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Featured Etsy Shop: Lemon Bay Co. & Giveaway!

- This giveaway has ended. Winner announced here. -

Welcome to L&L’s Etsy Shop Feature! This week we will be presenting the one of a kind, unique carpentry work of Lemon Bay Doll Co. created by the fantastic Michelle Weber and her family! She has very kindly provided one of her beautiful pieces as a giveaway for this post.

The interview is presented first, then the review, with the giveaway is at the end of the post.

LB = Lemon Bay

 ~Interview with Michelle Weber of Lemon Bay Doll Co.~
Cecile: Bonjour everyone! Thank you all of joining us today. We have a very exciting feature for you!
Sam: Cecile is absolutely correct. We at L&L have presented to you shops that sew and design fantastic outfits for your dolls. As well as shops that sell patterns for you to make your own.
Cecile: We have presented shops that sell delicious delicacies and even a shop that creates outfits for mini dolls.
Sam: However, today, we are all so thrilled to introduce you to Lemon Bay Doll Co. created and run by Michelle Weber and her family.
Cecile: Ms. Weber works with her family to design and build fun set pieces for all your doll’s play and helps in bringing your ideas to life through custom orders.
Sam: Please put your hands together as we welcome Ms. Weber to the studio!

Sam: Thank you for joining us today Ms. Weber! I will begin with the first question we all have been wondering, how did you get started with building and carpentry?
LB: I would have to say my love of building started in preschool. Given the choice between a paint box and play dough, I would choose play dough every time. True, most kids love to build in preschool, but I never grew out of this love of creating in three-dimension. 14 years later I was working on my undergrad degree in art history and…sculpture. After college, I was employed for several years in Washington, DC at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Woodworking, in particular, runs in my family. Both my maternal and paternal grandfathers were hobbyist woodworkers and my husband is an incredible craftsman (as is his grown son after him!) Even my oldest daughter now has a workbench set up in the woodshop next to Daddy’s. Deferentially, my husband/business partner likes to call himself a “wood butcher” critically comparing his work to his favorite artisans Doug Stowe and Thomas Moser. Disproving his humble opinion, I have countless times watched him take my simplest sketch or vague idea and turn it into an astounding treasure. His experience in woodworking ranges from hand wrought shaker furniture to commercial wine displays for Fetzer Wines, and 18-foot sailboats to skiffs for the 18-inch doll.

Lemon Bay Doll Co. uses different woods and stains them different colors depending on what the piece is, such as the darker garden bench compared to a lighter sideboard hutch

Sam: My! It is quite astounding to hear how woodworking has been a part of not only your life, but several generations of your family down to your daughter no less.
Cecile: Oui, I agree avec Samantha. With your background and training then, why did you choose to create and build pieces for American Girl sized dolls?
LB: About 10 years ago, AG’s Felicity and Elizabeth entered our home, and our hearts. We have been collecting dolls as well as designing and producing toys for imaginative doll play ever since. One afternoon we watched the girls pushing their dolls in a laundry basket with a yardstick for a mast and a handkerchief for a sail. They had just read the AG Caroline books and as happens so often around our home, they were acting out the adventures with their own dolls. “We should build a boat for the dolls,” we mused. “How hard could it be?” We had built several full-size wooden sailboats and scaled down many furniture designs for the 18-inch dolls already. Later that year, with squeals of delight, the girls found the prototype for our doll skiff under the Christmas tree. Four months later, prompted by the pulse of entrepreneurial blood coursing through my husband’s veins, we decided to try and sell our 18-inch doll skiff to the public at large. Lemon Bay Schooners opened on Etsy with one listing: “Handcrafted Wood Schooner for 18” Dolls.”

Cecile: Genius! C’est magnifique! But we must not let Lissie find out a Felicity doll was one of the first to enter your heart and start the wheels for the creation of Lemon Bay Doll Co.
Sam: On that subject, may I ask you, Ms. Weber, where does the name Lemon Bay Doll Co. come from? Is it a real location or a real location only in your doll world?
LB: When we opened our Etsy shop, we were living in Englewood, Florida, the location of Lemon Bay. We are boating enthusiasts, as well as amateur boat builders, and we docked several of our boats in a Lemon Bay marina. As the skiff was our only listing at the time, Lemon Bay Schooners seemed to work as a shop name. Although the skiff will always be one of my favorite items to build, over the past few years our product line has grown to include 30+ items. In the process, it has outgrown our original shop name. In April of 2015, we officially changed our DBA to Lemon Bay Doll Company. We felt it was time to have our name and logo better represent what we do here.

