Sunday, September 28, 2014

Historical Items Soon to be Retired

While browsing the American Girl website, I noticed that when you click on the doll, then click "view all" of her items, you can scroll to the bottom of her page, after all her books are displayed, and some items remained which I was told all were on the sell until gone list. If any of these items are on your list, my advice is to prioritize them. :)

Some of these may show up on Cyber Monday but decide whether you want to take that chance. ^_^ I've put the links to order each of these items from the AG website below for convenience.

Addy's Nightie for Girls & Dolls (Not in this screenshot but it is now on the website.)

Caroline's Birthday Dress
Caroline's Table & Chairs
Caroline's Nightgown for Girls
Caroline's Nightgown for Dolls & Girls
*Not Pictured* Caroline's Party Set

Josefina's Shoes & Socks
Josefina's School Outfit
Josefina's Table & Chairs
Josefina's Fiesta Dress
Josefina's Night Shift for Girls
Josefina's Night Shift for Girls & Dolls (Not in this screenshot but it is now on the website.)
Josefina's Dress & Vest

Julie's Birthday Goodies
Julie's Casual Outfit
Julie's Floral Jumpsuit
Julie's Calico Dress
Julie's Swim Set

Kit's Birthday Outfit
Kit's Reporter Outfit

Rebecca's School Outfit
Rebecca's School Set
Rebecca's Robe & Slippers
Rebecca's Settee
Rebecca's Winter Coat
Rebecca's Souvenir Set
*Not Pictured* Rebecca's Hanukkah Outfit
*Not Pictured* Rebecca's Hairstyling Set (Original Blue Bow Version)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New BeForever Meet Outfits

Originally included as bonus photos at the end of L&L Episode 14: To Beforever. Photos of the L&L crew dressed in the new BeForever meet outfits.

Lissie in Rebecca's BF Meet Outfit:

Sawako Lilly in Samantha's BF Meet Outfit:

Samantha in Josefina's BF Meet Outfit:

Marie-Grace in Julie's BF Meet Outfit:

Cecile in Kit's BF Meet Outfit:

Lydia Charlotte in Addy's BF Meet Outfit:

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 14 - To BeForever

Lissie & Lilly: To BeForever (Photostory)

Lissie: There you all are! I’ve been looking all over for you guys. I found a binder clip and matches. Let’s go see what mischief we can get in with them!
Lissie: … Hey! What’s going on? What are you all looking at? Is it more interesting than fire and clamping tension?

Cecile: Oh Lissie, c’est terrible!
Lydia: We’ve discovered why our Big Person hasn’t had time for us lately.
MG: It’s because she has lost all interest in us!
Lilly: Well –
Sam: Come see for yourself Lissie!

Lissie: What is this? It’s just a magazine! When did you all start caring about such superficial, superfluous, silly things like that?
Cecile: Non Lissie! You have missed the point. Tell her Samantha!
Sam: We found it on our Big Person’s desk this morning. Do you not see what this means Lissie?
Lissie: That we’ll have to make another trip to the recycling bin?
Lydia: Lissie! This is serious! Do look closely at the magazine. Don’t you see what it is for?
Sam: Dolls! Brand new dolls!
MG: Oui, and not just any dolls, but the new Beforever dolls wearing all the latest styles. They are so colorful, so fashionable.

Sam: How can we ever compete with those beautiful dolls? I’m not surprised our Big Person has lost interest in us after seeing these photos. I do believe I have lost interest in myself!
Lissie: Now look here Sam, you’re acting like a dunderbutt. You all are! You should know our Big Person better than that.
MG: Mais Lissie, how do you explain why our Big Person has ignored us these past few weeks if she hasn’t lost interest in us?
Lissie: Isn’t it obvious? The Institution of Destruction has begun again and she’s been too busy fighting it to play! You can’t expect someone fighting for their mortal sanity to have time for play! That doesn’t mean she’s forgotten us or lost interest! Tell them Lilly, you study with our Big Person every night!
Lilly: I was trying to say –

Lydia: I wish I could believe you Lissie but just look at these dolls! There is no way for us to match them. This one has curls just like I do, but see how much… brighter she looks?
Lissie: Oh stop being so self-demeaning Lydia! You’re every inch more perfect than her because you’re real, and talented, and have a personality! That’s just a factory doll. She probably doesn’t even have a Big Person of her own.
Cecile: She will soon enough though, when our Big Person buys her. No, buys them all! Then we’ll be turned out into the recycling bin ourselves! Mon Dieu! We are all doomed!

