Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 2 - I Hate Looking Different!

Lissie & Lilly: I Hate Looking Different! (Photostory)

On the first day of school for the girls...

Lilly: Are you excited for classes to start Samantha?
Sam: Yes indeed! I especially can’t wait to visit the library and go to Literature class! What are you looking forward to Sawako Lilly?
Lilly: I’m excited for all of my science classes! Though at this rate, we’ll have nothing to look forward to if Lissie doesn’t hurry.

Lilly: Lissie! We have to go or we’ll be la-
Sam: Lissie, don’t tell me you’re bringing that to school!
Lissie: I want to play ball at lunch! If you don’t give me something to look forward to, how do you expect me to stay on my rear end all day?

Lissie: Samantha! You’ve been here this whole time reading?
Sam: Oh this school has such a marvelous collection of books Lissie! I think I lost track of time. Is lunch over already?
Lissie: Yup, almost anyways. I’m exhausted from playing. I hope I don’t fall asleep this afternoon. Have you seen Lilly?
Sam: No I haven’t, but then again, I haven’t really noticed much since I’ve been here reading.
Lissie: Well, it’s not like we don’t all live at the same place. See you later Samantha!

Lissie: We’re home Lilly! Gosh, it’s not like her to go home by herself.
Sam: Let’s check the bedroom, she might have already gone up.

Sam: She’s not here. Where else could she be?
Lissie: There’s one other place she could be if she’s not here. She must be in our Big Person’s room. Come on Samantha!

Lissie: She’s in here! She’s sleeping on our Big Person’s bed.
Sam: I didn’t realize our Big Person has her own room too! Everything’s huge!

Lissie: I wonder why she’s sleeping.
Sam: Oh Lissie! Look at her face! She’s crying!

Lissie: What happened? Why is Lilly crying?
Sam: I don’t know! Something must have happened at school today.

Lilly: Uhmm… Lissie? Samantha? Did you two just get home?
Lissie: Lilly! Why are you crying? Did you fall or get hurt?
Sam: Did someone check out your favorite book?
Lissie: Did you get less than a perfect score on your assignment?
Sam: Did you lose your homework?
Lilly: Oh no… It’s not like that… I guess I just wasn’t feeling well. I’m sorry to have worried you two.
Sam: Don’t hide from us Sawako Lilly. Please tell us what’s bothering you.
Lissie: If Samantha or I were upset, think of how you’d feel Lilly.

Lilly: You’re right Lissie, I’m sorry. I just don’t really know how to tell you guys. It’s embarrassing.
Today during lunch, some of the other students were… talking to me.
Lissie: Oh tell me who they are Lilly! I’ll teach them a thing or two!
Sam: Shhh! Let her finish Lissie!
Lilly: They were making fun of me. One girl kept calling me teacher’s pet and suck up for knowing all the answers. Another boy said my eyes were slanted and narrow, then they all started to laugh and pull their eyes back too. It was terrible!
Sam: Oh Sawako Lilly… That’s horrid!

Lilly: I know I look different! I know I have narrow, slanted eyes! But there’s nothing I can change
about that. I’m so embarrassed I don’t even want to see anyone again. I hate being different!
Lissie: Don’t ever say that Lilly! They were just jealous!
Sam: Lissie’s right Sawako Lilly. They were just picking on you because they’re jealous of you.
Lissie: Come on Lilly, I’ll prove it to you!

Lissie: They called you teacher’s pet and suck up because they know they’re not as smart as you. You
work hard and you’re always studying, that’s why you get such high marks! You’re even studying the same things our Big Person is studying!
Sam: Those students don’t have your focus and they know it, so all they can do is pick on you because they wish they could be like you.

Sam: Here Lissie, try drawing what our Big Person was stressing over last night.
Lilly: Do you mean the brachial plexus?

Lilly: Is this what you were referring to Samantha? The brachial plexus is the series of nerves that control the muscles of the shoulder, arm, and hand.
Sam: Exactly! It even took our Big Person a whole night to figure out and memorize this spaghetti pile, but you already learned it. What other doll can do that? Medical school students would kill for a brain like yours!
Lissie: This is what we mean Lilly! Don’t you see how wonderful you are?

Lissie: Take a look. What do you see?

Lilly: I see myself. What am I supposed to see?

Lissie: Would you like to know what Samantha and I see? We see a really beautiful lady who is kind, smart, and wonderful.
Sam: You’re really lovely the way you are Sawako Lilly. Your eyes are unique and so gorgeous. You have such a sweet smile. The only thing prettier that your reflection in that mirror is your reflection inside. As long as you are such compassionate, caring, sincere person on the inside, you will never be ugly.

Lilly: … You both are wrong.
Lissie: Wha-
Lilly: You left out the most important part. The most important thing I see are the two best friends a person could ever want. As long as you two are there, I know everything will be alright. I love both of you! Thank you so much for reminding me what really matters.