Lemon Bay Schooners offers many options from a single dock, to a double dock, down to custom sail colors for their original namesake schooner

Sam: Ah, that makes sense! It is wonderful to hear how your store has grown and now carries such a vast array of pieces.
Cecile: Mais Ms. Weber, I understand that Lemon Bay Doll Co. also specializes very much in custom work and projects as well. Could you tell us what you enjoy most about creating custom pieces for your customers?
Sam: Oh yes! What are some of the coolest and/or most challenging projects you have tackled?
LB: We really appreciate sharing the creative process with our customers. It is always rewarding when we receive positive feedback from people who have purchase our toys. Working with them more directly to make their dolly dreams a reality however, is truly gratifying. We have started to carve a niche for our shop as the go-to place for custom wood 18-inch doll accessories, pieces someone may have always fancied owning for their collection but could not find. Maybe the piece longed for represents a unique interest: an opera stage for a collection of Phantom of the Opera costumed 18-inchers, or a bee-keeping set for a daughter who is a budding apiarist. Perhaps there is a sentimental motivation: a barbecue that looks just like the one grandpa grills on whenever the grandkids are over. Sometimes pieces are needed to fit a particular space: a canopied trundle bunk bed for a college student’s cramped 1-bedroom apartment, or a roof-top fenced garden for a 12’ x 5’ x 4’ doll house. These are just a few of the exciting projects we have had the opportunity to work on. We love the challenge of taking an idea out of the realm of the imagination and bringing it into three-dimension. We love the communication process that is necessary to make this happen. (The stage took 73 emails to accomplish!) Bringing a customer’s dream piece to life becomes a collaborative effort, and in the end, they take pride in the knowledge they were an integral part of the creative process.

Sam: That really sounds so very lovely! You have really worked on some very unique and specific requests. A beehive of all things!
Cecile: Non, the opera stage! Je voudrais, I would like to have my own opera stage someday. It seems like everything you do is so much fun Ms. Weber, but can you tell us what your favorite part is? Et perhaps the least favorite part?
LB: Getting paid to play with dolls! Least favorite? Paperwork – and shipping nightmares.

One of the custom projects Ms. Weber has built, a beautiful beehive complete with a lined hat and veil.

Sam: I have been wondering, Ms. Weber, with so many custom projects and adding new stock to your shop, do you ever get a creative block? If so, how do you overcome it?
LB: Knock on wood (pun intended), hitting a creative block hasn’t been a problem. With several avid doll lovers in the family it seems we are never short on ideas. More often the problem we face is not finding enough hours in the day. We considered relocating to Mars, whose day is about 40 minutes longer than here on Earth, but the shipping would have killed us.

Cecile: Ah yes… shipping from Mars would be très cher, too expensive.
Sam: I doubt it would be worth the extra 40 minutes though they do say time is priceless.
Cecile: Ms. Weber, could you tell us what are some unique differences or challenges people wouldn’t normally think of when it comes to building things for AG sized dolls?
LB: I am sure there are plenty of exceptions, but I have found that doll collectors tend to be perfectionists. (Come on, admit it. I have.) This recognition, however, encourages a strong commitment to high quality and craftsmanship. It keeps our tools and our eyes sharp! Selling online, we don’t always know who our customer is. Perhaps our toys are going to someone’s eight-year-old daughter whose three-year old little brother is affectionately called Hurricane. Then again, they may be headed to a display shelf in a collector’s converted mother-in-law suite which has a box of cotton gloves by the door and a sign reading, “Please refrain from messing up my elaborate displays that took the better part of a month to set up. Thank you.”

Another custom project, the opera stage. You can see how the process from design develops into the final, elegant piece.