Sam: Wait! Listen to me my dear companions. It is not too late, we must fight back.
Lydia: But what ever can we do though Samantha? In every way these new Beforever dolls surpass us. They are all so… new, and look at us. Why we practically have mold in our fluff!
Sam: We shall simply spruce ourselves up and make ourselves look more interesting, perhaps change our own looks.
Cecile: How though? It is not so easy to change one’s appearance.
MG: What about out hair?
Sam: That is a splendid idea Marie-Grace! Perhaps if we all had new, more interesting hair styles, our Big Person will change her mind about these new dolls and see we are still exciting and relevant.
Lissie: You’re all going crazier than a walrus in summer! Wasting all your time and energy on such useless endeavors when we could be having chaotic adventures and dangerous lives.

Lissie: What about you Lilly? Are you as daft as the rest of them?
Lilly: I honestly don’t know what to think Lissie. I know our Big Person is busy since I’ve been studying with her every day, but I can see why everyone is so worried. Our Big Person was really excited to get the magazine in the mail. She shrieked so loudly it nearly split my vinyl ears in half to hear it.
Lissie: But she always does that. You’ve seen her Lilly!
Lilly: I have, but everyone hasn’t been around as long as I have, and none of us have been here near as long as you Lissie –
Lissie: Good grief! Marie-Grace what are you doing?!

MG: Mes cheveux, my hair must be the problem. It is too long and unwieldy. Our Big Person must be tired of looking at such a cumbersome, hot mass so I will start wearing it up.
Lissie: But our Big Person loves your long hair! Just because she can’t style it doesn’t mean she thinks its cumbersome!

MG: Ah! C’est bon! This is much better! Now maybe our Big Person will notice me.
Lissie: Fiddlesticks Marie-Grace, don’t be – Lydia, not you too!

Lydia: Look Lissie, this Beforever doll on the cover has a lovely golden clip in her hair. Perhaps if I start wearing golden ornaments our Big Person will see I can be fresh and poised like this doll.
Lissie: Our Big Person is not going to care one twiddlepit whether you’ve got some bling bling in your hair Lydia. Save your money for something useful, like ice cream!

Lydia: Ice cream won’t win our Big Person’s love Lissie. This new comb might give me a chance however.
Lissie: Ice cream wins everyone’s love. Except if you’re lactose intolerant.

Lissie: What in the seven seas of madness are you doing Cecile? Are you going to beat our Big Person upside the head with that metal club of clarity?
Cecile: Non, mon amie! This is called a hair iron. It is used to curl one’s hair. Look at how frizzy and terrible my curls are. They look like sad, limp biscuits.
Lissie: I don’t think you’ve ever seen sad, limp biscuits Cecile. Our Big Person would say your curls are playfully tousled.
Cecile: Ah, you are a good friend Lissie, but I must recurl all my hair. Perhaps if my hair was easier to manage and looked like those springy, bouncing curls the doll models have, our Big Person will pay more attention to me.
Lissie: Waste of a good iron I say. Who uses Excalibur to make salad?

Lilly: Oh no! Samantha stop!
Lissie: Put that thingamajigger down, whatever it is, this instant!
Sam: You must not attempt to stop me! I have to do this!
Lissie: But what are you doing?
Lilly: It’s a straightener Lissie! It will destroy all of Samantha’s lovely waves and curls and make her hair flatter than a manatee’s backside! Don’t do it Samantha, your hair is so beautiful the way it is already. It curls so naturally and looks luxurious.
Sam: But look at the picture of this girl in pink Lilly. Her hair is so much straighter and smoother! What if our Big Person is tired of styling my curls and secretly wished I had soft, silky, straight hair like her?

Lissie: JELLYFISH SAUSAGES!!! I’ve had it with all of you! You’re all being bananas! And not the good ones filled with potassium, or the over ripe ones that you can use in banana bread. You’re the banana that’s too green and makes your mouth pucker and dry!
Lilly: Lissie, wait –
Lissie: Don’t try to stop me Lilly! I’m good and properly infuriated now! What kind of person do you think your Big Person is anyway? Do you think she’s the kind of person who just abandons her friends for the new big thing? Is that how little you think of her? Well I’ll tell you what I think! I think you guys are abandoning her before she’s even thought of abandoning you!

Lissie: If all you guys are going to do is sit here and wait for the sky to fall to Hell and bounce a few times, then I’ll just take my binder clip and matches and go wreak havoc myself! Good BYE!!!
Sam: Oh wait Lissie! Come back!
Cecile: She’s gone. I’ve never seen her so angry.
Lydia: I don’t understand why she’s so upset. Isn’t she concerned what our Big Person will think of us?

Lilly: It’s because she already knows what our Big Person thinks of us that she’s so angry.
MG: I do not think I understand Sawako Lilly. How does she know what is in our Big Person’s thoughts?
Lilly: Out of all of us, she’s been with our Big Person the longest and knows her best. You’ve all been here less than a year, and I’ve been here a few months over a year, but don’t forget Lissie has been with our Big Person for over 14 years now!
Lydia: I had no idea Lissie has been here for so long.
Lilly: She knows our Big Person isn’t so shallow that she would set us aside like that. Knowing Lissie, she’s probably angry we have so little trust in our Big Person.

