Monday, December 30, 2013

Mini Josie Looking for Hosts for her Traveling!

*NOTE: Currently, only members of AGPT, AGDollhouse, AGFMB, and AGC  can apply to host Josie. Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy reading about her travels in her Travel Log!*

Hi Everyone! Mini Josie here! So since my Big Person is currently trapped in medical school for the next few years (boring right?), I decided I would travel for her and go do all the amazing things she currently can't. :D 

I would love to be able to visit as many states as possible, and even travel to different countries around the world! If there are any special holidays or traditions you celebrate, I want to particiapte and learn about them. :D 

I'll be bringing along my journal. See? It has my home state on it too. If I come to visit, you can help me write down all my adventures so I can taken them home and share them with my Big Person and sisters. We can even take photos of me with my new friends and send them back for my Big Person to put online for all my friends!

I'm looking for people who are willing to host me for a few weeks and take me to do all sorts of exciting things, before sending me to my next host. ^_^ Since I'm so small, it'll be alot easier to send me along than one of my bigger sisters (don't tell them I said that!). Please let me know if you can host me! I can't wait to start traveling and meet everyone!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 7 - Parlez-Vous Francais?

Lissie & Lilly: Parlez-Vous Francais? (Photostory)

On a dark and stormy night…. ;)

Lissie: … And then…. Before she knew it… something cold pressed against her cheek!
Lilly: Ahhhh! Lissie stop! That’s too creepy!
Sam: Lissie, why are your stories so scary? We’re supposed to be relaxing by the fire, not having heart attacks.
Lissie: Shhhhhh! She ran and ran and ran, until she finally ran out of breath. Leaning against the wall, she stopped to listen. And then, she heard it. Her blood was ice in her veins.
Sam: What did she hear? What was it?
*knock knock knock*

Lissie: Hey! That wasn’t me! Be quite, and listen.
Sam: Lissie, if this is your idea of a joke…
Lissie: Don’t be silly Samantha, I think someone is knocking the door.

Lissie: Here you two scaredy cats, I’ll go check.
Lilly: Wait Lissie, it could be dangerous!

Sam: Remember what our big person said about stranger danger?
Lissie: But what if it’s someone in trouble?
Lilly: I’m going to turn on the light. I still think you shouldn’t open that door.

?: Excusez-moi! Ouvrez la porte, s'il vous plaît!
Lissie: Did you hear that?
Sam: I did but I don’t understand it. Is it a goblin?
Lilly: I don’t know anyone who can speak elf!
Lissie: Alright, I’m going to open it. Stand back you guys!
Sam: Be careful!
Lilly: We’ve got your back! Maybe…

Cecile: Aidez-nous, s'il vous plaît! Nous sommes en difficulté et il est somber!
Lissie: Huh?
Cecile: Je m’appelle Cecile, parlez-vous français?
Sam & Lilly: Huh?

Cecile: Pardon, I can see you do not speak French. My name is Cecile, and this is mon amie, Marie-Grace. We have come a long way from France and need your help!
Lissie: From France? How far away is that? Is that farther away than the Delaware?
Cecile: Delaware? I do not know of a Delaware.
Lilly: France is much further away than the Delaware Lissie. They have come from across the Atlantic Ocean.
Samantha: What happened to you on the way? Why are you in trouble?
Cecile: Oh it was très terrible! The journey was so long, and on the way, bandits attacked us! We were running away and losing hope when we saw your firelight.

Lilly: How horrible! Please come inside! You’ll be safe with us.
Sam: That’s right, I’m sure our Big Person would want us to do the same. Hurry and come in!
Lissie: And if those bandits try to come here, I’ll stop them!
Cecile: Merci! Come Marie-Grace, we will be safe here!
MG: Oui Cecile, merci beaucoup!
Lissie: This is out Big Person’s room. She’s not here so we’ll take you to see our room! We were telling fireside stories when you came.
Sam: More like fireside tachycardia…
Cecile: Stories? Mais I adore stories! You must share them with me…
Lissie: You can call me Lissie, and this is Sawako Lilly and Samantha!

