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Lissie & Lilly: Episode 10 - The NOT Cinderella Part 2 (L&L Theater Special)

Lissie & Lilly: The NOT Cinderella-Part 2! (Photostory)

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Welcome back to L&L Theater, Ladies and Gentlemen! I hope you are all refreshed and prepared for the thrilling conclusion to our tale tonight! What will happen to our dashing hero? Will he free the sword from the stone? Oops, wrong script! Ah, here we go! What will happen at the ball? Will Cinderella ever get her food? Her dramas? Or will she be trapped forever in a false romance? Is the Prince really a ninny? Will her fairy godmother return? Ladies and Gentlemen…. I give you, The NOT Cinderella!

Prince Cecile: I am so glad you could come, Lady Sawako Lilly.
Stepsister Lilly: Oh! No, just Lilly is fine, you don’t need the Sawako or the Lady. I mean! Not that I’m not a lady, I am! Only… Sorry, I just meant you can call me Lilly.
Prince Cecile: Hahaha! Then you must call me Cecile. How are you enjoying the ball?
Stepsister Lilly: It’s very beautiful! I… I’m really enjoying it. *blushes* Thank you for having me.
Prince Cecile: My parents wanted me to marry someone within the kingdom so they insisted on a ball to introduce me to everyone.
Stepsister Lilly: Oh my, does that mean you wanted to marry someone outside the kingdom? It is such a shame they forced you to be here.
Prince Cecile: No! I mean, no, I don’t want to marry someone outside the kingdom. *Takes Lilly’s hand* And I am also really enjoying the ball.

Stepmother Sam: Just look at them Marie-Grace! Mark my words, you’ll soon have a queen for a sister!
Stepsister MG: Hmph! That’s nothing special. Everyone and their cousin’s dog twice removed knows royalty!
Herald: Annoucing… the Lady?
Cinderlissie: It’s all good, you don’t have to announce me. I’m just here for the food.
Stepmother Sam: Marie-Grace! Look, who is that?
Stepsister MG: It must be some foreign princess. Just look at her dress! Look at her shoes!

Stepmother Sam: Look at her eat… Have you ever seen a princess behave in such a manner!
Cinderlissie: Well, at least she wasn’t lying about the food. What a spread! I haven’t seen food this good since never! I suppose I have time to eat a few plates before I go home to my dramas. It’s not as if I have anything better in the kitchen.

Stepsister Lilly: Your Highness, Cecile, do you see that lady that just entered? Isn’t she lovely?
Prince Cecile: I didn’t particularly notice. There are many lovely ladies here tonight. You, in particular –
Stepsister Lilly: Don’t you think you should go speak to her?
Prince Cecile:  – I should?
Stepsister Lilly: Certainly! She came by herself so she must be feeling lonely. And I’m confident she’s a wonderful, amazing person.
Prince Cecile: But I think you’re a won –
Stepsister Lilly: Yes, I really do think it would kind of you to greet her.
Prince Cecile: Well… if you are certain…
Stepsister Lilly: I am! I mean, yes I am.

Prince Cecile: Ahem, excuse me, Lady…?
Cinderlissie: Huh? Oh, you can call me “Your Most High and Imperial Majesty.”
Prince Cecile: Your what? I’m sorry what? What?
Cinderlissie: Are you sure you’re not a ninny? I won’t approve of you for her if you’re really a ninny.
Prince Cecile: Excuse me madam, I would like the… pleasure of this dance with you.
Cinderlissie: You royal types are always think of dancing. Why have all this food if you’re just going to dance it all away?
Prince Cecile: Pffffff! No one has ever quite put it like that before. I suppose you’re right. It is a waste to have all this food and then insist on working it off afterwards. Forgive my rudeness.
Cinderlissie: Well, since you seem properly humbled by my superior awesomeness, I guess one dance won’t kill me. And actually, I might be able to stuff down another plate when I’m done.

Cinderlissie: That lady you were making moon eyes at earlier when I got here is really beautiful.
Prince Cecile: Oh she’s wonderful! I’ve never met someone so… so… perfe – Wait! Moon eyes?
Cinderlissie: Oh definitely moon eyes. Possibly Mars eyes. In fact, I would wager that if I hadn’t come along, they’d be Jupiter eyes by now.
Prince Cecile: … Is it that obvious? I mean no offence. You’re also most… unique.
Cinderlissie: Please. I know Lilly very well. She’d probably say the same about you.
Prince Cecile: Do you really think so? That would make me… very happy.
Cinderlissie: You know what else she’s say? She’d tell you to make me captain of your soldiers.