Sam: You and Lissie are right, Sawako Lilly. We should know better than to think changing our appearance can change our Big Person’s affection.
MG: Oui, if our Big Person loves us, then she loves us for who we are, hair and all.
Lydia: I suppose I should return this comb, for all the good it would do. I would rather have the ice cream anyway.
Cecile: What do we do now? We must find Lissie and apologize. Perhaps she can think of some way to put this hair iron to use, crazy curls or not.
Lilly: Yes, we really should find Lissie. I’m worried she’ll burn her own hair off.

Lissie: I heard that Lilly! Don't doubt my pyromaniac fantasies!
MG: Lissie, you have returned!
Lissie: Of course I did. I’m worse than a metal boomerang in a magnetic field. You all were so busy screaming death and doomsday, you didn’t see what’s outside our door!
Sam: Why, when did that appear? I do not recall seeing it last night.
Lissie: I dunno, but it’s here now and no take backs to boot!

Cecile: Attendez, look, there is a note on the bag. What does it say Lissie?
Lissie: I don’t know, I just deliver justice and love. Here Lilly, you read it since you’re the only one who didn’t lose her sanity.
Lilly: It’s from our Big Person!
Lydia: Don’t keep us in suspense Sawako Lilly! Go on!

My Dear Beautiful Girls
I am so sorry I have been so busy lately and haven’t had time to play with all of you. I am so grateful to have you all supporting me and keeping me company. You guys always know how to cheer me up. As an apology and thank you, here’s a little gift from me.
Your Big Person

Lilly: They’re gifts in here for each of us! Look, they have our names on them!
Lissie: What did I tell you? And here you all were ready to go hair crazy. Always place your faith in General Washington!
Lilly: Stop being heroic and help me pass these out Lissie. Here’s yours Cecile, and for you Samantha.
Lissie: I’ve got yours Lydia, and you too Marie-Grace.
Sam: Thank you! Thank you very much!
Cecile: C’est magnifique! We all have new outfits! Let us hurry and put them on.

Lilly: We got one too Lissie, here’s yours.
Lissie: Of course we did silly. You can’t have a naked General or First in Command in tatters! It goes against the L&L protocol!

Lydia: Why! These are the same outfits the Beforever dolls are wearing in the magazine!
MG: C’est tres belle! They are so beautiful! Look how well they fit!
Lissie: We wear them even better than those vinyl statues! Do you all understand now? Clothes will rot and hair will disintegrate but friendship will be forever! That’s what it really means to BeForever!
Lilly: That was uncharacteristically eloquent for you Lissie, and you’re absolutely right. We are BeForever!
Lissie: General Washington is always eloquent! I could talk the legs off a centipede if I have a mind to!

Lissie: To BeForever!

I’ve been so excited about the new BeForever revamp of this historical line that my girls have been feeling neglected! Fear not, my girls will always be near and dear to my heart. No new doll can just waltz in and replace them. J Thank goodness I can always count on my loyal Lissie to understand me and lead the others! :D

It’s always been a very important point for me to remember outward appearances will fade and change, but things like love and friendship last forever if taken care of. I’ve never been a person who spent hours in front of the mirror fretting, and I’ll always believe my smile is my best feature so I hope people who read this photo story can understand that as well. It’s the person you are that makes people love you. Your attitude, your sincerity, they are more flattering than any outfit or makeup. If people like you only for the way you appear and not for what you say and do, then it’s not genuine like! ^_^

I really wasn’t planning on doing a photo story but they’ve been sitting naked on my shelf for weeks now and I decided to dress them. As I was trying to decide what outfits to put them in, it suddenly occurred to me I had just purchased the 6 new BeForever meet outfits, and it would be perfect for each girl. Then that quickly evolved into just doing a quick L&L short where the girls go from their old meet outfits to the new ones. But as I was dressing them in their original meet outfits (Sawako Lilly is in the only MyAG meet I have), they almost seemed to speak to me about how lonely and neglected they felt and somehow this photo story emerged. ^_^ I’m really glad I was able to have some fun with my dolls over the craziness of classes (we’re on renal now) and excitement of the historical line revamp.

Side note, I think I may be lactose intolerant, but that hasn't stopped me yet from gorging on ice cream, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc! :D Also I really did squeal frantically when I saw the new catalog in the mail! It's one of AG's best catalogs to date in my opinion. The photograph is beautiful, and the scenes are all set up with such attention to detail. Besides, who doesn't love a good fold out? ^_^

As always thank you for reading L&L! We love hearing comments from our readers and hope you will all have a wonderful week! Let your kindness BeForever! :D

Bonus photos:

Creepy Lissie! She's watching..... everything!