Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Leaked Plaid Shirt & Brown Pleather Skirt Photos

Just as the excitement of new releases is dying down, a new outfit leaked yesterday! ^_^ It's not clear if its for the Truly Me line (my guess) or the next Girl of the Year 2017. I am leaning towards it being for Truly Me myself. I have added it to the Master List of Leaked AG Releases. ^_^

Link to Master List of Leaked AG Releases: http://lissieandlilly.blogspot.com/p/leaked-ag-releases.html

Original eBay Photos:
It's a cute set and I'm wondering if these two pieces are from the same outfit, or will be part of the next mix-and-match set AG releases.

Button up shirt (long sleeves hurray!) with ego tag on bottom right of photo. I hope the front pockets are working pockets! 

I'm not the biggest fan of pleather and how it looks, but I do find the embossed design on this skirt really cute and fun.

And there's our AG ego tag! :D

Overall I find myself really liking this outfit, and if it's part of the same outfit, I will try to pick it up (though I may wait for it to go on sale). However, I hope that it will be part of a mix-and-match set because I think the individual pieces will be very popular on their own. ^_^

Friday, September 16, 2016

Melody Dressed in Outfits from Other Time Periods

Ahhhhh... I actually had these photos taken a month ago but just haven't had time to edit and post them til now. But without further delay, here is the Dress Up Gallery for the 1960s Beforever Melody Ellison! I put her in over 200 outfits from various time periods to see if I could get a better feel for her looks, and took photos of her in them. Here are the photos for anyone who is curious what "Melody looks like in _______ clothes."

*Do not repost or copy images without written permission.*

*Note: I did not take any photos of Melody in Kaya's outfits due to the deeply religious and personal aspect of her Native American Pow Wow wear. I am not comfortable with having Melody try on Kaya's clothing in a "dress up" sort of manner since she does not represent a Native American character in my mind, specifically Nez Perce.

1774 - Melody in Felicity & Elizabeth's Outfits

1812 - Melody in Caroline's Outfits

1824 - Melody in Josefina's Outfits

1853 - Melody in Cecile & Marie-Grace's Outfits

1854 - Melody in Kirsten's Outfits

1864 - Melody in Addy's Outfits

1904 - Melody in Samantha & Nellie's Outfits

1914 - Melody in Rebecca's Outfits

1934 - Melody in Kit & Ruthie's Outfits

1944 - Melody in Molly & Emily's Outfits

1954 - Melody in Maryellen's Outfits

1974 - Melody in Julie & Ivy's Outfits

2003-2015 - Melody in Girl of the Year Outfits 

Which time period/outfit do you think she looks best in? ^_^

While we wait for the next new doll to come out, I will be working on getting Dress Up Galleries for my current dolls, starting with the Girl of the Year dolls I have. It might take me some time to get them done (3rd year of medical school has me working in the hospitals 12 hours a day). Thank you for your patience! ^_^

Melody in Girl of the Year Outfits - 2003-2016

Melody in Girl of the Year Outfits (2003-2016)

Kailey's Meet Outfit - 2003

Marisol's Meet Outfit - 2005

Marisol's Practice Outfit - 2005

Jess' Meet Outfit - 2006

Nicki's Meet Outfit - 2007

Nicki's Tie Top Outfit - 2007

Nicki's Gala Outfit - 2007

Mia's Practice Outfit - 2008

Mia's Performance Outfit - 2008

Chirssa's Meet Outfit - 2009

Chrissa's Sundress - 2009

Chrissa's Warm Up Set - 2009

Lanie's Meet Outfit - 2010

Lanie's Nature Outfit - 2010

Lanie's Garden Outfit - 2010

Lanie's Butterfly Outfit - 2010

Kanani's Meet Outfit - 2011

Kanani's Aloha Outfit - 2011

McKenna's Meet Outfit - 2012

McKenna's School Outfit - 2012

McKenna's Warm-up Outfit - 2012

Saige's Meet Outfit - 2013

Saige's Sweater Outfit - 2013

Saige's Sparkle Outfit - 2013

Saige's Tunic Outfit - 2013

Isabelle's Meet Outfit - 2014

Grace's Meet Outfit - 2015

Grace's Travel Coat - 2015

Grace's Opening Night Outfit - 2015

Grace's City Outfit - 2015

Grace's Sightseeing Outfit - 2015

Lea's Meet Outfit - 2016

Melody in Julie & Ivy's Outfits - 1974

Melody in Julie & Ivy's Outfits

Julie's Meet Outfit

Julie's Hoops Outfit & Accessories

Julie's Christmas Outfit

Julie's Birthday Dress

Julie's Casual Outfit

Julie's 2-in-1 Summer Outfit (Skating Part)

Julie's 2-in-1 Summer Outfit/Julie's Swim Set 

Julie's Calico Outfit

Julie's Floral Jumpsuit

Julie's Summer Skirt Set

Julie's Patchwork Outfit 

Julie's Dance Set

Julie's BeForever Meet Outfit

Julie's Tunic Outfit

Julie's Holiday Outfit

Julie's Skateboarding Set

Julie's Max-Print Maxi Dress

Ivy's Chinese New Years Outfit

Ivy's Rainbow Romper