AG Reviews & Comparisons

This section is very much a work in progress, and will mainly contain reviews of the AG outfits though occasionally I'll do a few comparisons, as well as dolls/furniture/accessories. I would ideally like to add a new review every weekend but we'll see. ^_^ For now I'm working on outfits, starting with my historical outfits in the closet with a few exceptions, but eventually I would like to do reviews of the accessories and furniture I have as well. If there is an outfit in the closet you would very much like me to review or a comparison, let me know and I'll move that one to the top of my To-Do list.

*NEW* 1964 Melody Ellison Doll Review

Girl of the Year:
2016 Lea Clark Doll Review (includes comparison photos with Kanani & Rebecca)
2015 Grace Thomas Doll Review (includes comparison photos with Lindsey & Elizabeth)

Holiday 2015 Store Exclusive - Frosted Violet Gown
Holiday 2014 Store Exclusive - Ruby Ball Gown 

BeForever Addy vs. Original Classic Addy
Jess vs. Ivy Face Mold Differences 
Maryellen Hair & Eye Comparisons with Various Dolls
*NEW* Truly Me Ombre Ballet Outfit vs GOTY 2008 Mia's Performance Outfit (by reader)
*NEW* Melody, Addy, & Cecile Dolls Comparison 


  1. I would love it if you could do reviews on Addy's School Suit and Blouse, Felicity's Summer Outfit and Felicity's Riding Breeches and Hat. I love this idea, it will be so helpful! I eagerly await the reviews of all your outfits! :-)
    Thank you,
    Hannah M.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions Hannah! Currently I'm too swamped but when I have the time, I will prioritize those reviews first. :)

  2. Would you be able to recommend where we can see a comparison-review of the different Felicity dolls? I have a friend who wants to get a Felicity for her in-the-future daughter (to be named "Felicity").

    1. Are you a member of AGPT (American Girl Playthings)? They have several wonderful reviews with comparisons on their forum. :)