Thursday, August 28, 2014

BeForever Caroline Photos from AG Store

BeForever Caroline

Caroline Display Case

Party Gown & Repurposed NOLA Banquet as Table & Treats

Embroidered table skirt for the Table & Treats

Repurposed NOLA Banquet Table as Table & Treats. Same 3 tiered stand and ball pile thing. Clumped foods, metal stand, porcelain bowls and soup tureen.

Holiday Gown & Parlor

Close up of treats from Table & Treats

Bowls and Tureen from Table & Treats

Holiday Dress

Meet Outfit

Travel Outfit, Spencer & Hat, Travel Basket, Skiff

Work Dress & Garnet

Nightgown, Inkpot, Bed & Bedding

Winter Coat & Ice Skating Set

Ice Skating Set

Travel Outfit, Spencer & Hat, Travel Basket

Holiday Outfit

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