Cecile: A perfectionist? C’est un mensonge! It is not true, is it Samantha?
Sam: Well, our Big Person really is a perfectionist, if you think about it, in regards to everything except the state of her desk. Oh, and how much chocolate she eats of course.
Cecile: C’est vrai, that is true. She is very picky when it comes to us. Perhaps she should get a sign as well?
Sam: Now Lemon Bay Doll Co. creates such a variety of items from docks, to gardens, to archery sets. Can you share with us what or who inspires your creativity when building and making these projects?
LB: Our children and our customers. We gave up parking our cars in the garage a while back, and now under air, our garage is the home of our shipping department and “Dollville.” Dollville is an ever-evolving test ground for all our prototypes. It is also the fertile ground of our children’s doll play – where most of the ideas that develop into our products are born. The love of adventure is one of the trademarks of our family. The other is erring on the side of caution. When we create toys for our children's imaginative play, we seek to impart skills that they may someday apply in life. We try to share our love of adventure and provide a means to teach them how to enjoy the adventure safely. We hope our toys offer this same possibility to others. Our customers run a close second when it comes to inspiration. Several of their imaginative ideas have become Lemon Bay Doll best sellers such as the archery set and the two-doll canvas tent.

Cecile: That is very well said! It is good when a toy stimulates the imagination and imparts skills while doing so. Before we end, is there anything you would like to share with the readers? Any advice?
LB: Don’t be afraid to buy from Etsy sellers. Many collectors I know hesitate to buy outside the big names, questioning quality or resale value. Over the past few years, I have seen incredible talent and craftsmanship on Etsy. Give cottage artisans a chance to impress you. You never know who might be the next AG . . . Someday you may be able to boast, “I own pieces from when they were still selling on Etsy!”

You dolls can have all the outdoors fun they want with this beautiful BBQ grill and the Camp Set, complete with the accessories as well.

Sam: Now I apologize for the informality Ms. Weber, but our fearlessly shameless leader Lissie does insist on having us ask you this 1 Word Bonus: Hamburgers or Honeydew?
LB: Laconic answer: Both! Prolix answer: This sounds like a perfect Labor Day barbecue menu to me with something to satisfy the carnivore, omnivore, and herbivore. If you skip the bun, the gluten intolerant are happy too. (This answer also demonstrates why I was never very good at multiple-choice exams but always find my way out of difficult design dilemmas!)

Cecile: Merci beaucoup Ms. Weber for taking the time out to join us and answer our questions!
Sam: You can find out more about Lemon Bay Doll Co. at these following websites:

Twitter – @LBSchooners

Cecile: Now, prepare yourselves for a most fun and exciting review by Lissie and Sawako Lilly!


Lissie: Good pass Cecile and Samantha! Alright folks, you've heard the story, now you want to see the goods right? Well that's what I'm here for! I, her royal majesty, Captn' Lissie herself, will be reviewing this dangerously thrilling Archery set from Lemon Bay Doll Co.! That's right, I told Lilly to save herself and that I would wrestle the fearsome threat of a bow and arrow myself, so prepare yourselves! 

Lissie: We're starting off with the tripod that holds the target. It is made of sturdy wood, and stained darker to fit the image of a rugged sport like archery!

Lissie: Look closely at the top and you can see how the back leg of the tripod was cut into a wedge to give the tripod a better fit and motion. This also stops the tripod from opening too far.

Lissie: You want to see the target? Alright then, take a look for yourself! It's made from nice, thick rope coiled tightly onto a thick wooden base.

Lissie: The tripod has a lip to hold the target circle. I suppose the more artistic, less bow inclined of you could also use it as an easel but really, why would you want to paint when you can wreck havoc with sharp arrows?

Lissie: Mayhaps some of you have never tried your hand at archery? Have no fear! With every set, Lemon Bay Doll Co. includes a set of basic rules and score-sheet, and not one, but 4 target circles printed onto thick card-stock for you to cut out and practice on. But as a master havoc wrecker, I of course, have no need for such trifles as rules and practice!

Lissie: Alright, we're coming up to the fun part, the bow and arrows themselves!

Lissie: There are seven arrows that fit neatly in this leather quiver, with an embroidered pattern.

Lissie: The arrows themselves, also made of wood, have blunted tips, so you and your dolls don't hurt each other.

Lissie: The center of the bow is reinforced with this rectangle of darker wood with a small hole through it, perfect for your arrow. Sure, this might not be exactly how Big People place their arrows but for us it's great because it holds up the arrow for awesome action shots. And destruction. Always destruction.

