Thursday, December 15, 2016

Book Covers for 1774 Felicity's Beforever Reprint Released

Yesterday, Scoop Fairy Jenny shared on AGC the new book covers for the Beforever reprinting of the soon to come back 1774 character Felicity Merriman from the American Girl publishing website! We knew this spunky girl was coming back a few months ago when we first saw the book listings on Amazon. Felicity's original 6 books will be reprint in the standard 2 book Beforever format, with an additional 3rd "Choose your own adventure" journey book. I have updated the Master list of Leaked AG Releases with these covers.

Link to Master List of Leaked AG Releases:

*Regarding the Felicity Doll: Rumors say her release date will be February 9th, 2017. She will only be available online, and at the 3 flagship stores (NYC, LA, & Chicago).* 

Book 1 - Love & Loyalty:
Title: Love and Loyalty (book 1)
Author: Valerie Tripp
Price: $9.99 USD
Publish Date: Feb. 9th, 2017
Summary: Felicity loves riding horses far more than stitchery or serving tea. When she falls in love with a beautiful chestnut mare, she schemes to save the mare from its cruel owner with the help of Ben, her father’s young apprentice. Yet as talk of revolution rumbles around her, Felicity finds it harder to tell right from wrong. Ben wants war, while her best friend Elizabeth’s family remains loyal to the king. Then Felicity receives an invitation to the Governor’s Palace—and she must decide where her own loyalties lie. In Love and Loyalty, the first volume of her classic stories, Felicity finds out what independence really means as the American colonies begin their fight for freedom.

Book 2 - A Stand for Independence:
Title: A Stand for Independence (book 2)
Author: Valerie Tripp
Price: $9.99 USD
Publish Date: Feb. 9th, 2017
Summary: When Felicity overhears a plot against the colonists, no one believes her but Ben, her father’s apprentice. The two risk great danger to warn the colonists themselves and soon afterward, Felicity finds a secret note from Ben. He has run away to join George Washington’s army, and he is injured. Felicity is worried about him but knows it would be wrong to help a runaway apprentice. Then she is turned away from the door of her best friend, Elizabeth. Will the war for independence come between Felicity and her friends? A Stand for Independence, the second volume of Felicity’s classic stories, tells how she finds the strength to follow her heart during the Revolutionary War.

Journey Book - Gunpowder and Tea Cakes:
Title: Gunpowder and Tea Cakes (Journey Book)
Author: Kathleen Ernst
Price: $9.99 USD
Publish Date: Feb. 9th, 2017
Summary: “My name is Felicity Merriman,” says a girl her age. Instead of shorts or jeans, she’s wearing a long blue gown. “Have you just arrived in the city?” She must be one of the junior interpreters, she thinks. She’s really good, like an actor. She decides to play along. “It seems so.” Felicity nods. “Many have arrived since the royal governor schemed to steal the colonists’ gunpowder in the dark of night. Patriots have been streaming into Williamsburg like a river in flood!” What if a girl suddenly found herself in Felicity’s world during the American Revolution? Together, she and Felicity could hang out at her father’s store, sip tea at the Governor’s Place—or get caught up in a gunpowder plot! As she reads, she decides what happens next by choosing her own path through this multiple-ending story.

Felicity 3 Book Boxed Set:
Title: Beforever 2017 3 Book Set
Author: Valerie Tripp & Kathleen Ernst
Illustrator: Juliana Kolesova
Price: $29.95 USD
Publish Date: Feb. 9th, 2017
Summary: Girls can enjoy adventures with Felicity Merriman in this three-book boxed set. They’ll journey to the American colonies where talks of revolution rumble, and the war for independence looms close to heart and home. Plots, balls, and midnight rides all come together in a story that shows how important it is to follow your heart. Then, they’ll travel back in time to meet Felicity in an exciting story that lets them choose what happens next!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Purple Hot Air Balloon Pajamas for Truly Me

It looks like the Truly Me line will be getting a new sleepwear next year. Based off the leaked photos, the next set of pajamas seem much tamer and more realistic compared to the crazy PJs sets we've seen in past years. I have added it to the Master List of Leaked AG Releases. ^_^

Link to Master List of Leaked AG Releases:

eBay Photos:
This time the pajamas are purple themed, and feature hot air balloons. It looks like the set will come with a top, pajama bottoms, a ribbon headband, and fluffy slippers.

You can see the oval, plastic AG ego tag used for the Truly Me line in the bottom left hand corner of the photo. The shirt has a single hot air balloon in front of a cloud graphic. 

The pajama bottoms are covered in hot air balloons and clouds (is it safe to fly hot air balloons in such cloudy weather?) with elastic at the waistband. 

Fluffy slippers with surprisingly, not hot air balloons, but embroidered flowers detail. 

