Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 3 - The Girls Clean Up

Lissie & Lilly: The Girls Clean Up (Photostory)

Lilly: Samantha, Lissie, I’m worried about our Big Person! She hasn’t eaten properly in over a week, and she has been sleeping less and less with each passing day!
Sam: What could be the matter? I noticed that she’s been wandering around in circles in her room muttering and mumbling the most incoherent phrases recently.
Lissie: And it’s not like our big person to put off cleaning. She’s even more of a neat freak than you Lilly.
Lilly: Well, last night, her calendar was open, and I saw that she has an exam on Wednesday!
Sam: Oh how horrid! No wonder she hasn’t been eating and sleeping properly.

Lissie: Listen here, I have an idea. Since our Big Person is too busy, why don’t we help her?
Sam: How? We couldn’t possibly take her exam for her.
Lissie: No, but we can help her clean! You know how she hates it when everything is messy. She says it clutters up her mind when her space is cluttered.
Lilly: It’s a good idea Lissie… But remember how BIG everything is? It would take forever to get it all clean.
Lissie: Not if we all work together! Anyway, something is better than nothing. Who’s with me?
Lilly & Sam: We are!

Lissie: Wheeeee! Look Samantha! It’s like a spear of destruction!
Sam: ACHOOO!!! *sniff* Lissie, stop swinging the broom so wildly. You are supposed to sweep the dust into the pan, not spread it everywhere.
Lissie: Sorry Samantha! It’s fun to play with our Big Person’s things.

Lilly: This actually isn’t so bad. I’m almost done wiping the table and then we can wash the dishes.

Lilly: Omph! Our Big Person’s plates are heavy. Hurry Samantha, I don’t think I can support it much longer.
Sam: Hold on for just a big Sawako Lilly…. And… There! Okay, next plate!
Lilly: … There’s more?

Lissie: You know, I’ve always thought it’s strange that our Big Person is so much bigger than us, but I guess it’s no surprise she’s larger than us if she’s eating off of plates this big!

Sam: Okay Lissie and Sawako Lilly, on the count of 3, drop the socks.
Lissie: Roger Captain!
Lilly: Be careful you don’t get too excited and fall in Lissie!
Sam: Don’t worry Sawako Lilly, Lissie has been needing a bath after all.
Lissie: Hey!
Sam & Lilly: Ahahahaha!

Sam: While we wait for the clothes to wash, we can make our Big Person’s bed.

Lissie: Ahhhhhhhhhh….

Lilly & Sam: LISSIE!
Lilly: You’re supposed to help make the bed, not sleep in it Lissie.

Lilly: I’m glad the laundry is finally done. Was it this heavy earlier? Umph!
Sam: Uhun! You could come help push Lissie. Omph!

Lilly: Perhaps General Washington would kindly feed Fishy Fish while Samantha and I fold the laundry?
Sam: Good idea Sawako Lilly. I don’t know how Lissie has so much energy after all we did today.

Lissie: Eat some food Fishy Fish! Why are you hiding?
Sam: You’re terrifying the poor soul Lissie.
Lilly: It’s probably never seen a creature so humongous.

Lissie: Whew! It’s finally done. I’m exhausted!
Sam: You’re exhausted? Impossible, General Washington!
Lilly: Do you think our Big Person will be happy?
Sam: Do you think our Big Person will even notice? She’s been so busy lately with studying.
Lissie: Of course she will! We swept, washed, wiped, folded, and even fed Fishy Fish! Our Big Person will definitely be happy! Think of how much more relaxed she’ll be now that her space is clean.
Sam: At least there’s one way you’re like General Washington Lissie.
Lissie: Really? It’s it my dashing good looks? Or my unbridled bravado? Or my distinguished figure?
Sam: Well, you certainly don’t have his humbleness, but I’m referring to your inspiring pep talks. 
Lilly: Hahahaha! I can’t wait till our Big Person comes back!

I really do have my next anatomy exam tomorrow. I am the type of person who needs my space to be organized and clean before I can really study properly. It was a great help and so much fun to have the girls help clean. ^_^ Nothing too serious this time, but I hope everyone enjoys the pictures. Sawako Lilly, Lissie, and Samantha all say hi! :D


  1. CUTE! I need Lissie to give me a pep talk when my math test comes.

    1. Hahahaha! That's a good idea! Lissie should offer pep talk sessions!

  2. um . . . Cathy? Do you think the girls could visit me for awhile? I could use some extra hands during the busy season. ��

    I cannot believe I've never read all of these before. Very entertaining!

    1. Hahaha! L&L's Maid Service!

      I'm so glad you're enjoying the photostories! This blog originally started as a place for me to share them and it always makes me so happy to hear people going through and reading them. ^_^

  3. Is the fish still alive? And did Lissie fall in once while positioning?

  4. Are those anime posters I see? YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! My favorite anime is Beyond The Boundary. :D

    1. If you haven't seen it, you should look it up in English Dub version on youtube. It's a bit confusing at first, but you'll love it! :D

    2. Yes, I am a big manga/anime fan! ^_^ I have seen Beyond the Boundary and enjoyed it very much!

  5. AWESOME!!!!!!! Also, since I am kind of new to anime I don't know of many to watch. I'm just learning how to speak Japanese so I don't really understand it yet. Do you know any good English dub anime series? Right now I'm just starting Clannad. :)

    1. I usually don't watch dub and prefer to watched the original Japanese with subs. There are a lot of good series out there and I might have different taste from you but ones I enjoyed recently are:
      Sakamoto desu ga
      Shirokuma Cafe
      Psycho pass
      Kuroko no basket
      Sukitte ii na yo
      Tonari no kaibitsu
      and many more!

    2. Thank you Lilly!