Lissie: Welcome to our home Cecile and Marie-Grace!
Cecile: C’est très jolie! You have a beautiful home!
Lilly: Marie-Grace, if you don’t mind me asking… Is that dress…. The… um… latest fashion from France?
MG: Oh non! This… is actually the only dress I have…

Cecile: Ecoutez! Listen! When the bandits attacked us, they stole everything! All of Marie-Grace’s beautiful dresses! This was the only dress they did not want.
Sam: Well I can see why… Are those… Worm flaps?
MG: I wanted to use this dress for extra material, and now it is the only thing I have to wear.
Lilly: I’m so sorry to hear that Marie-Grace, but at least you and Cecile are safe.
Lissie: Pst! Samantha, come with me!

Lissie: TA-DAAA! Here you are Marie-Grace!
MG: What? I do not understand?
Sam: This is for you! Do try it on and let us see how it looks!
MG: Oh but I couldn’t take your clothes…
Lilly: Of course you can Marie-Grace! Our Big Person gives us so many dresses that we don’t even have time to wear them on. Samantha and Lissie are right, that color would look wonderful on you.
Cecile: Come Marie-Grace, get out of that ridiculous dress.

MG: But…
Lissie: Alright Marie-Grace, you leave me no choice… Everyone, attack! Use the force of the mob!
MG: Ahhhhh!
Lissie: Give in to the mob!

Cecile: First we must get rid of this unnatural pink explosion with tentacles.
Sam: It already looks infinitely better!
Lissie: You can get rid these too, bloomers are so last year Marie-Grace! What DO they teach you in this France?
MG: But it is so improper…
Lilly: Don’t fret Marie-Grace, this isn’t Paris. We like to go with comfort and it’s so much hotter here that you would melt with so many layers on.
Sam: One last button… And there!

Cecile: Oh Marie-Grace! If only your maman could see you! You look magnificent!
MG: Does it… really look nice?
Lilly: Cecile is right! You’re beautiful in that dress Marie-Grace!
Sam: You two must simply stay with us! Our Big Person wouldn’t mind at all.
Lissie: And you and I could tell each other stories Cecile!
Cecile: Oui! That sounds like a fantastic idea Lissie! Marie-Grace and I have been traveling so long it will be wonderful to finally have a home.
MG: Merci beaucoup Sawako Lilly, Lissie, Samantha! That is very kind of you.
Lilly: Then it’s settled! We have so much to be thankful for this year, but most of all we’re thankful for our new friends!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! And try not to sink too deep into a holiday food coma so you can stay awake for Cyber Monday sales. :D 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 6 - I'm not FAT!

Lissie & Lilly: I’m Not FAT! (Photostory)

Lilly: Samantha, Lissie! Come look at what the mail truck just dropped off!
Samantha: What is it? It is such a large box.
Lissie: It says it’s from our Big Person. Maybe she sent us a present! Hurry and open it, I can’t wait to see what it is!

Lissie: Well? What do you see Samantha?
Lilly: I’m curious also! Our Big Person has never sent us such a large box before.
Samantha: Oh! How lovely!

Samantha: There are two dresses! The note says the green one is for you, Sawako Lilly, and the red on is for me!
Lilly: Oh what a beautiful dress! That’s just like our Big Person! These must be our Holiday dresses.

Lissie: What about me? What do I get?
Samantha: That was all that was in the box Lissie…
Lissie: It can’t be, maybe it’s hidden at the bottom. Let’s see…

Lissie: … There’s nothing… Absolutely. Nothing. I can’t believe our Big Person forgot me…
Lilly: Oh Lissie, that’s impossible! Our Big Person loves you! How could she forget you?
Lissie: Then how come there’s nothing for me?
Samantha: Well… Um…

Lilly: Here now Lissie! Don’t be sad! Why don’t you try on our dresses? I’m sure our Big Person meant for us to share them after all.
Samantha: Of course! Sawako Lilly is right Lissie, we’re obviously supposed to share them. Go on, try them on! I bet they look wonderful on you.

Lissie: Really? You think so? I guess I will try it on then. Can you help pull it up for me?
Lilly: Hold your breath Lissie, I’m trying!
Samantha: Let me help as well. Lissie, brace yourself and suck in your belly!
Lilly: PULL!
Samantha: ONE! TWO! THREE!
Lilly: It’s no good… I think the dress is a bit small for you Lissie. The back won’t shut.
Lissie: What? Why??? I’m sucking everything in!