Simple ribbon headband

I really like this new pajamas set! I've always loved hot air balloons and this new set really embodies how whimsical they feel, perfect for sleepwear. It's also a relief that the design and style of these new pajamas are not as wild and crazy as the previous ones we've had. Hopefully the target market will like it as well! ^_^

Link to Original Auction:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Photos of Contemporary Character Tenney Grant's Wardrobe

Here are the photos a fellow collector sent me of some of the pieces she was able to piece together from the new Contemporary Character Tenney Grant, set to debut next spring. These are just guesses, and none of them are confirmed to be for Tenney. Since she is from Tennessee, these were the leaked outfits without the Truly Me tag who seem to fit that theme. It is possible that some of these pieces could also be for Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela, or even the Truly Me line despite not having the oval tag. Keep in mind nothing is certain til AG officially releases it. 

Link to Master List of Leaked AG Releases: 

Link to Contemporary Character 2017 Tenney Information Page:

Collector Photos of Tenney's Wardrobe:

This outfit will also come with sparkle boots and a sparkly star headband.

This black & white shirt is for Truly Me, not Tenney. It has the plastic oval ego tag AG uses for the Truly Me line. The leather skirt seems like it will be for Tenney and it was shown in the grey market leak photos as being paired with the button up shirt in the photo below.
You can see more photos of the skirt & button up shirt here:

I am not sure if the button up shirt is for Tenney herself, or the boy doll Logan, Tenney's drummer friend. I am leaning towards it being for Tenney because in the photos AG leaked of what looked like a movie set for Tenney, the actress playing her was wearing a similar button up shirt in this color. In addition it was also paired with the leather skirt in the grey market leak photos as well.
The outfit underneath is a "Play Loud" shirt with a drum graphic on it, strongly hinting it could be for Logan, Tenney's male drummer friend. 
You can see more photos of Play Loud outfit for Logan here:

This looks to be the possible PJs set for Tenney. It's 100% not for GOTY 2017 Gabriela, as the stock photo for her sleepwear already leaked, and it doesn't seem like it's for the Truly Me line either.

Although Tenney the character and her story don't interest me, I like some of the outfits she has and will be picking some of them up, along with any well made instruments.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Stock Photos for Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela McBride

A lot of you know that over the weekend, some stock photos for next year's Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela McBride and her collection leaked and started making the rounds on social media. I wanted to wait til the source I originally saw post the leak OK'd it before I posted them here. ^_^

Link to Master List of Leaked AG Releases: 

Link to Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela Information Page: 
Stock Photos for GOTY 2017 Gabriela:
Gabriela McBride Doll & Book
I don't know if it's just me and my eyes playing tricks on me, but for some reason Gabriela's hair looks more relaxed and not as "sausage" tight curled as #46's hair, which is nice because for me at least, it gives her an older girl look. ^_^

Probably Meet/Dance Practice Accessories

Tap Shoes from Tap Outfit
These appear to be the same design as the tap shoes from Molly's Miss Victory Costume, only with silver glitter and a purple bow. They most likely go with the purple sparkly leaked outfit we saw earlier this year.

Pajamas Set
I'm really glad that AG is doing stock photos of her hair in different styles and hope her other photos will show different ways to wear her hair as well. I know a lot of people are intimidated by the idea of handling her curls and I think it's great to show that Gabriela's hair is not limited in versatility just because it's textured and curly. 

Pet Cat
Okay, I'm a dog person myself, but I love the sort of derpy, silly expression this cat has. Also... all that fluff. *_* Fluff.

I'm curious to see what the other outfits she'll have in her collection are (probably a practice or performance outfit, something for everyday wear, a hairstyling set), and what her medium & big ticket items will be! I'd love to see more accessories for her poetry (books pleaaaaase AG!) and not just only her dance hobby. I'm also wondering if she'll have an "exclusive" earrings set too like Grace and Lea did, and also hopefully a movie. We haven't had any leaks/info about a movie for her so I'm worried American Girl might be trying to get away with not giving her one. :/

Photos of Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela's Wardrobe

We were lucky that once again this year, one of our fellow AG collectors was able to accumulate some of the leaked outfits for next year's Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela McBride, and to send us a few photos! ^_^ (I have also received photos for Tenney's collection and will get those posted later today or tomorrow hopefully.)

Link to Master List of Leaked AG Releases: 

Link to Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela Information Page: 
*Do not repost/claim/copy images without written permission.*

Collector's Photos of GOTY 2017's Collection:

*Confirmed meet outfit for Gabriela McBride (Missing the purple crop top shirt and pink ribbon headband)

This outfit is most likely Gabriela's tap dancing outfit. The flats shown in the image are not the tap shoes. The actual tap shoes are a replica of Molly's tap shoes from her Miss Victory Outfit, only with silver sparkles and a purple bow.

