Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Welcome to Lissie & Lilly!

Hi Everyone! I'm Lissie and this lovely lady in pink is my partner in awesomeness Sawako Lilly! Welcome to our blog and all the wonderful secrets it contains! Please look at the tabs on the top to navigate. You can go and read all the episodes of Lissie & Lilly and see our adventures in full color glory, as well as see where our little sister Josie is now in her travels and read her travel log. It's no easy thing for a mini doll to travel so far and wide you know, as we're all jealous of the cool places she gets to go.

Perhaps you covet with a shameless heart our wonderful closet of magic and mystery. Learn more about the outfits in the reviews, and see how the outfits look on all the girls at L&L in our closet! In the links section is a plethora of wonderful resources and other blogs that we love and stalk discreetly. Come meet all of us heroic, dashing, fearless girls at L&L and learn more about who each of us are!

There are also paper dolls and color pages for those who are looking for something to do. Or mayhap you want to peruse the history of sales that AG has had in the past? The the Sales History is the place for you. Eyes are the windows to the soul so come stare into all our eyes and compare the different colors AG offers in eyes. We're constantly growing and adding more pages and content so check back often for the latest fun and gory excitement!

Enjoy your stay here and be sure to follow us to stay up to date on all of our antics! ^_^

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Maryellen Sneak Peeks from BEA 2015

Today is Book Expo America 2015, where publishers gather to present upcoming books and innovations in the field. American Girl is present at the BEA and this year their focus is on their newest historical/BeForever character, Maryellen from 1954, to be released Aug. 27th officially.

Skayh754 from AGPT visited the AG booth and took some pictures of the material AG is showcasing for Maryellen. She has kindly allowed us to share her images here. I have edited her photos to increase to contrast for ease of reading.

*Please do not repost without her permission or claim the images as your own!*

Book 1: The One & Only
Table of Contents for Book 2

First page of Book 1

History section at end of book 1

Book 2: Taking Off
Table of Contents for Book 2

Journey Book: The Sky's the Limit
Back cover description

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sawako Lilly's May Kimono

WAH-BAM! After the subtle, muted colors of April's kimono, reminiscent of falling rain, Sawako Lilly's May kimono bursts forth with an explosion of flowers and colors! :D I don't know if I can identify all the flowers in the bouquet but I'll do my best!

Sawako Lilly's furisode (long sleeved kimono for unmarried women) is make from rinzu silk (very smooth, satin like silk) with gold paint embellishments. Her kimono are all made from recycled human sized kimono. ^_^

Starting with the front panel, it's decorated with daisies and nadeshiko (I think in English they're a sort of carnation? I see them on the sides of roads in the median so I assumed they're a weed of some sort...).  

Giant botan (peonies) decorate the front of the two dangling sleeves. 

More giant botan! :D

The obi (wide belt) is woven with gold and green threads, and tied together with a lavender obijime (cord to hold up obi). The obiage (scarf used to hide the knots at the top of the obi) is a matching red with shibori pattern (traditional Japanese resist dye technique that makes the polka dots).

The back of the furisode is much calmer than the front, which is a good thing or our eyes would just go up in smoke from all the intense flowers and colors! ^_^

The obi musubi (knot) is tied in the fukuro suzume style (plump sparrow, one of the more common knots to use with a furisode). 

No botan on the back of the sleeves, but more subtle sakura (cherry blossoms). 

You can recognize sakura by their distinctive notched petals. 

Here is are more examples of sakura, but these are a different type, with the double layer of petals. 

A lot of the beauty in Japanese culture is hidden, only for the wearer to know. One of my favorite parts of this furisode is the secret design on the inside panel. Kimonos are worn with the left side over the right (Don't wear it the other way! Only bodies for the grave are dressed the other way!) so this design on the right panel would normally be hidden by the left panel. However, when you undress it, you can see this beautiful hidden, chou (butterfly) motif. 

Close up of the secret chou! ^_^ 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Store Photos of Truly Me Release - May 21

I had class early this morning, but fortunately we were let out a little early. As soon as we finished, I sprinted out of the lecture hall. My class mates called out to me, "What's the rush? There's no class this afternoon!"



I didn't make it to the store til the afternoon but was able to spend a fun time looking at the new releases. Overall I really love the summer release as well as the variety of the new dolls. However, I was a bit unprepared for the small size of the release for a debut (I had made it out to be a very large affair in my mind). I'm not too keen on the flamingo theme this summer (why not Galapagos tortoises?) or the new meet outfit and accessories, but hey, it's only two years right? XD

Here are the photos from my visit, organized into the following categories (no measurements this time because there wasn't really anything to measure).

*DO NOT use these on your site/blog/channel, or direct link to the images. Feel free to link to this post.*

To view full sized image, Right Click on the image, then select "Open link in new tab" or "Open link in new window".

-#54: Changed from Jess to Ivy mold
-#62: Sonali mold, Medium skin, Brown hair (medium length), Amber eyes (pinwheel like #26)
-#63: Classic mold, Light skin, Blond hair (medium length), Blue eyes (regular pinwheel blue) 
-#64: Ivy mold, Light skin, Dark brown hair (mid back length), Brown eyes (pinwheel dark brown)

Outfits for Dolls
-Truly Me Meet Outfit
-Love to Layer Accessories
-Shimmer Doodle Outfit
-Flamingo Beach Dress
-Seaside Fun Outfit
-PWP: Store Exclusive - Swim Shirt & Shorts

Outfits for Girls
-Lilac Dress & Vest
-Flamingo Beach Dress
-Shimmer Doodle Outfit
-Flip Flops

Accessories & Furniture
-Store Exclusive - Summer Sailboard Set
-Beach Hammock Set
-Beach Blanket Set
-Wheel Activity that comes with doll
-New Starter Earrings

Books & Craft Kits

General Store Photos


Store Photos of Truly Me Books & Craft Kits

Books & Craft Kits

The 3rd Grace book is now available, as well as the 3 book boxed set.

Cover of 3rd book.

Back of 3rd book.

3 book boxed set.


Store Photos of Truly Me General Store Photos

General Store Photos

So many variations of this display!

New boxes for Truly Me!

I like how the smaller accessories are displayed now! Much easier to find and locate things.

The book area has been reorganized slightly as well.

This is this summer's exclusive hair style at the doll hair salon.