Samantha: Don’t fret Lissie, try mine on! Sawako Lilly has such a tiny waist no one can get her dresses on. You’ll definitely look splendid in this red dress.
Lilly: Oh absolutely, hold your breath in Lissie, I’m going to close it up.
Lissie: What is it Lilly?
Lilly: Well… It’s… a little tight Lissie.
Lissie: Do you need me to suck in some more?
Lilly: Um… Actually… I don’t think it fits you Lissie… I’m sorry.

Lissie: How is that possible? Am I that fat? Is that why our Big Person didn’t send me a dress?
Because she couldn’t find one that fit someone my size?
Lilly: You’re not fat Lissie! Don’t say that about yourself!
Lissie: Then how come none of your clothes fit me?
Samantha: We all have different body types Lissie. That doesn’t make you fat.
Lissie: That’s easy for you guys to say. You can fit into your new, pretty holiday dresses while I sit here in a pile of my bilious adipose tissue. Nothing that looks good ever fits on me! I’ve had it!

Samantha: Wait Lissie! Where are you going?
Lilly: Lissie! You have to at least put on something! You can’t parade about like that!

Lilly: What are we going to do Samantha? I’ve never seen Lissie so sad before.
Samantha: Our plan backfired. I just don’t understand how our Big Person could neglect to send her anything.
Lilly: I’m sure there must be an explanation, but for now how are we going to help Lissie?
Samantha: Come with me, I think I have another idea.

A while later…

Samantha: Goodness gracious Lissie! Whatever on earth are you doing?
Lilly: Lissie! Are you trying to pull a hernia? Hurry and get up before your hurt yourself!
Lissie: Oomph, there’s no time for hernias Lilly! I’m going to go an extreme diet and exercise until I burn all this extra fat off!

Lilly: That’s ridiculous Lissie, you’re not fat. There’s no need for you to do this!
Samantha: Listen to Sawako Lilly, she’s right. You are perfect the way you are Lissie, you don’t need to go on extreme diets.
Lissie: It’s the only option I’ve got! If you’re not thin, you can’t make it in this world. Hoopmhhhh!

Samantha: Lissie, there’s nothing wrong with being healthy, but right now you’re going too far. Even bodybuilders don’t do 1,000 sit ups.
Lilly: It’s unhealthy to stop eating and work your body so hard. It’ll only make it worse. Don’t you remember our Big Person’s textbook? Extreme diets will only put your body in shock.
Lissie: Hoooo! Hoooo! Hoooo! Hoooo! Listen you guys, Hoooo! That’s easy for you to say, Hoooo! But you don’t know, Hoooo! How hard it is for me, Hooo!, to be larger than you two, Hoooo! Now either help me, Hoooo! Or give up on me, Hoooooo!

Lissie: Here, hold the ends of our Big Person’s jump rope. She does 500 every day so I’ll double that and do 1,000!
Lilly: We’re not going to give up on you Lissie, we just want to help you.
Samantha: You’re not acting like yourself. Where’s the confident Lissie who always is filled with fun ideas?
Lissie: She’s buried under all this chunky fat, but I’ll soon burn it off and bring her back.

Lissie: Whoooo…. I feel like I’m going to pass out.
Lilly: Oh no! This is why I told you it’s unhealthy to overdo it. Lissie, lie down right now.
Samantha: What’s wrong with her?
Lilly: Her heart can’t get enough blood to the rest of her body so her brain’s not getting enough oxygen. If she lies down for a bit, she should be alright… As long as she doesn’t continue with this crazy weight loss plan.
Lissie: Weight loss plan! That’s right! I have no time to let my brain get oxygen! Hold out your arms! Let’s see if all that jump roping did anything.

Lissie: … WHY????
Samantha: Lis –
Lissie: After all that, I’m still fat! Look at my arm!

Lissie: There’s no hope. I guess I should just resign myself to being a bucket of lard for the rest of my miserable existence.
Lilly: That is quite enough Felicity Merriman! I’ve had enough of your foolishness. Now you listen here –

Samantha: Who’s at the door?
Lilly: Let’s go see.
Lissie: I’ll wait here. I’m still feeling lightheaded.

