Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Photos New Outfit for Possibly Beforever Julie

Earlier today, Wickfield shared the link to an eBay auction for what appears to be a potentially new outfit for one of the Beforever girls, possibly Julie. No clues on when it will be released, though my guess is the fall (it seems like there may be a few Beforever girls getting new things in the fall release based off the leaks we've seen so far, though all this is rumor). Since it's a live eBay auction, I won't be posting the link til it is over.

Original eBay Photos:

I'm having a hard time picturing how this outfit will work. It looks like a longer tunic top with wide shorts from the pictures. The print is cute and what makes me lean towards the 70s time period. ^_^

I don't know if these purple tights will be going with this outfit or if it was just something the seller threw together with this outfit.  

These fuzzy shoes look more like house slippers to me. XD

I have a hard time trying to picture the color coordination of all 4 pieces together, but then again.... 70s fashion has never made much sense to me. Hopefully it'll make more cohesive sense when it's modeled on a doll... :D Thus far, I'm not super impressed with it but I'll be getting it if it is for one of the Beforever girls since I'm a completionist for the historical outfits. ^_^

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Photos of Potential Red Dress for Truly Me or Bitty

It seems like after a few dry months with no leaks, we've suddenly gotten quite a flood of them! :D This red polka dot dress appeared on eBay recently and I'm guessing it's for the Truly Me line or Bitty (it's hard to tell from just the photos), possibly part of the fall release, or maybe even next spring for Valentine's day.

Original eBay Photos:
I'm not sure how I feel about the bow. O.o I know AG does love their bows, but really AG, just because you turn it 90 degrees doesn't mean we won't notice it's still a bow. XD Also, the elastic at the waist looks strange to me, and is what makes me wonder if this is for the Bitty line instead of the 18 inch Truly Me dolls. 

I'm not sure if the shoes actually belong with this outfit. They look like the pair that comes with Samantha's Special Day Dress, but then again.... it's not as if AG has never recycled fashion ideas. ^_~

The sandals are from the Red Hearts Ruffles Outfit, and not part of this outfit. 

Overall I think the outfit has the potential to be cute, but to be honest, I'm not really feeling it from these photos (at least not for the 18 inch dolls). It's partly due to how crumpled the fabric looks, and the overall design just doesn't appeal to my aesthetics. I don't foresee this outfit making its way here. ^_^

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Original eBay Links:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Finally! New Upcoming Outfit for Josefina!

At LONG LONG LONG last, it looks like the lovely Beforever character Josefina will finally get a new outfit. This outfit leaked on eBay and I can't imagine who else it could be for aside from Josefina. ^_~ No idea yet on when it will be released, but my guess is later this fall or perhaps even next spring (I hope it won't be so long though). Since it's a live eBay auction, I won't be posting the link til it is over.

*Updated 5/27/2016 with more photos, showing possible belt/sash for outfit.*

Original eBay Photos:
The *BANG* bright colors is fitting with the Beforever revamped goals.

I am confused by the lime green rebozo though. O.o It doesn't seem... accurate to the time in regards to the color or material? If anyone knows otherwise, please enlighten me! I'm guessing they were going for a silk look? 
The embroidery on the camisa is beautiful! But you all know I'm a sucker for embroidery details. ^_^

The skirt by itself is really beautiful!

I would be shocked if these shoes actually go with this outfit. My guess is this belongs to another outfit and was just thrown with this outfit by the seller.

Thank you to Elizabeth who shared the link to another eBay auction with me showing more photos of the camisa, with what appears to be a new belt/sash for this outfit. ^_^

I do not think these shoes belong with this outfit either and once again were thrown in to this lot by the seller.

I like the bright colors of this outfit, though I wish we could get a long sleeved camisa for Josefina's winter adventures. :D Either way, I'm just so happy to see her getting something new at long last! I'm a completionist when it comes to outfits for the historical girls so this will definitely be coming home with me. ^_^ 

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Leaked Photos of Coat for Beforever Melody or Truly Me

Wickfield on AGPT recently shared the link to an eBay auction showing what appears to be an upcoming coat set. I have no idea if it will be for the 1960s Beforever character Melody (rumored to be released in August), or if it will part of the Truly Me line for their fall release. 

Original eBay Photos:

The faux fur cap reminds me exactly of Samantha's white winter hat in construction. It seems like AG might be recycling ideas some more.

The gloves are what lead me to think this is more likely for Melody, even though we didn't see this coat during the reveal. It could be for a later release for her, as I can't recall any Truly Me modern outfits coming with the short gloves like this. 
Either way, no matter what line it's for, I think it's a beautiful coat set and would definitely want to add it to my collection. ^_^

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Link to Original eBay Auction: