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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 12 - What is Debauchery?

Lissie & Lilly: What is Debauchery? (Photostory)

Lissie: Cecile! I’ve been looking for you! What are you doing? Let’s go do something terribly exciting and moderately dramatic!
Cecile: Bonjour Lissie, I’ve been reading all day. This book is just so interesting I couldn’t put it down.
Lissie: Really? What is it about? Is it more interesting than uncovering the mysteries of why water is wet and fire is hot?

Cecile: Hahaha, non Lissie, it is about a girl who has the same name as me, Cecile, see? She lives in New Orleans and I am reading about the Mardi Gras celebration.
Lissie: Mardi Gras? Is it delicious?
Cecile: Ah, it seems like it is more like a day filled with debauchery.
Lissie: Debauchery? What’s that? It sounds even more delicious!
Cecile: I think it means une grande fête, a giant party, where –

Lissie: PARTY! That’s a fantastic, super wonderful idea Cecile! Let’s have a Mardi Gras Party with lots of debauchery! I’ll go tell everyone! Meet me in the parlor!
Cecile: Wait Lissie! But we do not know what a Mardi Gras party is! Lissie!

MG: Can we begin from here again? It still sounds strange.
Lydia: I agree, perhaps if we slow down, we can hear where the cello and your voice are not harmonizing. Ready? Here I go –

Lissie: Lydia! Marie-Grace! Hurry, party in the parlor!
MG: Party? Why are we having a party Lissie?
Lissie: Because we’re going to celebrate Mardi Gras and debauchery! Hurry, no time to waste! Do you know where Samantha and Lilly are?
Lydia: I do believe they are going to the park but –
Lissie: Thanks Lydia! I’ll see you all soon!
MG: Mardi Gras? But that was several months ago? My Maman always said it was very improper pour les mademoiselles.
Lydia: Well, knowing Lissie, I shouldn't be surprised if she thinks it means something tasty.

Sam: Good job Sawako Lilly! Look how far we have come.
Lilly: Thank you! I still feel unsteady though. If I let go of you I think I will fall.
Sam: You will be fine. All you need is some more practice! Until then you can hold on to my shoulder.
Lilly: And when we get to the park, I can help you practice your tennis swings!

Lissie: GOT YOU!
Lilly: Ahhhh! *oomph!* Lissie! You startled me! And I was doing so well too.

Lissie: Oops, sorry Lilly! I’ll give you a hand. There we go! Now you and Samantha must hurry and come back! We’re going to have a party!
Sam: What are we celebrating?
Lissie: Debauchery! No, Mardi Gras! No Mardi Gras AND Debauchery! Either way just come back and be prepared for excitement galore.
Lilly: Lissie, you do know debauchery isn’t a good thing right?
Lissie: Oh don’t be silly, it has 4 syllables! Of course it’s a good thing! Now let’s go!

Lilly: Oh Lissie wait! Ahhhh! *OOMPHHH*
Sam: Are you alright?
Lilly: Samantha, I didn’t know you had a twin…
Sam: Sawako Lilly! Hang on!

MG: We’re all here Lissie. Now what’s this about a party?
Lissie: Everyone, I hope you’re prepared, because today we are going to celebrate fantastically and debauch in all the right ways for Mardi Gras!
Lydia: I don’t believe I have ever heard of such a holiday. What is it about Lissie?
Sam: Yes, what exactly do we do to celebrate Mardi Gras?
Lissie: I have no idea!
Lilly: Oh Lissie…
Lissie: It’s all good though, because our Mardi Gras debauching expert Cecile here can tell us!
Cecile: Eh? Moi? But I only read a little about it Lissie!
Lissie: Just go with your gut Cecile! It’s a party! Nothing can go wrong!

Cecile: Well, from what I remember, everything is purple, gold, and green. The purple is for justice, gold for power, and green for faith. Everyone dresses up in costumes, and there are lots of beads, masks, food, and merrymaking.
Lilly: What is the debauchery part for then?
Cecile: The book wasn’t very clear about that so I’m not certain.

Lissie: Debauchery is debauchery! You guys just leave that to me! Let’s all go get changed. You guys get the food and decorations up, and just prepare to debauch for your life.
Lydia: Really Lissie, I really don’t think you know what the definition of debauchery is.
Lissie: Definitions are for banana peels! Onward soldiers!

Lydia: Everything looks lovely!
Lilly: I agree! I’m getting hungry just looking at the food. I hope everyone hurries up so we can start eating.

