Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sale on Truly Me & Wellie Wishers at Toys R Us

Quick Note: I'm alive and fine! Thank you to everyone who messaged me and checked up on me! I'm just currently finishing up my last 2 years of medical school which have me working insane hours in the hospitals so I haven't had time to post since last winter. Lissie & Lilly will be back as soon as I wrap up my board exam and residency applications in 1-2 months! ^_^

I'm in the midst of board exam studying, but wanted to take a quick break to share this great sale with people! Select Wellie Wishers items are currently on sale at Toys R Us for about 30% off retail price! Some items can be ordered online and Toys R Us has Free Shipping over $29! If it can't be ordered online, your best bet is to check your local store if you have one near you. I've complied a list of the items on sale below. 

*I don't know if these items are being clearanced out or if they will be restocked. Purely based on only my gut feeling, I think these are being clearanced out. If they're on your wishlist I recommend picking them up at the sale price if it's within your budget instead of waiting.

**A note on the links, for some reason the stock on the Toys R Us website is constantly shifting so if the online stock is temporarily sold out/unavailable, the link won't work. If this happens, come back to the page in a few hours. If it still doesn't show up, call your local store to ask if they have it in stock. They will still honor the sale price and it's already in their system.

WellieWishers Outfits on Sale:
Daisy Princess Costume
Sale Price: $17.49 (Regular Price $24.99)

Showtime Ballet Costume
Sale Price: $17.49 (Regular Price $24.99)

Winter Friends Skating Outfit
Sale Price: $18.99 (Regular Price $27.99)

Winter Wishes Outfit
Sale Price: $18.99 (Regular Price $27.99)

WellieWishers Accessories on Sale:
Winter Woods Stage Set
Sale Price: $13.99 (Regular Price $19.99)

Berry Sweet Snack Stand
Sale Price: $19.59 (Regular Price $27.99)

Love & Caring Carriage 
Sale Price: $33.59 (Regular Price $47.99)

Flutter Wings Doll Carrier 
Sale Price: $31.49 (Regular Price $44.99)

Magic Theater Play Tent
Sale Price: $104.99 (Regular Price $149.99)


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    1. Hahaha almost! I'll be back in full swing after my board exam at the end of August! I can't wait to have time for my dolls again! ^_^

  2. Missed you! Thanks for the update.

    1. Thank you! I've really missed posting and chatting with fellow AG lovers! Once my exam is over in August I think the first thing I'll do after getting a giant ice cream is to do a photo shoot! :D

  3. Can't wait til you are back 100%... good luck on the exam!

  4. Missed you! Best wishes on your board exam!

  5. Thank god you're alive! XD I got so worried lol. Good luck on the exam, can't wait to have you back!

    1. Thank you for thinking of me and for the good wishes! ^_^ I'm alive, just trapped under mountains of practice questions for now!