Stepmother Sam: Oh how dare that creature waltz in here and snatch the Prince away!
Stepsister Lilly: It’s all right mother. I insisted he go greet her. I’m happy they’re getting along.
Stepsister MG: You what??? I always knew you weren’t fully evil Lilly, but this is getting out of hand! Are you mad? At this rate he’ll fall in love with her and you’ll lose your chance to be queen!
Stepsister Lilly: I just… want her to he happy.
Cinderlissie: And another thing, who on earth would be stupid enough to send one knight AT A TIME to fight a dragon? If the first 3 died, clearly, this dragon is stronger than just one knight. Why waste more lives? Just send the whole gosh darned battalion!
Prince Cecile: But where’s the glory? Where’s the honor in that? It doesn’t sound impressive to say you were part of the battalion that defeated the dragon.
Cinderlissie: It doesn’t sound impressive if you say you’re dead, except wait, you can’t. BECAUSE YOU’RE DEAD. Plus, this way you can put on your resume that you work well in teams and are an effective communicator.

Narrator: As the hours toiled by, Cinderella properly schooled the Prince on all the correct, non namby-pamby ways to deal with the various problems that may arise in a fictitious fantasy realm. It was disappointing that the future ruler of the realm still felt a curse should be broken with a kiss rather than negotiations. Cinderella felt it was her civic duty to set him straight. She never got to go back for her second plate.
Cinderlissie: Well, it’s getting late and I want to go home. It was good talking with you Cecile, and you’re not a full ninny.
Prince Cecile: You’re leaving? But it’s not even midnight, and we still haven’t discussed the best strategy for armies of undead!
Cinderlissie: I need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep! That’s the holy grail of health, youth, vitality, and the core of all that is good in this world! We can discuss undead armies later when you actually have a lot of dead who can become undead.

Prince Cecile: Wait! I don’t even know your name, or where you’re from! At least leave me some token to remember you by!
Cinderlissie: What’s that? Token? I can’t hear you! Gosh darn it, it’s impossible to run in snow and ice with these torture monstrosities on. Here! You can have these! Make your prisoners wear them and they’ll sing their secrets like birds!

Prince Cecile: What the?
Cinderlissie: Peace Prince! Her Most High and Imperial Majesty is outtie!
Prince Cecile: But – Wow… the last time someone ran so fast a dragon was on their heels with a roasting spit.

Stepmother Sam: Look at the lazy scoundrel! I doubt she did any work tonight!
Stepsister MG: She probably spent the whole night eating and watching dramas.
Stepsister Lilly: Of course she’s home. Where else would she be?
Stepmother Sam: Well, that’s enough of that. Let’s go to sleep girls. It’s been a long night.
Cinderlissie: *mumbles* I’ll say! Dancing until dawn indeed, bladderdash!

Stepmother Sam: Uggghhhhh… My head is killing me, metaphorically, though it feels literal.
Cinderlissie: Maybe if you had 8 hours of sleep instead of 4….
Stepmother Sam: What was that Cinderella? I don’t have patience for this today. Hurry and get this room tidied up!
Stepsister Lilly: Come here mother, let me fetch something hot for you to drink.

Stepmother Sam: Oh! Who is coming at such a god forsaken hour – YOUR MAJESTY!
Prince Cecile: I am so sorry for disturbing your family, madam.
Stepmother Sam: Not at all Your Majesty! Please, have a seat.
Stepsister MG: To what do we owe this pleasure? Cinderella! Go bring some tea right now!
Prince Cecile: Thank you, but that won’t be necessary. I won’t be staying long.

Prince Cecile: Last night at the ball, I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a very… charming lady who threw her shoes at me, and I only mean to return them. My parents wish me to wed the lady whose feet can fit in these shoes, but I was hoping I could speak with her some more.

Stepmother Sam: Well! I’m sure either of my daughters could wear those! Lilly!
Stepsister Lilly: I think Cinderella should try them on first.
Stepsister MG: What? A servant? Lilly you’re mad!
Stepmother Sam: Please excuse her, Your Majesty, she doesn’t know what she’s saying.
Prince Cecile: Please, I was also hoping I could see you again Lilly.
Stepsister Lilly: Y-You flatter me. *blush* But I think you must let my sister try the shoes on.

