Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last Minute Update

One last update before BeForever!

Addy's Christmas Dress
Josefina's Party Outfit
Kit's Reporter set
Kit's School Skirt Set
Kit's Summer Dress
Caroline's Accessories
Kaya's Accessories
Julie's Patchwork Outfit
Julie's Summer Skirt set
All LE Sets

Not Safe:
Josefina's Shoes & Socks
Addy's Shoes & Socks
Addy's Plaid Summer Outfit
Rebecca's School Outfit
Rebecca's Hanukkah Outfit
Caroline Birthday Dress
Kit's Reporter Outfit
Everyone except Caroline & Kaya's Accessories
Kaya's Pow Wow Dress of Today

It looks like instead of a Table & Chairs set for Caroline, it's more like a Table & Treats, similar to NOLA's Banquet Table & Treats. Hard for me to say since I haven't seen it myself. ^_^

For more sneak peeks before the new release, check out the news release from KTLA:

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