Lilly: Lissie! Come here and see! Apparently your dress was in a separate box. The mailman had lost it and just came back to deliver it.
Samantha: See? We told you our Big Person would never forget you. Of course she would get you a wonderful holiday dress too.
Lissie: It’s so pretty and blue! But… I’m nervous… What if it doesn’t fit?
Lilly: The Lissie I know would never shy away! Try it on, what are you hesitating for?

Samantha: It’s a perfect fit!
Lilly: Oh you look like such an elegant lady Lissie. It suits you perfectly!
Lissie: Does it really look good? You’re not just saying that?
Lilly: We really mean it Lissie, and to go with your new dress, Samantha and I have a present for you.

Samantha: We bought this for you Lissie, because we wanted you to understand how important you are to us, no matter what you look like.

Lilly: You’re our fearless General Washington Lissie. You’re really strong and brave, so don’t let your waistline hold you back.
Samantha: No matter what size you are, you’re still Lissie, and that’s all that matters to us.
Lilly: Did it ever occur to you that the reason you’re bigger than us is because you’re stronger than us?
Samantha: None of us can do even a quarter of what you did today Lissie. You’re amazing and you should focus on that when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Lissie: Awww, thank you! You guys are right. I’ve been acting ridiculous. I just felt so lonely and left out, but I guess I’m never really alone with you two as friends.
Lilly: That’s right Lissie, now try on the hat! We want to see how it looks!
Samantha: It’s a perfect fit! You look so dashing Lissie! Probably more than General Washington.

Lissie: It is a perfect fit! Just like the three of us!
Lilly: All you need now is a jaunty tilt, wait, there! Now you really are back to our intrepid leader.

This story hits pretty close to home for me because although I’m a fairly confident and fearless person, occasionally I’m plagued with doubt about my waist, and although I try to lose weight, it’s really difficult. It took me a long time to come to terms with my body and the importance of health over a minuscule waistline, and even now I still find myself trying to diet. It helps to have friends who can see past all that and appreciate you for who you are. :D

Lissie is my chunkiest doll, from 2000. There are a few modern outfits that don’t really fit her very well and I have to pull and strain the fabric to get it on her. Her arms and legs are noticeably thicker than Samantha and Sawako Lilly. Her face is much rounder and chubbier than their's also, to the point where even though she and Samantha are both classic mold dolls, they look very different. :) Her waist is… incrementally larger as well. Nonetheless, she is my beloved first doll! ^_^

Thanks for reading L&L! I hope everyone has a great week! The girls all say hello and want to say to everyone reading this to be confident in themselves, and to realize how much more important a healthy lifestyle and your true personality are than whether you can squeeze into that outfit at the store. Love yourself because others love you! :D

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 5 - Family Ties

Lissie & Lilly: Family Ties (Photostory)

Lissie: Samantha, why do you always wear that ribbon?
Lilly: You’re right Lissie, I just noticed it, but you do always have that ribbon Samantha. Is there something special about it?
Lissie: Are you really a spy in disguise and that ribbon has a hidden camera? Or a secret communicator with your mother ship? Or maybe a super powerful laser detonator ultra mega weapon to fight off the zombie apocalypse?

Samantha: Hahahaha, it’s nothing near as exciting as that Lissie. Only… It’s just that… Well, promise me you won’t laugh.
Lilly: Of course we wouldn’t do that, Samantha!
Lissie: No guarantees on laughing, the only thing I can promise is I will still love you.
Samantha: I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to tell both of you. This ribbon is all I have left from before I came here.
Lilly: You mean, from before you joined our family?
Lissie: With the alien?

Samantha: I don’t really know. I can’t remember much except being in a dark box. I don’t know who my family is or was, or even if I had one. There were lots of other boxes. I kept thinking someone would surely come for me, but the box never opened.
Lilly: Oh Samantha!
Samantha: I guess I wasn’t really wanted or needed. But still… this ribbon is all I have left from that time. I thought, maybe, just maybe, someone really loved me once before and put it on me. And even though it’s silly, I can’t seem to let go of it. It’s all I have left that ties me to my family.
Lissie: It’s not silly at all!