Lissie: The bow is strung with an elastic cord that loops over the notched ends of the bow. It's easy to pull the loop off if you need to, for setting up a scene, and then you can help your doll string her bow back up like a true archer.

Lissie: Ah, and what dashing hero would dash without a jaunty cap they can tilt at need eh? 

Lissie: This beautiful leather cap is sewn with thick faux leather material. The feather is not attached so you can change it out easily. The folded up brim of the hat holds the feather tightly so you don't have to worry about losing it as you dash in your heroic ways!

Lissie: The hat is embroidered to match the design on your quiver so no scalawag can claim your goods as their own.

Lissie: Now that I've shown you the goods, you can see them in action as I make my friends and foes quake in their boots with my archery prowess! Be prepared, Lissie has arrived!

Lissie: Focus on the target. It takes masterful concentration, you see. Not everyone can pull such an intense look off but with enough staring in the mirror, you can grow your ego to half mine some day. 

Lissie: Smoothly pull back your arrow and... LAUNCH!

Lissie: *huff* What?! *wheeze* No! *pant* How could I miss every single shot??? I am the Lissie!
Lilly: What is it Lissie? Are you alright? I know you said you could do the review on your own but I heard you yelling and came to see if you were alright. 
Lissie: No problem! I just need... More... FOCUS! 

Lilly: Here Lissie, let me have a try.
Lissie: Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you. Archery is not for the faint of heart! It takes great conniving, great dedication, great- 

Lissie: H-h-how did you do that? That was a perfect bullseye on your first try! This is your first try right?
Lilly: Oh Lissie, some questions are better left unanswered.
Lissie: Wait! Lilly! Where are you going? Teach me your ways!
Lilly: I don't know what you're talking about Lissie. I have to go present the now since Lydia Charlotte and Marie-Grace are away this week.
Lissie: Come baaaaack! Come back you secretive doll filled with dangerous skills! 


Lilly: Now that you've seen our fearless Lissie demonstrate one of the beautiful pieces created by Ms. Weber, you can enter for your chance to win another unique set by Lemon Bay Schooners. Ms Weber has very graciously sent us one of her beautiful doll garden sets for us to give to one lucky reader. The set comes with the garden box, trellis, vines, 3 tomatoes, 3 carrots, 3 heads of lettuce, 4 seed packets, 4 garden row markers, a basket, and watering can.

Lilly: Now in order the appreciate this set, I first wanted to give you a quick highlight my favorite part of this set, which is the fact that all the vegetables and the dirt is made of felt.

Lilly: Now you might wonder if felt would give everything a very cheesy look, but the level of detail made in these pieces are not at all lacking. Take a look at hairs on the onion and the ridged leaves of the carrots. Plus the felt material not only feels great, but also is safe for younger hands as well.

Lilly: The seed packets actually have seeds inside and rattle when you shake them! The dirt is foam covered with felt and has rows for your to fit the carrots and onions in to grow.

Lilly: This set is so much fun with so many pieces for you to plant, nurture, and harvest your garden! To enter, just visit Lemon Bay Doll Co's Etsy shop, then come back and comment telling us what your favorite item in their shop is. 

Lilly: Everyone can enter, even international readers, though if you are under 13, please ask your parents to enter for you. There is no purchase necessary, though we won't stop if you if you simply can't resist any of the goodies in the shop. 

Lilly: Please don't forget to leave your name with your comment. Good luck everyone! 

- This giveaway has ended. Winner announced here. -

The giveaway will run from Aug. 31 - Sep. 10 (midnight Central USA time).

To enter:
Visit Lemon Bay Doll Co.'s Etsy Store by clicking here. Comment below with your favorite item in the shop.

For bonus entries:
Favorite Lemon Bay Doll Co.'s Etsy store. (include username in comment for verification)
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*max 7 additional entries*

The winners will be announced in 2 weeks on Friday, September 11th on this post, so check back then! ^_^

- This giveaway has ended. Winner announced here. -

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MJs Doll Boutique 18T Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for the 4 Piece Uptown Girl Outfit by MJs Doll Boutique 18T, and for sharing your thoughts on what your favorite outfits are! I apologize for not having the time to respond to each entry personally (classes are becoming more cumbersome) but I guarantee I double checked every comment made so people would receive the right amount of entries. :) I appreciate those who liked/shared news of the giveaway with others! We had 70 entries by 32 individuals. Every entry was assigned to a number and a random number generator picked the winning number.

