Sunday, August 17, 2014

Soon to Be Gone with BeForever

*Please do not copy this list. You are welcome to link back to this post but do not reproduce this information for your own blog/website without permission.*

A very reliable source whom I trust shared the following changes coming with the BeForever historical revamp:

1) Addy's Skin Tone is lighter - I know there were rumors of her skin tone being lighter from sneak peek photos and videos, but the person I spoke to has confirmed that yes, her skin tone with be lighter than it currently is. Think around Cecile skin tone.

2) Mini Dolls change - The old mini dolls will change to make way for the new mini dolls in the new BeForever meet outfits and book covers. The retired/archived dolls will not get a mini doll, only the current girls who survive BeForever.

3) Meet Accesssories change - Since the meet outfits are changing, the meet accessories will too, except for Caroline, and possibly Kaya.

4) Furniture List is constantly changing - My source told me that the list of what furniture will survive or be removed is constantly changing from corporate, so please take the following items with a grain of salt. The outfits list is being edited as well but not as frequently as the furniture list, and is more final.

5) Furniture/Accessories that are currently on the chopping block:
Caroline's Table & Chairs
Caroline's Dining Set
Caroline's Skiff
Julie's Car Wash
Julie's Bicycle
Kit's School Desk (possibly)
Rebecca's Settee (possibly)

6) Rebecca's Sideboard & Caroline's Parlor is safe according to the current list.

7) The following outfits/accessories are currently slated to disappear with BeForever:
Josefina's School Outfit
Josefina Fiesta Dress
Kit's Birthday outfit
Kit's School Skirt Set
Kit's Summer Dress
Kit's Reporter Dress
Kit's Christmas Dress
Julie's Calico Dress
Julie's Christmas dress (possibly revised)
Julie's Floral Jumpsuit
Rebecca's Hanukkah Dress
Rebecca's Souvenir set
Kaya's Doll & Cradleboard

8) The following outfits are safe according to the current list:
Julie's Patchwork outfit
Julie's Summer Skirt Set
Rebecca's Costume Chest
Rebecca's Movie Outfit
Kit's Reporter Set
All 4 LE outfits for Kaya, Kit, Rebecca, & Julie

9) The following items are reported as being revised:
Josefina's Summer Outfit will include her Riding Boots
Kaya's Tepee will be include her Bedroll
Julie's Christmas Dress may be revised
Josefina's Shoes & Socks may be incorporated into other outfits

10) Items available via website after Aug. 28th - I was informed that most of the items which will disappear with BeForever will move to online order only. I am not sure if this means they will still be openly sold online and stocked online, or if it means they will sell them online until stock runs out. Either way, it gives everyone who is stressing over what will vanish some breathing room because the old items will be available online at least temporarily, if not longer.

*Note: I only asked about outfits/furniture/accessories I am interested in, and are on my want list. If you do not see something on this list, it is simply because I did not ask about it and have no information to share. I will be getting more information as the date gets closer and the lists are more finalized so I will try to add any new information I get.*


  1. Thank you for the list. This info seems most reasonable to me. I have bought like crazy during the frenzy the past few months and the list keeps changing. Glad the items I still want will be online for awhile even if no longer in store.

    1. I know what you mean! It can definitely be frustrating with things changing left and right. :) Don't panic! At this point, I'm only focusing on items I would really miss and would be hard to get on the secondary market. At the end of the day it's no fun if my hobby ends up stressing me out, and eventually all these things will end up on eBay. :D