Sam: Pffft!
Lilly: What are you laughing at Samantha?
Sam: Look at Lissie’s hair! It’s all over the place!
Lilly: Hahahahaha! You’re right! Oh you do look funny Lissie.
Lissie: It proves that I won the ball game today!
Lilly: Speaking of which… Lissie…. You forgot your vest, didn’t you?
Lissie: … … …

Lissie: NOOOOO!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!! XD
Lilly & Sam: Hahahahaha! :D

I have my first anatomy exam for med school tomorrow so Sawako Lilly really did learn the brachial plexus with me. ^_^ This is a story that means a lot to me because I was bullied and picked on a lot when I was younger because I looked different and got good grades. XD For people that have also been bullied or hurt because they looked different, or were smart, please remember Lissie and Samantha’s words! :D 

PS - Brag note, I'm really excited by how I worked the focus on the mirror photos! Notice that initially when Sawako Lilly looks at herself in the mirror, the reflection is blurry? That's supposed to represent that she hasn't fully accepted herself and 'can't see' herself for who she truly is. Then, in the next photo, the reflection is focused because Lissie and Samantha have shown her how they see her! :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 1 - An Alien Encounter

Lissie & Lilly: An Alien Encounter (Photostory)

One day, Lissie and Sawako Lilly returned home to find something unexpected waiting for them.

Lissie: Lilly look! What is it? It wasn't here when we left!
Lilly: I don’t know Lissie, I don’t remember ordering anything... I think…

Lissie: Wow! It’s huge! Look, it’s even bigger than I am!
Lilly: Be careful Lissie! You don’t know what it could be----- WATCH OUT!

Lilly: Oh no! Lissie! Are you alright?

Lilly: Grab my hand Lissie, I’ll pull you out.
Lissie: Uhhhhnnnnngggggghhhhhhhhhh……. I hurt all over…….
Lilly: Oh good, that means you’re alright then.
Lissie: Oomph, why does being alright have to be so painful?

Lilly: Shhhhh! Did you hear that Lissie?
Lissie: I heard it! There’s something or someone inside! Come on, we’ve got to get them out!

Lilly: I’m worried though, what if whatever’s inside is dangerous?
Lissie: We can’t think about that right now Lilly! We’ll have to deal with it when it happens.

Lissie: Ready Lilly? 1, 2, 3, HEAVE HO!

Lissie: There’s so many air tanks in this box! Whoever is inside must breathe oxygen just like us!
Lilly: You must be right Lissie! You can even see the air tanks that have been used up because they’re flattened like this one!

Lissie: It’s worse than I thought! Look at this poor doll! She’s been completely tied up from head to toe!
Lilly: Oh what do you think could have happened to her Lissie? Who would be so cruel?
Lissie: We can ask later Lilly, right now we have to help her!

Samantha: Ugh… Whe-Where am I? It’s so bright.
Lilly: Don’t worry, you’re safe now. Just relax and let us help you up.
Samantha: I- I don’t understand. It’s been so long… Who are you two?
Lissie: My name is Felicity, and this is my dear friend Sawako Lilly. What happened to you? How did you end up trapped in that box?

Lilly: Lissie, let her rest first before you drown her with questions. Here, hold on to us and we’ll support you.
Samantha: My name is Samantha. It’s quite alright, thank you. I don’t mind, but I’m not really sure what happened to me either. All I can recall is I was in a tiny space in the dark for a long, long, long time. When it felt that I had forgotten anything else except the dark, all of a sudden a bright light blinded me. There was a very large creature looking down at me. She was smiling I think, but I couldn’t see very well, it was so bright. All I can remember is being poked and prodded. Then the giant put this dress she made on me, and I knew she was smiling then. She said something about a new home, but I didn’t really know what that meant. I was tied down tightly in that box, and I could feel myself being wrapped up. I couldn’t move no matter how I tried, but at least they were kind enough to put in air tanks into the box so I could breathe. The next thing I knew I was being jostled and knocked about until you two finally set me free!
(Lissie & Lilly look at each other.)

Lilly: You don’t think….
Lissie: It has to be….
Lilly: It couldn't….
Lissie: There’s no other explanation Lilly.

Lissie: Samantha, you must be strong. I don’t know how to tell you this…. But the only explanation is... You were abducted by ALIENS!
Samantha (weakly): Aliens? Surely you must be joking…
Lissie: Think about it! The bright light, the giant creature, the poking and prodding, the oxygen tank… What else could it be?
Samantha: Oh goodness! You must be right Felicity! I was abducted by aliens! That’s why I don’t remember anything! That’s why everything felt so strange to me!
Lilly: Don’t worry Samantha! You’re safe with us now! If you’d like, you can stay with us and make this your home.
Lissie: We’ll take care of you and we won’t let any aliens abduct you again. Just let them try and see what we’ll do!
Samantha: The two of you are so kind! I’ve never had a home before. Yes indeed! I’d very much like to live here with both of you and be your friend!
Lissie: We’ll have so much fun together! Like the 3 musketeers only infinitely more exciting! Let’s take a photo with our new family member together!

(Samantha and Lilly giggle.)
Samantha: You have paper in your hair Felicity! Let me get it out for you.
Lissie: Ah, Lilly is always teasing me about how messy I am. Thanks! Just call me Lissie from now on. We’re family after all!

Samantha: Family. That sounds absolutely perfect.
Lilly: Everyone look at the camera and smile!