The winner is:

Congratulations Debs and thank you to everyone who participated!

*Important: Winner must email me at within 72 hrs (by 11:59pm, central US time, Monday, August 31st). If I haven't heard from you by then, another winner will be selected.*

Please check back on Monday, August 31st for our next giveaway as part of our Etsy Store Feature! It will be fantastic and you definitely won't want to miss it!

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Quick Question about Store Photos/Measurements for Maryellen

I have an important quiz tomorrow so I will not be going to the store until Saturday to see the new releases. Would people still be interested in seeing photos & measurements of the new releases by then? If there are enough people, I'll bring my measuring tape and camera but I am assuming there will be lots of photos by then so if people don't really feel the need, I'll leave everything at home. :)

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Mini Josie goes to Chicago, IL

We are up at o-dark-hundred! These bbp are crazy! We are headed to Chicago today. First stop, Red Band Coffee in Davenport, Iowa. Smoked Gouda and egg breakfast sandwiches on ciabatta rolls, Holy wow, sooo yummy. We thought they were silly to drive 20 minutes for coffee and breakfast sandwiches. That was before we tasted the natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffe small batch drip, heaven. Truly, heaven in a cup. The bbp only let us little girls have a sip, bbp Winter made some excuse about coffee being bad for children. I honestly think she was just reluctant to share. 

After breakfast we napped in the car. When we woke, we were in Chicago! It is a fun, busy city. First stop, the Field Museum.  This is Sue

Mammoth Snacks, Saige was no help!

Aaaah, bbp Ella, Save us!

The Entrance

A typical pose: Josie, conquering another world; Grace befriending smaller persons and Saige resting! 

This place is amazing. We spent all day here and only saw a tiny portion.

After the Field Museum, we went to The American Girl Store, had dinner at Mity Nice and headed back to our host family's home.

To see more of Josie’s adventures, click here to view her Travel Log!

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Girl of the Year 2016, BeForever 2016, & New BeForever Mystery Books on Amazon

Jenny on ACG found that you can go ahead an pre-order the 2016 Girl of the Year (Lea Clark)'s books on Amazon right now, and even more exciting, you can also order the 2016 BeForever Character's first book as well! If that wasn't exciting enough, there are also 3 new mystery books for the BeForever line, including a mystery each for Kaya and Josefina who both currently only have one! She kindly gave us permission to share her find. ^_^

Background on BeForever 2016: 
-AG confirmed on their Facebook a few months ago there will be a new black historical character added to the BeForever line in 2016 (rumored to be from the 1960's). Possible names that AG has trademarked are "Gabriela" and "Melody Ellison".
-According to the Amazon page for BeForever 2016's Book 1, it will be published on January 1, 2016, coinciding with the Girl of the Year 2016's debut. I do not know if this date is a temporary placeholder or if AG really is planning on doing this. I really hop not though, because this is setting both characters up to directly compete with each other and  set both to not reach their full selling potential.

The information for the books are posted below along with their direct links to ordering on Amazon. We learn more about the GotY 2016 Lea Clark in the summaries for the third book and 3 book boxed set which include:
1) Lea will be traveling to Brazil. (Makes sense because it coincides with the 2016 Olympics in Rio.)
2) She is not staying there for all 3 books, she will be in the USA for at least the third book.
3) She is from St. Louis, MO.
4) Her friend's name from Brazil is Camilia (assuming this based off context clues in the summaries).

*Full list of links to all GotY 2016 info/leaks/rumors/photos at the bottom of this post.*

Beforever 2016: Book 1
Author: Denise Lewis Patrick (Author of Cecile's books and Addy's Journey Book)
Illustrator: Juliana Kolesova
Publish Date: Jan. 1st, 2016
Price: $9.99
Amazon Pre-order Link:

All 1960s BeForever Melody Ellison Leaks/Info/Photos:
Link to Photos of 1960s Beforever Melody Doll in Various Hairstyles:

Link to Comparison Photos of Melody, Addy, & Cecile Dolls:

Link to 1960s Beforever Melody Doll Review with Photos:

