Sunday, August 31, 2014

BeForever Addy vs Original Old Addy Comparison

I finally had time to sit down today and take some comparison photos of the new BeForever Addy versus the Original, Old Addy. Please do not use these images on your blog/website/video/etc without permission. You are welcome to link to this post.

Both Dolls are NIB, with Original Old Addy purchased in store on 8/27 and BeForever Addy purchased in store on 8/28.

BeForever Addy will always be on the LEFT side of the photos.
Original Old Addy will always be on the RIGHT side of the photos.

Captions will be underneath each photo.

To enlarge photos, right click and select "Open link in new window" or "Open link in new tab".

 Boxes, Front View

Close up of BF Logo on BF Box

Close up of Addy's Silhouette on bottom of front of BF box. Each BF box will have that respective historical girl's silhouette on it. 

 Boxes, Side View

 Boxes, Top View

Dolls & Books in Box, lid removed 

Close up doll faces in box with lid removed. 

Close up of meet books in plastic holder in box with lid removed. BF Addy's meet book is smaller length and width wise, but thicker because it contains the first 3 Addy books in one volume. The BF Addy book plastic holder is less grooved than the old Addy's. 

 Dolls in box with books removed and lid removed. BF Addy has the foam around her legs protecting them from the rubber band. Old Addy does not. BF Addy also has a small square of foam taped to the back of the box next to her cheek to prevent shine marks on her face since she is turned to the side due to her meet hairstyle.

Dolls removed from boxes. Both have the same hair care tag, "How to care for your doll with Curly Hair." 

Close up of faces

Close up of faces 

 Full Meet outfits. BF Addy's waistband is not sewn to the dress underneath but it is attached in the back. The wrists on old Addy's meet dress have velcro so dolls can get their hands in and out of the sleeve.

Shoes. BF Addy's shoes have a fabric texture and open with a velcro closure in the back of the boot. The buttons are not functional. The boots have a small heel. Old Addy's shoes open with the laces in front and are made to look and feel like leather. There are no heels and the shoe sits flat. 
*Not pictured: BF Addy has 2 dark blue ribbons in her hair. Old Addy only has one. The 2 ribbons in BF Addy's hair is the exact same as the single ribbon in Old Addy's hair.

Closeup of heels on BF Addy's meet boots.

Socks. Old Addy's socks feel thicker and they have a textured/woven feel and look. BF Addy's socks are shorter and smoother with the texture.

Pantalettes, Front View. The top front of Old Addy's pantalettes have a little 'V' piece of fabric and the back is elastic. BF Addy's pantalettes are elastic all around the top. The lace edging is different around the pant legs.

Pantalettes, Back View 

Close up of Waistband and Lace Edging on pantalettes. 

Lace Edging comparison between Original Addy, BF Addy, Kirsten, Cecile, & Marie-Grace pantalettes. 

 Pantalettes comparison between Original Addy, BF Addy, Kirsten, Cecile, & Marie-Grace pantalettes.

Meet Dress, Front View. Old Addy's skirt is wider and is made of a thicker, heavier fabric with pleat like gathers. There is velcro at the wrists to allow the doll hands to fit. BF Addy's meet dress is thinner and the skirt is not as wide with lots of small gathers. The waistband is not sewn down to the dress but it is attached in the back. 

 BF Addy Meet Dress, Top Half, Front View

  BF Addy Meet Dress, Bottom Half, Front View

Meet Dress, Back View

  BF Addy Meet Dress, Top Half, Back View

 Cecile's Special Dress compared to BF Addy's Meet. Cecile's dress has a wider neck line, and does not have the separate waistband. BF Addy's sleeves are more ruffled and capped than Cecile's special dress, and the black edging around the bottom of the skirt is higher up.

Dolls, Nude, Full Body

 Doll Vinyl Comparison. There is a VERY subtle difference in the color of the vinyl but looks more like batch variances. The following arm comparison photos are taking with different lighting and settings on the camera so you can see that there is very little variation. 

 Doll Vinyl Comparison

Doll Vinyl Comparison

 Face Close up Comparison
BeForever Addy has the new feathered eyebrows.
Old, original Addy has line eyebrows. 