Sam: Lydia, Lilly the food looks marvelous!
Lilly: Samantha, your costume is so cute! A fairy princess?
Sam: Cecile did say there were many costumes so I thought it would be appropriate.
Lydia: Absolutely appropriate! You look magical.
Sam: I also found this disco ball in the back of the closet when I was searching for the costume. I thought it would add some sparkle to our party.
Lilly: Spoken like a true fairy princess! Let’s clear a space and you can set it on the table.

MG: Aidez moi, s’il vous plait, can some one please help me? This bag is très heavy.
Sam: Let me give you a hand Marie-Grace. What did you bring?
MG: Well, I remember our Big Person saying that she had a bag of beads from her “Night of Repressed Memories and Insane Shenanigans” so I searched until I found them! Lucky for us they are already in the colors we need. What should we do with them?
Sam: Let’s hang them up and decorate the room with them!

MG: Hold it…. There! C’est merveilleux! It’s wonderful!
Sam: These beads are perfect! The mask decoration is just what this room needed.

Cecile: I’m so sorry for taking so long! My costume took a long time to put on.
Lilly: You look amazing Cecile!
Sam: Fantastic! Your costume is astounding!
Lydia: I can certainly see why it took so long to put on, Cecile. I adore it!
MG: Incroyable Cecile! Incroyable!
Cecile: Merci, merci mes amies! I wanted to be La Papillon Reine, The Butterfly Queen. And that’s not all, look who I brought with me!

Cecile: Voila!
Lydia: Dr. Dow! Oh Cecile! You brought Dr. Dow with you!
Sam: You even gave him a costume too! He looks so dashing with his golden locks!
Cecile: I saw him sitting, very lonely on our Big Person’s bed so I brought him with me, but of course he must have a costume! It is for Mardi Gras!

Lilly: Hahaha, that’s wonderful! Now everyone, including Dr. Dow can enjoy the party!
MG: Well, everyone except Lissie. Where is she?
Lydia: I would have expected her to be the first one here. She was so excited for this.

Lissie: Ladies and bear-tlemen! Rest ye concerns, for the Genie of Perpetual Debauchery has arrived!
Cecile: You’ve arrived at last Lissie! But what are you pushing? That looks awfully heavy.
Lissie: I have come to make all your wishes come true. Prepare to be debauched! HI-YAH!

Lydia: Oh my goodness!
Sam: Lissie! How did you? What? Lissie!
Cecile: All hail the genie! Lissie! You are a hero!
Lilly: Why there’s candy here from all over the world! Red bean jelly from Japan, chocolate from England, truffles from Croatia, sweet plum candy from China… Why I don’t even know where half of these things are from! Where in the seven Arabian deserts did you find this Lissie???

Lissie: Hehehehe! Oh, just a little something I pulled out of my lamp. After all, it’s not debauchery unless there’s candy right?

And by magic lamp, Lissie means my secret stash of emergency sweets for the nights before exams. XD I hope everyone enjoyed this episode! I grew up looking forward to the yearly Mardi Gras parades, catching (fighting to the death) for beads, doubloon coins, candies, and other treats thrown from elaborately decorated floats with people dressed in the most topsy turvey costumes. The parades at night were the best, when everything was lit up like a carpet of brilliant fireworks down the streets (though it took me many more years to understand why my parents wouldn't allow me to go to the festivities downtown after the parades, talk about debauchery!).

Although I haven't been to one in several years now, I found my beads while cleaning and thought the L&L co. would have fun celebrating their own day of debauchery. To be honest, I keep using that word simply because I like the way the sounds and flows off my tongue. ^_~ This took a long time to set up and photograph with all the set pieces and costume changes, but it was really fun to make! I am especially happy I was able to pull out some new accessories I recently acquired and put them to good use.

Dr. Dow is a stuffed bear a good friend working on her PhD at John Hopkins gifted me. I named him after a professor I had at college who was always well spoken, eloquent and had the uncanny knack for motivating me to study simply because he believed in me so much I was terrified of letting him down. :D Which is why he simply had to come with me to medical school. ^_^ When my good friends came over one day for a visit, I went to the restroom and returned to see they had dressed him with Caroline's wig (which is currently hanging on my lamp waiting for me to customize). I would have been upset at the danger of messing up her curls, but Dr. Dow looked so comical that I ended up really wanting to recreate that look for a photostory.

As always, thank you for reading L&L and I hope this is little treat from our lamp starts off your week on a fun and happy mood! ^_^

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mini Josie leaves San Diego, CA

My last day here and then I'm off on to my next adventure. It was a low-key morning. Big Lissie took me to the beach. It was so warm outside I just had to take my shoes off and stand in the cool water. It's a good thing Lissie & I run fast, because a wave tried to sneak up on us.