Cinderlissie: Don’t be ridiculous Lilly. I’ve sworn off all forms of torture, paired or not.
Cinderlissie: Actually, Your Most High but not so High Majesty, don’t you think Lilly looks like she’s the perfect fit for those vehicles of destruction?
Prince Cecile: Why, absolutely… servant girl who serves brute wisdom!
Stepsister Lilly: Lissie, what are you doing? I mean, Cinderella, what are you doing? You’re supposed to marry the prince.
Cinderlissie: Oh please, and relegate myself to an eternity of respectability? And more importantly, isn’t it you that really wants to marry the prince?
Stepsister Lilly: Are you… are you sure?
Cinderlissie: Go on! Before those things walk off on their own and come back with their friends!

Prince Cecile: It’s a perfect fit!
Stepsister MG: That’s not fair! She tried them on first! I’m sure I could have fit in them as well!
Stepmother Sam: My daughter is going to be queen! I’m mother to the queen!!!

Prince Cecile: Of course, that’s only if it’s alright with you. I mean, I would like it very much. No wait, I forgot to say, will you marry me and be my queen?
Stepsister Lilly: I… I would like that very much, eventually, I think. But for now, can we talk some more, go out for walks, perhaps eat some meals together, and just spend more time together? After all, I only met you yesterday.
Prince Cecile: Yes! With all my heart yes! I think that’s a very good idea.
Cinderlissie: You can always count on Lilly to be sensible. She’s not like some fairy godmothers who go out traveling during your birth and the later come back and make unreasonable requests!


Narrator: The next two years after that fateful morning passed in a blur. During that time, Lilly and Prince Cecile tried every cuisine under the sun, and the sea, as well as attempted their own, much to the chagrin of the palace cooks who were tired of constantly replacing their fireplaces. They walked over the country, and met his subjects. Prince Cecile and Lilly learned to milk a cow, a goat, and a pig. They visited museums, attended concerts, rodeos, lost lagoons, and secret worlds. And they talked. How they talked. War and Peace, Sense and Sensibilities… No subject escaped them.

As for Cinderella, she was hired to be captain of the Prince’s soldiers. Within 2 years, she was famous among the country as the one who had reduced dragon related fatalities down 99% (there was always one fool knight who couldn’t work in a group), instituted an emergency plan should an army of undead rise, and negotiated long lasting peace treaties with all of the local sorcerers, witches, and enchantresses. The sisters were often busy, and didn’t see each other as much as they would have liked, but today, on this most special day, they were brought together again.

Prince Cecile: I, Cecile Rey X, take thee, Sawako Lilly X, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.
Stepsister Lilly: I, Sawako Lilly X, take thee, Cecile Rey X, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.
Priest: You may now kiss your bride, Your Majesty.
Stepsister MG: Was it always so short?
Stepmother Sam: There used to be clauses about ‘til I go off to defend the kingdom from a dragon’ or ‘til an army of undead rises against us and eats our brains,’ or ‘til a vengeful magical being puts me in a hundred year sleep’ but they were all removed since we no longer have those problems.

Narrator: And so the Prince and the Ugly Stepsister were married, and lived happily ever after. They had disagreements and problems, but they worked together through them and grew in love. Cinderella lived in perfect harmony with her soldiers. And the ones that didn’t could simply go fight a dragon alone.


Thank you all for bearing with me and sticking it out to the end! I really had so much fun writing this and taking the photos for this photo story. Initially when I was casting characters, I thought Lissie would make a dashing prince, but she insisted on being the main star so I had to cast her Cinderella. Then of course I realized it would be impossible for her to just any Cinderella. She wouldn’t put up with any nonsense of that sort, so the story had to change. Also Sawako Lilly and Lissie are such good friends, and Sawako Lilly is such a sweet girl, that during rehearsals it was equally impossible for her to be mean, so the story had to change some more. Of course then Cecile had to be the prince, because very few dolls could pull off breeches so stylishly, and if any of my girls could do it, it would be Cecile.

I picked Cinderella to parody because as I was organizing my dolly photos one day, I noticed that none of them had worn shoes in eons, so I thought it would be humorous to do a story centered around their bare feet. Cinderella struck me as particularly amusing because all my dolls can share shoes so the poor prince would have a jolly good time figuring out his lady love.

This was also the first photo story that I broke out my furniture and accessories. Since I’m in my apartment at medical school, I normally don’t bring out the big pieces because there’s simply no space, but I really wanted to try out all the goodies I purchased from Cyber Monday, so I finally cracked them out for this photo story. Now I think I’m hooked! It’s so much fun to arrange the furniture and small pieces.

Please let me know what you think now that the play has concluded. :D And no promises, but if L&L Theater were to ever put on another Fairy Tale production, what story would you like to see?

Bonus Photo:

Sisters and best friends forever! ^_^