Link to Photos Possible Red Polka Dot Birthday Dress for 1960s Beforever Melody Ellison:

        ->Link to Detail Photos of Red Polka Dot Dress Modeled on Sonali Doll:

Link to Photos of Potential Gold Bow Dress for 1960s Beforever Melody Ellison:

Link to Photos of Potential Gold Coat, Hat, & Gloves Set for 1960s Beforever Melody Ellison:

        ->Link to Collector Detail Photos of Potential Gold Coat for 1960s Beforever Melody:

Link to Photos of Blue Pajama Top for 1960s Beforever Melody Ellison:

        ->Link to Photos of Complete Blue Starry Pajamas Outfit for 1960s Beforever Melody:

Link to Photos of Rainbow Play Outfit for 1960s Beforever Melody Ellison:

Link to Stock Photos for Doll & Floral Peplum Dress for 1960s Beforever Melody Ellison:

Link to Photos of Doll & Collection for 1960s Beforever Melody Ellison:

Link to Journey Book Cover Illustration for 1960s Beforever Melody Ellison:

Link to Book 2 Cover Illustration for 1960s Beforever Melody Ellison:

Link to Potential Release/Debut Date for 1960s Beforever Melody Doll & Collection:

Link to Photos of Pet Dog for 1960s Beforever character Melody Ellison:

        ->Link to Collector Detail & Comparison Photos of Pet Dog for 1960s Beforever Melody:

Link to Photos of potential store debut gift & name for 1960s BeForever girl modeled on dolls:

Link to 2nd potential leaked outfit, Floral Peplum Dress, for BeForever 2016:

       ->Link to Photos of 1960s BeForever Floral Bow Dress modeled on Truly Me #26 doll:

Link to 1st potential leaked outfit, Green Plaid Dress, for BeForever 2016: 

       ->Link to Photos of 1960s BeForever Green Houndstooth Dress modeled on Kanani doll:

       ->Link to Photos of Melody's Green Meet Dress modeled on Truly Me #62 doll:

Link to information about the 2016 BeForever historical character's book 1

       ->Link to Cover Illustration & Back Cover Summary for 1960s BeForever Book 1:

       ->Link to Book 1 Chapter List, and Book 2 & Journey Book Titles & Summaries:

       ->Link to Specific Details about Melody, her family, and story from Book 1:

GOTY 2016 Lea Clark: Book 1 - Dives In (could be book 2)
Summary: Girl of the Year 2016 is ten years old and ready to explore the whole world, just like her grandmother! But first she'll start with a family trip to Brazil, where her big brother is studying the rainforest. Girl of the Year 2016 is really excited to see the ocean - and when she does, she realizes she'd rather take a picture of it than swim in it. Can she overcome her fear and dive in?
Then she meets a fun new friend who inspires her to embrace the thrills and beauty of Brazil. But when the fun turns to danger, she must find the courage to face adventure head on! Where will the next adventure take her?
Author: Lisa Yee (Author of Kanani's books and Ivy's Book)
Illustrator: Sarah Davis
Publish Date: Jan. 1st, 2016
Price: $9.99
Amazon Pre-order Link:

GOTY 2016 Lea Clark: Book 2 - Leads the Way (could be book 1)
Summary: Girl of the Year 2016 is all set for an animal-discovery adventure! She's never been to a rainforest before, and her mind is filled with exciting thoughts about the animals she'll get to see - and the pictures she'll get to take deep in the jungle. During a hike with her brother through the Amazon rainforest, they discover a baby sloth that is badly injured. Girl of the Year 2016 quickly decides she must do all she can to help the little sloth survive. But as she learns more, she wonders: "Is that the right thing to do?"
Author: Lisa Yee (Author of Kanani's books and Ivy's Book)
Illustrator: Sarah Davis
Publish Date: Jan. 1st, 2016
Price: $9.99
Amazon Pre-order Link:

GOTY 2016 Lea Clark: Book 3 - GOTY & Camilia
Summary: For spring break, GOTY 2016 has invited her friend Camila to St. Louis for a stateside adventure. They find a stray kitten and make a mysterious discovery while visiting a grand but crumbling mansion. GOTY 2016 is determined to uncover the secrets of her discovery, but in her search for clues she forgets to be a good host to Camila. And when GOTY 2016's best friend, Abby, becomes fast friends with Camila, GOTY 2016 feels a little left out. Can she find a way to reconnect with her friends -- and solve the mystery, too?
Author: Lisa Yee (Author of Kanani's books and Ivy's Book) & Kellen Hertz
Illustrator: Sarah Davis
Publish Date: Mar. 1st, 2016
Price: $9.99
Amazon Pre-order Link:

