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Friday, November 27, 2015

Cupcake Cutie Pie Holiday Dress Giveaway & Coupon Code!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! At the beginning of this year, we kicked off our Etsy Shop Features with Erin Green of Cupcake Cutie Pie. Today, we are so excited to show you more of her beautiful designs and creations with a review and a giveaway for a beautiful green holiday dress, perfect for Maryellen or any other lucky doll!

The review is first, with the giveaway & coupon code details at the end of the post. 

~Review of Regency Outfit~
This stunning Regency ensemble that Scheherazade is modeling is a custom outfit designed and created by Ms. Green. It comes with the dress, ribbon belt, pantalettes, socks, and shoes for a complete outfit. 

I requested a Regency dress and told her I was looking for something winter themed in light blue. Erin sent me fabric suggestions and I decided to go with this snowflake print. I let her know I liked lace details and she incorporated that onto the hem of the dress, as well as the edging of the pantalettes. It was such a pleasure to work with her and she was able to create what I had in mind perfectly!

Close up of the lace detail on the hem. It really helps add a level of elegance to this Regency ensemble. Unlike a lot of AG outfits where the detailing and trim are only on the front (I'm looking at you, Addy's Cape Island dress), this lace hem goes all the way around the back of the outfit as well.

The belt is a satin ribbon with a decorative buckle in silver plastic that is removable so it is easy to adjust the look of the outfit.

One of my favorite parts of this outfit are the sleeves. They are gathered so evenly and I love that they "puff" out slightly.

Back view of the dress. 

All Cupcake Cutie Pie outfits have button closures, not velcro, so you don't need to worry about getting hair, or delicate material snagged and pulled. The buttons always match the outfit and are unobtrusive and easy to use.

Erin never does things half way, and all of her outfits are complete outfits with accessories as well. For historical outfits, she includes matching undergarments, socks, and shoes. 
This outfit came with matching snowflake pantalettes with cute bow shoes, and lacy socks for the full, elegant, Regency lady look. :)

Close up of pantalettes with elastic waistband and lace trimming around the legs.

The edges of the undergarments are also finished so there is not worry for fraying. 

Close up of shoes. Erin does not make the shoes herself, but always makes sure they match the outfit she made. 

Here is the ribbon belt with the decorative buckle in silver plastic.

The buckle is removable so you can take it off and use a different ribbon if you want to change up the look of an outfit. 

Now we'll take a closer look at this lovely dress itself! Here is the front of the dress. I realize the print is a bit large but it is what I asked for and I am happy with it. If you are placing a custom order with Erin, you can request a smaller print and she will definitely work with you to find just the right fabric for what you have in mind.

You can see all of the neat, careful seams in this close up, alone with the careful, tiny tucks where the skirt joins the bodice to help give the outfit additional shape and detail.

Close up of the button closure on the back, as well as the even tucks in the back of the dress.

You can see that the bodice of the dress is lined and all the edges are finished to prevent fraying. The inside of the outfit is just as neat as the outside!

And last but not least, the socks! I love the diamond pattern on them and they fit the doll easily. 

~Coupon Code for Cupcake Cutie Pie~
Ms. Green has kindly set up several coupon codes for Lissie & Lilly readers to use in the Cupcake Cutie Pie Etsy store. 

Save $5 off any $50 order using: 5from50
Save $10 off any $100 order using: 10from100
10% off any Cupcake Cutie Pie Custom Doll Collection with: 10PERCENT380CM

Make sure you visit her Etsy shop and take a look at all of the beautiful creations she has posted, ranging from Historical to Modern outfits, Nightwear, Holiday ensembles, clothes for Bitty, Custom Dolls with a complete wardrobe, and a recently added Sale section!

~Giveaway for Green Holiday Dress~
So now that you have see the fine work of Ms. Green, you can enter for your chance to own your own Cupcake Cutie Pie one of a kind holiday dress! Ms. Green generously provided this lovely green ensemble for us to give away to one lucky winner. It comes with the dress, headband, gold shoes, and stockings for a complete look. ^_^ It would be perfect for the 1950s BeForever character Maryellen, or any other fashionable doll ready to shine this winter season!