Samantha: Thank you Lissie, Sawako Lilly. If you’ll excuse me, I am going up to the bedroom. I suppose I need to sort out my thoughts.
Lilly: Take as much time as you need Samantha! Lissie and I will be here for you!

Lissie: Lilly, do you think Samantha is happy with us?
Lilly: I don’t know Lissie. I guess I never really thought Samantha might still miss her old family, if she had one.
Lissie: We’re her family now! She has us!
Lilly: I know we feel that way Lissie, but do you think Samantha knows that? Maybe she still feels like an outsider or guest with us.

Lissie: I just had a world shattering, glacier melting, most awesome idea of the highest order! Come on Lilly!
Lilly: Lis –
Lissie: No time to explain! Time and dinner wait for no man!

Lilly: I have to admit, I’m impressed Lissie! This is a great idea!
Lissie: I like this one!
Lilly: Ooo, but this color would look so lovely on Samantha!
Lissie: Arrrrgggghhh! This one is perfect too!
Lilly: I don’t think I can decide Lissie!
Lissie: You know what that means Lilly.
Lilly: Oh no… Lissie… You do this every time we go shopping.

Lilly: Lissie, what on earth would we do with a chicken?
Lissie: I would take it on walks! And teach it how to attack invaders! And every morning it’ll lay a golden egg! With chocolate inside! Or gold!

Lilly: Samantha, can we come in?
Samantha: Oh of course! I’m sorry that I was so down earlier.
Lilly: Lissie and I wanted to give you something.

Samantha: Oh Sawako Lilly! A pink ribbon! It’s so beautiful!
Lilly: I know we can’t take the place of your former family, and we’re not trying to replace them. Only, we wanted to let you know, we love you very much and you’re important to us.
Samantha: I-I don’t know what to say!

Lissie: Don’t say anything until you see everything.
Samantha: Oh my goodness! Did you buy the entire store?
Lilly: We couldn’t decide which one we liked the best for you, so we went bought them all.
Lissie: You have one for each day of the week now!
Lilly: Of course, if you don’t want to wear them, that’s fine too! I know your ribbon is very import –
Lilly: Samantha! Your ribbon! Where is it?

Samantha: Well, you see, I did some thinking while I was up here, and…

Lilly: Oh!
Lissie: What did you do???
Samantha: I cut my ribbon in half.
Lissie: But why??? Now how will you ward off the zombie hoards?
Samantha: I kept thinking, you two are my family. You’re more important to me that anyone. When the box finally opened, it was you two that helped me out. You are my family, and because this ribbon represents that, I wanted to give a part of it to each of you.
Lilly: Thank you Samantha! Lissie and I were worried you didn’t feel at home with us! We were so worried you wanted to go back.
Samantha: Never! I wouldn’t trade the two of you for anything! You are my family!

Lilly: Here, let’s put on our new ribbons! I’ll tie yours Samantha.
Samantha: Come here Lissie, and I’ll tie yours on too!
Lissie: Does this mean we’re really a family now? We’ll always help each other out and be there for each other?
Samantha: Absolutely Lissie!
Lilly: I don’t know… if the zombie army does attack because you brought that chicken home… I’m going to run the other way.
Samantha: You know, Sawako Lilly, I’ll probably be right next to you, running away. Good luck Lissie!
Lissie: Hey! What happened to family?
Samantha: All’s fair in love, war, and zombies!

I hope you enjoyed this episode of L&L! :D For once I don’t have an impending exam (not til Friday leastways). I was trying to keep the spirit of the story light hearted, but I also hope I properly conveyed the sincerity of my message. For those who are from adopted families or step families, or trying to get used to your new family, I hope you and yours will embrace each other. For anyone with a family, I know it can be hard at times, but at the end of the day, they will stand with you and be there for you. I don’t know where I would be without mine and as the holidays start approaching, I try to remind myself how lucky I am to have them.

Have a great week everyone! Celebrate Halloween and eat tons of candy safely! (I’m not a doctor yet so it’s okay if I advocate unhealthy diets for a bit more right? ;) )