GOTY 2016 Lea Clark 3 Book Boxed Set
Summary: Girls will love hiking through the rainforest and visiting beautiful Brazilian beaches with the 2016 Girl of the Year! This inspiring series of adventure stories includes three books.
Author: Lisa Yee (Author of Kanani's books and Ivy's Book) & Kellen Hertz
Illustrator: Sarah Davis
Publish Date: Mar. 1st, 2016
Price: $9.99
Amazon Pre-order Link:

GOTY 2016 Lea Clark Mini Doll
Publish Date: Jan. 1st, 2016
Price: $24.99
Amazon Pre-order Link:

The Ghost Wind: A Kaya Mystery
Summary: Kaya's people tell a story about unusual silver stallions of long ago that had powerful medicine -- a strong connection to the spirit world. Now Kaya's blind sister, Speaking Rain, has dreamed of a stallion like none she's ever met. Then the two girls come upon a silver stallion in the woods. Could he be a Ghost Wind Stallion of legend?
Author: Emma Carlson Berne (Author of Josefina's & Kaya's Journey Books)
Illustrator: Juliana Kolesova
Publish Date: Mar. 1st, 2016
Price: $9.99
Amazon Pre-order Link:

The Glowing Heart: A Josefina Mystery
Summary: Josefina's home is filled with holiday guests, including a dashing man from Mexico City who delivers a precious heirloom to Tía Dolores. Everyone is delighted with the stunning ruby ring, but as soon as the ring appears at the rancho, things start going wrong. What is going on? With all her heart, Josefina is determined to find out.
Author: Valerie Tripp (Author of Felicity, Josefina, Samantha, Kit, Molly's books to name a few)
Illustrator: Juliana Kolesova
Publish Date: Mar. 1st, 2016
Price: $9.99
Amazon Pre-order Link:

The Finders Keepers Rule: A Maryellen Mystery
Summary: Maryellen takes a break from practicing for the big "Rock Around the Clock" holiday dance to go to the beach with her friend Davy. While playing in the waves, they find a barnacle-encrusted ring buried in the sand. They imagine that it's lost treasure from a sunken ship. But why do other people seem desperate to get the ring?
Author: Jacqueline Greene (Author of Rebecca's Books & Mysteries)
Illustrator: Juliana Kolesova
Publish Date: Mar. 1st, 2016
Price: $9.99
Amazon Pre-order Link:

(The following 4 mysteries will be republished with the new style covers, also on March 1st, 2016 and cost $9.99 USD.)
The Stolen Sapphire: A Samantha Mystery
The Crystal Ball: A Rebecca Mystery
Intruders at Rivermead Manor: A Kit Mystery
The Tangled Web: A Julie Mystery

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All info/leaks on GotY 2016 Lea Clark to date:
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Link to Photos of Purple Tie Dye Outfit Modeled on Kanani & Caroline Dolls:

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Maryellen Collection & Prices

Maryellen and her collection have already been released at the newest AG store in Scottsdale, AZ last week but will be released at the other stores and online this Thursday, Aug. 27th. To help people in planning their purchases, here are the pieces of her collection along with the prices. 

Photos of Maryellen's debut at Scottsdale Store: 

Maryellen Doll + Book 1 - $115

Meet Accessories - $24

School Outfit - $32

Play Outfit - $28

Ice Skating Outfit - $36

Ice Skating Accessories - $24

Birthday Outfit - $34

Poodle Skirt - $36
Pajamas - $24

Crinoline - $16

Hairstyling Set - $20

Dog, Scooter - $24

Classroom Set - $40

Living Room Set - $58 

Jukebox - $90

TV and Record Cabinet - $85

Sofa Bed - $150

Seaside Diner - $275

Maryellen Meet Dress for Girls - $52

Maryellen Meet Cardigan for Girls - $32

Maryellen Poodle Dress for Girls - $52

Maryellen Pajamas for Girls - $42