Dress Up Gallery

Starting in 2015 with the release of the 1950s Beforever character Maryellen, I have been creating "Dress Up Galleries" for dolls. They are galleries where I dress the doll in over 200 AG outfits from different characters and time periods, to serve as a reference for people who would like to know what a doll would look like in another doll's outfit.

Right now there are only a few galleries up, but eventually, and very slowly, I am working on making galleries for all of the dolls. Please do not copy/repost/claim any of the images without written permission.


Girl of the Year:

Truly Me:
*None at the moment*


  1. Yo Lilly Maiden,
    Are you gonna do one for Sawako Lilly? Cause I really wanna see that.

    1. Eventually when I have the time I am planning on making one for each of the dolls I have. :)

  2. Who will you do next?

    1. Hey Lilly,
      Last year we already had leaks for the new GOTY here. And the only thing we know about her is her pet the golden retriever. But I heard that she's going to be African-American.