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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Girl of the Year 2016 Meet Outfit on Various Dolls

*Background: We have learned the name of next year's Girl of the Year 2016 is Lea Clark based off eBay auctions of her meet outfit which have her name on the clothing tag. 

Here is the link to see her meet outfit auction photos and mini doll photos:

This is the link for her casting call description, audition script summaries, and movie audition script transcript:


A wonderful AG collector who purchased one of the meet outfits on eBay generously took a few photos and sent them to us to share. The photos show the outfit details, and how it looks modeled by a doll with light vinyl, medium vinyl, and dark vinyl as well.

*Please do not use her images without her permission.*

Photos from Original Ebay Auction:


Back view of meet dress

I am assuming Lea will also have underwear and potentially a hair accessory or some other small add on, otherwise this would be really the bare essentials for a meet outfit.

User Photos of Meet Outfit:
*Modeled on Marisol Doll with Marisol's Meet Necklace

The necklace is from Marisol's meet outfit, and not a part of Lea's meet outfit.

I am disappointed the prints of the shift portion and top don't match up, nor do the prints on the front and back pieces of the skirt line up. The yellow "belt" does not go all the way around and stops at the sides.

More mismatching. I hope this was just a defective prototype, and that the final version of the dress sold on dolls will be better aligned. >_<

On McKenna Doll (light vinyl):

On Sonali Doll (dark vinyl):

Vinyl Comparisons:

My thoughts: I'm not the biggest fan of bright, neon colors so this meet outfit is not my favorite. However, I do think it looks really really really great on Sonali and she makes the bright colors pop. Marisol looks super adorable in it as well, and I personally feel McKenna looks a bit washed out in the loud colors. I am disappointed with the belt that doesn't go all the way around, and the mix matched prints on the different pieces of the dress that don't line up. Hopefully this is just in the prototype and the final version will be better pieced. ^_^

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Few Quick Updates

I just wanted to share a few quick updates and notes, both for AG related news, and general site news. ^_^

*Note: All of these are rumors and not confirmed fact.*

1) Maryellen's Seaside Diner comes in pieces, similar to Caroline's Parlor, and not all in one piece like Grace's Bakery.

2) Maryellen's Airstream Trailer will not be released on Aug. 27th, but with a later release.

3) Caroline's official sell out date is Aug. 27th. (The date is confirmed fact.) I believe if stock remains, she can still be ordered on the website, but she will not be in stores to make room for Maryellen and her collection.

4) Girl of the Year 2016, Lea Clark, has been twice described to me as similar in coloring of hair color, vinyl, and eyes to Kanani by those who have seen the full sized doll in person. :/ Take that with a grain of salt until we get more details/leaks/photos.  ^_^

5) Josefina's mini doll and third book will be coming out on Aug. 27th, but other than Maryellen, no other new outfits/new items til the Winter release, along with the new Truly Me items and Holiday outfits.

Site Updates:
1) The postcards from the Summer Postcard Exchange have been printed out and will be cut this week. Hopefully they will be ready to ship by the beginning of next week.

2) The giveaway linked to the bi-weekly Etsy shop features that was scheduled to go live Monday, July 27th is on hold due to a post office delay. Once the items arrive, the giveaway and feature will be posted. If there continues to be a problem with the post office, the next feature/giveaway will go live on Monday, Aug. 10th.

3) There are several photostories in the wings, as well as the next part of the Sewing With Lissie & Lilly series. In addition, there will be several photos and stories from Lissie and Lilly's summer road trip through central USA. It will take some time to get them up, but when they are posted, they will be added to the Lissie & Lilly Episodes page.

4) Classes have started back up for me so I will not be able to update and post as frequently as I would like. I will do my best however, but I did want to give people a head's up. ^_^

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read Lissie & Lilly! I always appreciate the comments and suggestions, and I hope you all find the posts fun and informative. Have a great week!

Maryellen's Poodle Skirt Prototype Top Mix & Match Photos

*Background information: Maryellen Larkin is the new historical Beforever character from 1954, who will be released next month on Aug. 27th along with her collection. There have been several leaked photos of the doll, her outfits, and her mini doll, which can be seen here:

AGPT member sailormolly recently received the prototype of the blouse top from the Maryellen Poodle Skirt set, and very graciously took several photos of the blouse top's mix & match options and sent it to us to share here. The prototype of the blouse top has blue sleeves instead of pink. I have included the leaked photos of the Poodle Skirt outfit as well as the prototype for reference. Sailormolly's photos are below them.

*Please do not repost the images without sailormolly's permission!*

-Note: The final version is ALL PINK. The prototype has blue sleeves and is not the final version. The final version is the image below. The mix and match photos are with the prototype blouse with blue sleeves.

Original image of the Poodle Skirt Set from the leaked photos:

Prototype of the blouse top from leaked photos:

With Molly's Skirt from Molly's Meet Outfit:
(Modeled on Emily Doll)

(Modeled on Kit Doll)

(Modeled on Molly Doll)

With Overalls from Kit's Overalls Outfit:
(Modeled on Molly Doll)

With Overalls from Kit's Chicken-Keeping Set:
(Modeled on Molly Doll)

With Off Brand Skirt:
(Modeled on Molly Doll)

My thoughts:
I like the style and look of the top very much, especially the contrasting material of the shirt from the sleeves. It's a look that seems to fit the time period very well, and the subtle polka dots on the sleeves are really cute without being too gaudy. Personally, I prefer how it looks paired with Molly's meet skirt, and I think Emily looks the best modeling it, though I admit I may only feel this way since she looks the most similar to Maryellen. ^_^

Friday, July 24, 2015

American Planet Outfit Giveaway Winner

I apologize very much for the delay in getting this posted! Classes began this week so I haven't had as much time as I would like and I am sorry to not being able to respond to every participant individually. Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for the American Planet Outfit, and for sharing your thoughts on your favorite item in her shop. I appreciate those who liked/shared news of the giveaway with others! We had 124 entries total by 52 individuals. Every entry was assigned to a number and a random number generator picked the winning number.

The winner is:

Congratulations Julie, and thank you to everyone who participated!

*Important: Winner must email me at within 72 hrs (by midnight, central US time, Monday, July 27th). If I haven't heard from you by then, another winner will be selected.*

Follow the blog by email (top of right side bar) and "Like" us on Facebook to stay up to date and be the first to know about new giveaways, photostories, store photos, and more! ^_^

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mini Josie goes to Rome, Itay

Mini Josie joined her host as she visited the beautiful city of Rome. Check out the photos from her exciting trip below!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mini Josie around Marseille, France

Mini Josie's host sent us the beautiful photos from Josie in the coastal French city of Marseille. Look how blue the water is!

To see more of Josie’s adventures, click here to view her Travel Log!