Close up of dress bodice.

Gold shoes and stockings.

Lovely detailing on the sleeves!

It is free to enter, no purchase necessary, and open to anyone (including those outside the USA) over the age of 13. If you are under 13, please ask your parent or guardian to enter for you. 

The giveaway will run from Nov. 27 - Nov. 30 (midnight Central USA time).

To enter:
Visit Cupcake Cutie Pie's Etsy Store by clicking here. Comment below with your favorite outfit in her shop. 

For bonus entries:
1) Favorite Cupcake Cutie Pie's Etsy store. (include username in comment for verification)
2) "Like" Cupcake Cutie Pie on Facebook (click here to go to the page) (include username in comment for verification)
3) "Like" Lissie & Lilly on Facebook (click here to go to the page) (include username in comment for verification)
4) Follow/Google+ this blog. (If you are already a follower/google+, just comment with you account. ^_^)
5) Share about this giveaway on social media (Facebook, Your Blog, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest, other forums, etc.) - Be sure to include the link(s) to your post(s) in your comment so we can verify where you shared. 
*max 7 additional entries*

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, December 1st on this post, so check back then! ^_^

Friday, November 20, 2015

Comparison Photos of GOTY 2016 Mini Lea Doll & Marisol Doll

After seeing the comparison photos of the Girl of the Year 2016 Lea Clark Mini Doll, many people noted how similar she may look to the previous GOTY in 2005, Marisol. The lovely Lindsey Basham kindly took a few comparison photos with her Marisol doll and sent them to us to share so people could see for themselves the differences and similarities between the two. ^_^ These photos will also be added to the original post with the comparison photos for easy reference, and a list of all GOTY 2016 leaks/rumors/photos are at the bottom of this post.

*Please do not repost/copy/claim these images without written permission.*

Link to Comparison Photos of Lea Mini Doll with other Mini Dolls:

Link to Photoshop Images of Potential Looks for Full Sized GOTY 2016 Lea Clark Doll:

Comparison Photos of Mini Lea w/ Marisol:

Lea's hair is much lighter than Marisol's (more so than I expected), but overall I think the two will look quite similar. Since it has been over a decade since Marisol & Jess (who has a similar theme & collection) came out, I don't really see this being a problem for children, though for collectors, it may not be as exciting. :)

All info/leaks on GotY 2016 Lea Clark to date:
Link to Photoshop Images of Potential Looks for Full Sized GOTY 2016 Lea Clark Doll:

Link to Comparison Photos of Lea Mini Doll with other Mini Dolls:

Link to GOTY 2016 Lea Clark Complete Leaked Wardrobe Group Photos:

Link to Photos of Explorer/Hiking Outfit Modeled on Truly Me #49 doll:

Link to Full Cast List Photos of Actresses and Actors for GOTY 2016 Movie:

Link to Potential 2-in-1 Swimsuit Set for GotY 2016 Lea Clark:

Link to Photos of Tropical Romper Outfit Modeled on Kanani & Caroline dolls:

Link to Photos of Pink/Yellow Tunic Top Outfit Modeled on Kanani & Caroline Dolls:

Link to Photos of Purple Tie Dye Outfit Modeled on Kanani & Caroline Dolls:

Link to Explorer/Hiking Outfit for GotY 2016 Lea Clark:

Link to Photos of  Fancy Occasion Dress on Kanani doll:

Link to Purple Dress & Messenger Bag for GotY 2016 Lea Clark:

Link to Shorts, Top, & Sandals Outfit for GotY 2016 Lea Clark:

Link to Fancy Occasion Dress for GotY 2016 Lea Clark:

Link to Tropical Romper Outfit for GotY 2016 Lea Clark:

Link to Potential Pajamas for GotY 2016 Lea Clark:

Link to GotY 2016's Book Summaries:

Link to Girl of the Year 2016 Lea Clark's Meet Outfit & Mini Doll Images:

Link to Meet Outfit Details Modeled on Various Dolls:

Link to Casting Call Audition Script for 2016 GotY Lea Clark's Movie:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Photos of 1960s BeForever Green Houndstooth Dress on Doll

Ever since we saw the first leaked Green Dress on eBay, potentially for the 1960s black BeForever character to be released next year in 2016, I have been in love with her collection and nearly jittery to see what the outfits look like modeled on dolls. A fellow collector who was able to snag this lovely dress kindly took several photos of the dress details, modeled on her Kanani doll, and sent them to us to share here.

