Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 7 - Parlez-Vous Francais?

Lissie & Lilly: Parlez-Vous Francais? (Photostory)

On a dark and stormy night…. ;)

Lissie: … And then…. Before she knew it… something cold pressed against her cheek!
Lilly: Ahhhh! Lissie stop! That’s too creepy!
Sam: Lissie, why are your stories so scary? We’re supposed to be relaxing by the fire, not having heart attacks.
Lissie: Shhhhhh! She ran and ran and ran, until she finally ran out of breath. Leaning against the wall, she stopped to listen. And then, she heard it. Her blood was ice in her veins.
Sam: What did she hear? What was it?
*knock knock knock*

Lissie: Hey! That wasn’t me! Be quite, and listen.
Sam: Lissie, if this is your idea of a joke…
Lissie: Don’t be silly Samantha, I think someone is knocking the door.

Lissie: Here you two scaredy cats, I’ll go check.
Lilly: Wait Lissie, it could be dangerous!

Sam: Remember what our big person said about stranger danger?
Lissie: But what if it’s someone in trouble?
Lilly: I’m going to turn on the light. I still think you shouldn’t open that door.

?: Excusez-moi! Ouvrez la porte, s'il vous plaît!
Lissie: Did you hear that?
Sam: I did but I don’t understand it. Is it a goblin?
Lilly: I don’t know anyone who can speak elf!
Lissie: Alright, I’m going to open it. Stand back you guys!
Sam: Be careful!
Lilly: We’ve got your back! Maybe…

Cecile: Aidez-nous, s'il vous plaît! Nous sommes en difficulté et il est somber!
Lissie: Huh?
Cecile: Je m’appelle Cecile, parlez-vous français?
Sam & Lilly: Huh?

Cecile: Pardon, I can see you do not speak French. My name is Cecile, and this is mon amie, Marie-Grace. We have come a long way from France and need your help!
Lissie: From France? How far away is that? Is that farther away than the Delaware?
Cecile: Delaware? I do not know of a Delaware.
Lilly: France is much further away than the Delaware Lissie. They have come from across the Atlantic Ocean.
Samantha: What happened to you on the way? Why are you in trouble?
Cecile: Oh it was très terrible! The journey was so long, and on the way, bandits attacked us! We were running away and losing hope when we saw your firelight.

Lilly: How horrible! Please come inside! You’ll be safe with us.
Sam: That’s right, I’m sure our Big Person would want us to do the same. Hurry and come in!
Lissie: And if those bandits try to come here, I’ll stop them!
Cecile: Merci! Come Marie-Grace, we will be safe here!
MG: Oui Cecile, merci beaucoup!
Lissie: This is out Big Person’s room. She’s not here so we’ll take you to see our room! We were telling fireside stories when you came.
Sam: More like fireside tachycardia…
Cecile: Stories? Mais I adore stories! You must share them with me…
Lissie: You can call me Lissie, and this is Sawako Lilly and Samantha!

Lissie: Welcome to our home Cecile and Marie-Grace!
Cecile: C’est très jolie! You have a beautiful home!
Lilly: Marie-Grace, if you don’t mind me asking… Is that dress…. The… um… latest fashion from France?
MG: Oh non! This… is actually the only dress I have…

Cecile: Ecoutez! Listen! When the bandits attacked us, they stole everything! All of Marie-Grace’s beautiful dresses! This was the only dress they did not want.
Sam: Well I can see why… Are those… Worm flaps?
MG: I wanted to use this dress for extra material, and now it is the only thing I have to wear.
Lilly: I’m so sorry to hear that Marie-Grace, but at least you and Cecile are safe.
Lissie: Pst! Samantha, come with me!

Lissie: TA-DAAA! Here you are Marie-Grace!
MG: What? I do not understand?
Sam: This is for you! Do try it on and let us see how it looks!
MG: Oh but I couldn’t take your clothes…
Lilly: Of course you can Marie-Grace! Our Big Person gives us so many dresses that we don’t even have time to wear them on. Samantha and Lissie are right, that color would look wonderful on you.
Cecile: Come Marie-Grace, get out of that ridiculous dress.

MG: But…
Lissie: Alright Marie-Grace, you leave me no choice… Everyone, attack! Use the force of the mob!
MG: Ahhhhh!
Lissie: Give in to the mob!

Cecile: First we must get rid of this unnatural pink explosion with tentacles.
Sam: It already looks infinitely better!
Lissie: You can get rid these too, bloomers are so last year Marie-Grace! What DO they teach you in this France?
MG: But it is so improper…
Lilly: Don’t fret Marie-Grace, this isn’t Paris. We like to go with comfort and it’s so much hotter here that you would melt with so many layers on.
Sam: One last button… And there!

Cecile: Oh Marie-Grace! If only your maman could see you! You look magnificent!
MG: Does it… really look nice?
Lilly: Cecile is right! You’re beautiful in that dress Marie-Grace!
Sam: You two must simply stay with us! Our Big Person wouldn’t mind at all.
Lissie: And you and I could tell each other stories Cecile!
Cecile: Oui! That sounds like a fantastic idea Lissie! Marie-Grace and I have been traveling so long it will be wonderful to finally have a home.
MG: Merci beaucoup Sawako Lilly, Lissie, Samantha! That is very kind of you.
Lilly: Then it’s settled! We have so much to be thankful for this year, but most of all we’re thankful for our new friends!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! And try not to sink too deep into a holiday food coma so you can stay awake for Cyber Monday sales. :D 


  1. Oh I love MG and Cecile! My MG was my first AG doll and I must admit that she is my favorite.

    1. MG is such a gorgeous doll! I think she makes a wonderful first doll and I'm glad you love yours! ^_^

  2. My Mg and Cecile saw this and loved it!