Etsy store. (include username in comment for verification)
"Like" Katherine's Creations on Facebook (click here to go to the page) (include username in comment for verification)
"Like" Lissie & Lilly on Facebook (click here to go to the page) (include username in comment for verification)
Follow/Google+ this blog. (If you are already a follower/google+, just comment with your account. ^_^)
Share about this giveaway on social media (Facebook, Your Blog, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest, other forums, etc.) - Be sure to include the link(s) to your post(s) in your comment so we can verify where you shared. 
*max 9 additional entries*

The winners will be announced in 2 weeks on Friday, March 6th on this post, so check back then! ^_^

- This giveaway has ended. Winner announced here. -

Friday, February 20, 2015

New Historical Character Books This Fall!

Jenny on AG Collectors found the book information for a new historical character to be released this fall on Amazon and kindly gave us permission to share her find! This is not the 2016 AA doll AG announced on their Facebook, that's will be next year. ^_^ 2 new historical characters 2 years in a row! Be still my heart!

The 3 books are written by Valerie Tripp and will be released on Aug. 27, 2015 (aka in 6 months!!) and will be available in Spanish as well, I'm guessing due to AG's planned expansion to Mexico. :D Here are the links to the Amazon page to preorder the books:

Book 1: Taking Off

Book 2: The Sky's the Limit

Journey Book: The One and Only

3 Book Boxed Set

***Additionally, Josefina's Journey book will finally be released on Aug. 27, 2015 as well! I was worried that AG decided not to go through with revamping her collection and decided to retire her instead so I'm so happy to see her book is finally coming out. Here is the Amazon ordering information:

Song of the Mockingbird: My Journey with Josefina

No images so far or any other information but rumors have been circulating the new historical character this fall is a 1950s girl. The suspected name is Mary Ellen since AG has filed a trademark on it. The doll's appearance is still unknown, but there have been rumors from a leaked image last year showing a classic mold doll with medium length red hair. There is no confirmation if this is true and just a rumor! ^_^ Thank you so much for finding and sharing the news with us Jenny!

MHD Designs Pattern Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the MHD Designs pattern giveaway and for sharing your thoughts on your favorite pattern. I appreciate those who liked/shared news of the giveaway with others! We had 58 entries by 30 individuals. Every entry was assigned to a number and a random number generator picked the winning number.

The winner is:
Ruru Saki

Congratulations Ruru Saki and thank you to everyone who participated!

*Important: Winner must email me at within 72 hrs (by noon, central US time, Monday, February 23rd). If I haven't heard from you by then, another winner will be selected.*

Please check back on Monday, February 23th for our next giveaway as part of our Etsy Store Feature! It will be fantastic and you definitely won't want to miss it!

Follow the blog by email (top of right side bar) and "Like" us on Facebook to stay up to date and be the first to know about new giveaways, photostories, store photos, and more! ^_^

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Free Shipping Code, Jill's Sale "SOON", & Grace's Movie Trailer

This week has really been just one filled with excitement and news! Just a few updates combined into one post below. Also don't forget today is the last day to enter the free giveaway to win your favorite pattern from MHD Designs. Click here to enter!

Free Shipping: 
Thank you so much to Bananabelle from AGPT who braved -30 degree temperatures to get her catalog and share the free shipping code on it! She has very generously given us permission to share her find:

Free Shipping on orders over $100. 
Expires: 3/24/2015

*You can order Grace's Bakery right now without the $35 surcharge if you use the code!*
(I just tried it and took a screenshot to show there is no shipping and surcharge with the code.)


Jill's Sale "SOON":
I am happy for those who were able to grab a great deal during yesterday's Jill's Deals & Steals sale. For those that were not able to participate in the sale, I am very sorry and I know it can be very frustrating, especially for those on the west coast. There are usually no warnings before the sales appear until the morning the show airs. We were fortunate enough to find out a few clues to the sale the night before but that may not always happen. With that in mind, for those who would like to maximize their chance of participating in a future sale here is some advice:

1) Jill's Sales are presented on the TODAY show beginning at 7am Eastern time. She usually gives out the code sometime during the course of the show. Thank you to Jen Hirsch Kirby on Facebook for the date correction!
2) Usually the AG fan communities will have hints and clues there will be a sale that morning an hour or so before the segment airs.
3) Occasionally, a smart individual will try many different combinations for the code and stumble upon the correct one in the process. If they share it online, there is a chance you can check out before the code is formally announced on the show.
4) It seems like from the Sales History, last fall and winter there was a Jill's sale about a little over every month or so, but there is no guarantee AG will continue with this model.

Yesterday, Jill Martin (of Jill's Deals & Steals) promised on her Twitter that there will be another AG sale "SOON". Here is a screenshot of the tweet:
I first heard about this when kegracin on AGPT posted about it yesterday evening. Since then the tweet has been widely shared on other forums and Facebook communities but I wanted to give credit to who I personally first saw the news from. ^_^ I don't know how soon "SOON" is, or know what will be on sale (though I have guesses and hopes!). :D

*NOTE: Please please please understand, as frustrating as it is to miss out on a deal, at the end of the day, these are still very much material toys, and it is not worth the stress and headache to yourself to get angry and take it out on others. There are those who will be obnoxious about getting the deal. There will be resellers who swarm and grab several of the deals despite AG's limit. It's a mass, online sale and there are still many flaws to the system. Please don't cause yourself stress and grief if you are unable to get a sale set, and please don't harass and lambaste those that do. If they are preening, you know they are preening about toys at the end of the day and you are better so much better and wiser than to let someone's pride over material objects ruin your day.*

Link to Jill Martin's tweet:


Finally, the trailer for Girl of the Year 2015 Grace Thomas' movie was recently released on the AG website! The movie will be called "American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success" and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD this summer on June, 23rd.
Watch the trailer on the AG website here:

*You'll have to scroll down a bit, about 1/3rd down the page.*

You can preorder the movie on Amazon for 10% off at the link below and it will be delivered on the day it comes out:
(Thank you to the Anoynymous (first comment) who shared this information. ^_^)


That's all for now! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far, staying warm, and looking forward to the weekend! ^_^

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