Monday, December 30, 2013

Mini Josie Looking for Hosts for her Traveling!

*NOTE: Currently, only members of AGPT, AGDollhouse, AGFMB, and AGC  can apply to host Josie. Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy reading about her travels in her Travel Log!*

Hi Everyone! Mini Josie here! So since my Big Person is currently trapped in medical school for the next few years (boring right?), I decided I would travel for her and go do all the amazing things she currently can't. :D 

I would love to be able to visit as many states as possible, and even travel to different countries around the world! If there are any special holidays or traditions you celebrate, I want to particiapte and learn about them. :D 

I'll be bringing along my journal. See? It has my home state on it too. If I come to visit, you can help me write down all my adventures so I can taken them home and share them with my Big Person and sisters. We can even take photos of me with my new friends and send them back for my Big Person to put online for all my friends!

I'm looking for people who are willing to host me for a few weeks and take me to do all sorts of exciting things, before sending me to my next host. ^_^ Since I'm so small, it'll be alot easier to send me along than one of my bigger sisters (don't tell them I said that!). Please let me know if you can host me! I can't wait to start traveling and meet everyone!