Paper Dolls

I am a HUGE lover of paper dolls, and for the past year I have been slowly working to collect and accumulate my American Girl paper dolls. These include the paper doll sets released for the Historical characters as well as the paper doll inserts that used to come with the AG magazines when it first started. For more information about the actual history and the different sets of historical paper dolls, please visit the AG Wikia page. :)

I decided to scan them and post them here since it seems AG will no longer be making these paper dolls and because many people use them as a reference for sewing projects and inspiration. ^_^ They are listed in chronological order with the magazine paper dolls at the bottom.

*DO NOT use these on your site/blog/channel, or direct link to the images. Feel free to link to this post.*

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Kaya's Paper Dolls

Felicity's Paper Dolls

Caroline's Paper Dolls

Josefina's Paper Dolls

Cecile & Marie-Grace's Paper Dolls

Kirsten's Paper Dolls

Addy's Paper Dolls

Samantha's Paper Dolls

Rebecca's Paper Dolls

Kit's Paper Dolls

Molly's Paper Dolls

Julie's Paper Dolls

American Girl Magazine Paper Dolls

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