*Please do not repost/copy/claim these images without written permission.*

All 1960s BeForever Leaks/Info/Photos:
Link to 2nd potential leaked outfit, Floral Peplum Dress, for BeForever 2016:

       ->Link to Photos of 1960s BeForever Floral Bow Dress modeled on Truly Me #26 doll:

Link to 1st potential leaked outfit, Green Plaid Dress, for BeForever 2016:

       ->Link to Photos of 1960s BeForever Green Houndstooth Dress modeled on Kanani doll:

Link to information about the 2016 BeForever historical character's book 1

Original EBay Photos:

Back of dress

Collector's Photos of Green Houndstooth Dress on Doll: 
The shoes, socks, and headband are not a part of this outfit, and were added by the collector. 

I'm not someone who cares whether my doll's cloth-vinyl seams are showing, but for those who dislike that, this dress covers up those areas very nicely. 

Normally I think AG overdoes it on the bows, but I think this dress has a nice balance of them. I like that the ribbon is the same width as the wide collar, and it gives it a very 60s feel for me. 

Side view

The material is a woven cloth thicker than cotton, and this zig-zaggy star pattern is called Houndstooth. The collector described it as "a bit heavier than other pieces but not thick."

There are two bows on either side of the dress and they are grosgrain.

There is a gore on either side of the dress, under the bow. I really love this detail, and it may be my favorite part of this dress. ^_^ I think it's a classy, but cute touch.

Back view

Picture of tags inside of the dress. The inside of the dress is unlined.



I knew I would love this outfit when I first saw it leak on eBay, and these photos have only cemented that certainty. ^_^ It looks very flattering on the medium vinyl coloring of Kanani, and I am certain it will look stunning on the dark vinyl coloring as well. I do not know if this will be the 1960s character’s meet dress, but if so, I think it will be a very successful meet outfit. Now I’m curious to see what AG pairs with the outfit, and what the accessories will be. The headband, socks, and shoes our reader paired with this outfit are a good fit for the style of the dress, and I wonder if AG will have something similar. 
Absolutely on the “will buy, most likely with the doll” category for me. :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mysterious Leaked White, Fuzzy Sweater for Truly Me

Over the past week or so, a standalone white sweater appeared on eBay with the American Girl logo. I did not know then and I still don't know now if this will be part of a greater outfit, or if it is a single piece. I also do not know which line it is for (my guess is Truly Me), or when it will be released.

We were fortunate enough one of our lovely readers picked up the outfit and took a few photos for us of the sweater modeled on her #26 doll to share here.

*Please do not repost/copy/claim the photos without written permission.*

Original eBay Photos:


 Front, showing AG logo on sleeve.


Collector's Photos on Doll:
Beautiful Truly Me #26! ^_^ The sweater is so flattering on her!

A small silver plate is sewn onto the sleeve of the left arm, indicating it is indeed and American Girl item.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is indeed Santa fur on the front of the sweater. XD (I call it that because it looks like the white fluff that trims Santa hats and costumes). I've never seen this on an actual human sweater so I could just be out of the loop. It looks very strange to me. Strange but cozy. The fur is only on the front, not the back.

Both the reader who sent the photos to me and I are stumped as to when this outfit could be released. It is clearly a cold weather/winter themed sweater, but we've already  had the winter release. It could either come out with the GOTY release on January 1st, 2016 (since a small selection of Truly Me items are released then as well for Valentine's day), but I can't really see it being part of the February release with the spring outfits. My best guess right now is it could be a potential Purchase-with-Purchase after the current in store Santa Dress & Blue Snowflake Dress PWP sell out. Does anyone else have an idea?