I wondered why no one else wanted to join us but figured it out quickly once we got back to the house - I'd been set up! Some of the other girls had a surprise going away party planned for me. They even made a piñata (yum, candy).

Mini Rebecca told me all about my next host and I can't wait! Talk to you all soon…..

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mini Josie Goes to the Zoo in San Diego, CA

Josie had a fabulous weekend checking out the famous San Diego Zoo and their residents! Check out her report below! ^_^

Wow, what a weekend. This past weekend they took me to the zoo. Did you know they have pandas! I LOVE pandas. 

Of course the first thing we went to see were the pandas. On the way down there, I saw the coolest form of transportation. Can we go on that????? Later, they said.

My host said the line gets really long so it's good to be there early. Unfortunately, the pandas thought it was too early and were still snoozing. I saw Bai Yun (which means "White Cloud"). She turns 24 this year and the mom to all the cubs that have been born here. She looked like a cloud - or a rock covered in fur; I'm not sure which. We also saw her almost two year old, Xiao Liwu ("Little Gift"), nicknamed "Mr. Wu". I didn't show you a picture of him because he also looks the same; like a lump of fur. 

Partway through the day I started getting a complex because many of the animals just showed me their backside when I tried to say hi. The camel told me a joke though, and the wombat was active (the hosts said that was the first time they'd seen the wombat up and walking). When we got home, they read me the book, Diary of a Wombat. I laughed a lot!

We also saw koalas and a sleeping tasmanian devil. Isn't this little guy cute!  What's really special is that a few years ago, two of the koalas here were sent to the zoo in Stockholm, Sweden.  I may not be visiting them, but I will be visiting Sweden and will yell "Hallå" very loudly.  I was told that's Swedish for "hello".

Then we went toward big cat canyon to see the amur leopards (the world's most endangered large cat, with less than 40 left in the wild). We didn't take his photo because I ran into a little trouble. Arrrrgh -he's going to eat me!

I should be safe up here...

What do you mean they climb!?!?


Luckily, a nice lady saved me from the mountain lion

After that ordeal, I wanted something a little less "exciting". First though, I needed a snack!

Then, we watched the elephants and polar bears play (no, not together) and finally got to ride the skyfari. I was so lucky, my gondola had a picture of a panda on it!

Hi, ! Hi, Lissie, Sawako Lilly, Samantha, Cécile, Marie Grace and Lydia Charlotte! You can see everything from up here.

On the way out, I said hi to Janey, one of the orangutans here. Did you know she used to live with humans and likes to put on makeup! She just had her 52nd birthday last week.

Then, it was time to shop. I knew just what I wanted.

Hmmpphh! They said I had to be able to carry whatever I bought, drat. Oh well, this one is still cute. Maybe my sisters can help name her for me.  That's all for now; I'm off to nap.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mini Josie visits Old Town in San Diego, CA

Josie here again. I felt like I was back home today - not with my current sisters, but back home in New Mexico with my canon family. It started when I saw this road. Just like the road mi abuelito used to drive the caravan to Mexico City (except this one is paved).

Then, I ended up in Old Town. It's considered the birth place of California as it was the where the first permanent Spanish settlement was. Remember the mission that I showed you in a previous post? Father Serra built it here first. By the 1820s, while my sisters and I were living with Papá outside of Santa Fe, a small collection of adobe buildings had formed (including a rancho that made me feel right at home) and by 1835, it was called El Pueblo de San Diego.

This is newer than what mi abuelito used for caravans but it reminded me of him.

My first stop was the rancho. It was built in 1825 for a Spanish aristocrat but also became a safe place for women & children during the American occupation in 1846.

Here is how it looked way back when

I wanted to see how the rooms were all decorated, especially the grand sala but unfortunately, most of the furniture has been temporarily moved out because they are in the middle of a restoration. I did find a spinning wheel and some kitchen tools.

This is a water filter. Since water shortages were a problem here, porous lava rock filters such as this one was used to clear sediment and debris from the water collected either from the well or from the San Diego River.

Here is the inner courtyard, which has a garden. There were many plants we would have used...

...and even a horno .

Nearby, was the sheriff's office and a jail (I snuck in)

Did you know the largest gourd farm in the United States is nearby? Look at how pretty these are.

By then, I was hungry so I had some lunch...

…and finished up with some shopping! I bought a new sarape for the cool evenings, a fancy sombrero (not exactly accurate for me but so fun) and a new box from the local tinsmith.  I'll be back soon with more fun to tell you about.

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