 BeForever Addy Face, Close Up

 Original Old Addy Face, Close Up

 Hair Skin Part. Original Addy has a larger skin part than BF Addy, but this could be due to batch differences.

 Hair Close up, Side View. BF Addy's hair is smoother & shinier than Original Addy, who has more textured hair.

 BeForever Addy's Hair Close up, Side View

 Original Old Addy's Hair Close up, Side View

Hair Close up, Side View

 Hair Close up, Back View

 BeForever Addy's Hair Close up, Back View. BF Addy's hair is still the same length as old Addy's. BF Addy's hair is styled in two braids that are criss crossed, much like Josefina's birthday hairstyle, & Marie-Grace's two crossed braids.

 Original Old Addy's Hair Close up, Back View. Old Addy's hair is partially braided with the end tucked back up under the base of the braid.

 Cecile, BF Addy, Original Addy

  Cecile, BF Addy, Original Addy

  Cecile, BF Addy, Original Addy

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Overall I find myself drawn to BeForever Addy's face with the feathered eyebrows and her new hair style. However I like Original Old Addy's more texture hair better. There is negligible difference in the vinyl between them, though it is very different from the more golden Cecile. 


  1. Just a question, but what are you gonna do with two Addys now? :) I think BF Addy's hair is a lot prettier than HC Addy's. I have HC Addy, and she's so beautiful. ♥ Which meet outfit do you like best? I like HC Addy's better :)

    1. I'm going to have to make the hard decision of which Addy to keep! :D I was racking my brains trying to decide which one I wanted and my PS recommended getting the Original Addy and the BF Addy, comparing them, and then returning the one I didn't want. Of course... that's easier said then done. ^_^ I like the new meet outfit because I already have the pink one, and I like the coloring/face of the old Addy, but I like the hairstyle and feathered eyebrows of BF Addy. What does HC stand for? :)

    2. Oh, ok :) HC stands for "Historical Character"

  2. Nice comparison photos! I have a 2007 Addy and ordered the new Meet outfit and School outfit. :). You can't go wrong with either version.

    I was wondering what HC meant in the first comment, too. I think maybe it stands for Historical Character?

    1. Thank you! I'm so excited about the new outfits for Addy. I wish I could financially keep both but only one can eventually join the L&L family this time around. :) Historical Character makes sense. For some reason I kept thinking Heroic Character. ^_^

  3. Thank you so much for the comparison pictures! I'm very pleased to see there isn't much of a difference in the vinyl colors between the two like the rumors said. Good luck on deciding which to keep, I would end up with both, lol :)

    1. My pleasure! I'm glad you enjoyed them. ^_^ I'm also super pleased that there is minimal change if any in Addy's vinyl color despite what I've been told. Though it does make it that much harder deciding which one to keep! :D

  4. I love the BeForever Addy most since her lip and cheek coloring are more subtle and less like make-up.

    1. I apologize for the late response! The lip/cheek coloring is most likely due to batch variances, and in person, it is very difficult to see the difference when compared in the same light.

  5. Which one did you end up keeping? I am getting my Addy next week and I am trying to decide which one! lol

    1. Hahaha I decided to go with BeForever Addy! But it was a toss up! :D You can't lose either way. ^_^

    2. I am struggling with that decision right now! There is a mint original Addy on Ebay that I decided I was getting... but then some people on the board were just saying that old Addys hair is horrible so now I am trying to decide again! :(

    3. Interesting! I though Addy's hair was supposed to be one of the best wigs for styling. I wouldn't be surprised though that BeForever Addy's hair is better quality (mainly because it's newer, and because I hope the hair technology has advanced since original Addy's debut nearly 2 decades ago). I know her hair is just slightly less textured, so that may make it more manageable. :)

    4. Thank you for your very detailed comparison. One thing I noticed that was not pointed out is the difference in the dolls eyelashes.

    5. It should have read eyebrows not eyelashes.

  6. Meant to state eyebrows.

    1. Thank you for reminding me! :) I have edited the post to include the difference.

  7. Ahhhhh... The tricky way of
    RETURNING. Keep BeForever Addy! Even though OA is nice, BF Addy is better! Just sayin'!
    *ShaNNON!!!! Get OFF the COMPUTER!!!


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