Thursday, August 28, 2014

BeForever Samantha Photos from AG Store

BeForever Samantha

Samantha Display Case

Bicycle Outfit and Bike, Jip in Background

Close up of Embroidery on Bicycling Outfit, Jip Photo bomb

NOLA Lacy Parasol repurposed for Sam.

Frilly Frock, Happy Jip


New Meet Outfit with Accessories

Close up of New Sam

Fancy Coat

Night time Accessories, Book from old Night time accessories

Tea Tray from Holiday Set

Holiday outfit  from Holiday Set

Close up of dress from Holiday Set

Close up of dress from Holiday Set

Close up of dress from Holiday Set


Meet Outfit

Meet Outfit, full body

Close up of face of New Sam

New Bed and Accessories

Holiday Set

Holiday Outfit

Shoes from Holiday Outfit

Shoes from Holiday Outfit

Tray from Holiday Set

Side view of Holiday Dress

Hairstyling set

Meet Purse from Accessories

Meet locket from accessories

Ice cream parlor

Ice cream parlor candy, clumped and stuck in the bowl.

Ice Cream Parlor cash register, made of heavy metal. The keys move the entire row of keys it's on, and the handle on the side turns to open the tray.

Ice cream parlor bowl and spoons. Bowl is porcelain, and spoons are heavy metal.

Ice Cream Parlor, this thingy is plastic.

Jip on chair from Ice Cream Parlor


Slipper from Nightgown

NOLA bed style. :) The headboard and footboard are textured, not painted on.

Actual carved headboard

Real music box from night time accessories

Ice Cream Parlor and Frilly Frock

Ice cream parlor. Ice cream scoops are separate.

Ice Cream Parlor & New Meet Outfit

New Meet & Ice Cream Parlor menu

Ice Cream parlor

Ice Cream parlor

Ice Cream parlor, mirror in back

Ice Cream parlor chair

Tray from holiday outfit, real porcelain and metal tray

Clumped treats from Holiday Set

Fancy Coat

Shoes from Holiday Outfit

Fancy Coat side view

Back of hair, smoother with less curls than original Sam. Also no half pony tail.

Bicycling Outfit. Hat is repurposed from Rebecca's Summer Outfit. :)

Bicycling Outfit back view

Bicycling Outfit and Bicycle and Jip

Bicycling Outfit

Jip, stuck in sitting pose, limbs not movable, but at least soft and squishy.

Jip, Side view

Jip, Bottom View

Bicycle, metal, not plastic. ^_^ Wheels and pedals actually turn.

Bicycle chair guard




New Meet

Same Bloomers

Meet Socks and Shoes

Frilly Frock, Lacy Parasol, Jip

Frilly Frock

Frilly Frock Shoes

Frilly Frock shoes, side view

Frilly frock side view

Old Samantha vs. BF Samantha

Meet outfits

Face close up

Eyebrows different but hard to tell with bangs.

Same pie bangs

Pie Bangs

New Sam's hair is silkier and less curly. No half pony tail.

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