Thursday, August 28, 2014

BeForever Julie Photos from AG Store

BeForever Julie

Julie Display Case

Winter Coat & Hat, and Dog Walking Set

Tunic Outfit

Tunic Outfit 

Holiday Outfit

Meet Outfit & Accessories

Holiday Outfit

Holiday Outfit

Close up of Shoes from Holiday Outfit

Hairstyling Set, it's now all plastic

Meet Accessories

Winter Coat & Hat

Dogs from Dog Walking Set

Dog from Dog Walking Set

Hair from Winter Coat

Close up of Winter Coat

New Meet Outfit & Accessories

Meet Accessories

Hairband and Julie Up Close

LE Dance Set

Patchwork Outfit & Carwashing Set

Celery from Snack Set

Eggs from Snack Set

Pajamas, Snack Set, Chair Set

Chair can play any music device that has a headphone outlet.

Real speakers

Bed & Bedding, and Sound Accessories

Birthday Outfit

Banana phone from Snack Set

Banana Phone from Snack Set

Meet Outfit, Accessories, Chair Set & Snack Set

Meet Outfit, Glasses from Accessories, Monkeys from Snack Set

Pieces from Snack Set

Pieces from Snack Set

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