*Confirmed, these are the PJs set for GOTY 2017

*Confirmed, this is Gabriela's Cat

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Leaked Play Loud Outfit for Possibly Boy Doll Logan

For those of you that follow us and keep up to date with the American Girl rumors, you know that next year AG will release a new line called the Contemporary Character, the first being Tenney Grant, and along with her, American Girl will release their first boy doll, Tenney's drummer friend Logan. (You can click here to see the post containing all the details for this new line.)

Of course nothing is confirmed until AG officially releases it, but if the rumors are true, then this is a potential outfit for Logan. Other possibilities are for the Truly Me line, Tenney herself, or the 2017 Girl of the Year Gabriela. I have added it to the Master List of Leaked AG Releases. ^_^

Link to Master List of Leaked AG Releases:

eBay Photos:
The reason I am wondering if this could be for Logan is that first and foremost, it is rumored Logan is a drummer, and the graphic of the shirt features drums. Second of all, as far as American Girl outfits go, this one is fairly gender neutral and I could see a boy character wearing it (though I think the girls dolls would look really cute in it as well). 

Graphic T-shirt
You can clearly see the drums graphic between the Play Loud words.

Dark pants
I don't know much about the cut of clothing. For those who are more knowledgeable in this area, is this a pants cut for males or females? Are the pant cuts for girls and boys even different at this age?

*UPDATE: These are confirmed to be Girl of the Year 2017's meet shoes.*
They're cute and suit the outfit pretty well in my humble, non fashionable opinion. ^_~

We'll have to wait and see who this outfit is really for, but if it does end up being for American Girl's first boy doll Logan, I won't be disappointed. It's a nice outfit, and if it doesn't end up being for him, my dolls will still want it. :)

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Link to Original Auction:

Friday, December 9, 2016

Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela McBride Doll & Meet Outfit

There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the release of the next Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela McBride, ever since we've been able to confirm with the leak of her first book cover she will be the first black character in in the GOTY line! Today, we're excited to share these photos which show a doll who could potentially be Gabriela, and at the very least, is definitely wearing her meet outfit. ^_^ Thank you so much to Michelle who shared with us these leaked photos from a listing she found on TaoBao! 

*I cannot stress this enough: Nothing is 100% certain until American Girl officially releases her. Grey market sellers often have dolls with certain "factory defects" so the final version can look different.*

Link to Master List of Leaked AG Releases: 

Link to Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela Information Page: 

Leaked Photos of GOTY 2017 Gabriela McBride:
Dark vinyl, Sonali mold, brown pinwheel eyes, curly textured brown hair, right side part, length down to midback.

Meet outfit looks like a a teal tank top with a purple cropped shirt with dream graphic. Navy leggings/pants, with purple flats. The teal and purple tops match the ones seen on the leaked cover of her first book. 
*Note: This meet outfit may be incomplete or different from the final version.*

Side view

Close up of face

Arm showing dark vinyl coloring

Shoes and pants bottoms

Potential Alterations to Final Doll:
So I wanted to just make a note about these leaked images. Ever since they first leaked, there have been questions about whether or not if this really is Gabriela. I honestly don't know but here are my thoughts both in support and against her being the actual doll.

Support for - This doll does match up to all the rumors we've been hearing all year regarding how Gabriela will look, mainly that she will be the same doll as the modern Truly Me #46 doll. (TM #46 was retired earlier this year with a cryptic message from American Girl on their Facebook page saying they have "big plans" for her.) 

(Comparison of leaked Gabriela and stock photo of Truly Me #46.)

Support against - The leaked cover of Gabriela's first book, as well as the silhouette image American Girl has been posting at their stores, shows the doll with her hair tied up, while the leaked doll has her hair down. This could also be just a case of the grey market seller letting down her hair, but that is a discrepancy I wanted to point out. Another point to mention is it seems like from the book cover illustration that Gabriela will have a left sided hair part, while the doll in the photos and Truly Me #46 have right sided hair parts. As well are all aware, American Girl is notorious for their book illustrations not matching up with the doll, so take this as you will. :D

Side by side of the book cover illustration and silhouette showing hair tied up, and what looks like left sided part. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cover for Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela McBride Leaked!

After much guessing and speculation, something more than rumors have appeared, namely, the cover and summery for the first book for next year's Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela! Thank you to Erica who sent us the image and and summary from the Scholastic website. I have added it to the Master List of Leaked AG Releases as well as the Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela information page.

Link to Master List of Leaked AG Releases: 

Link to Girl of the Year 2017 Gabriela Information Page: 

Cover of GOTY 2017's 1st Book:
She looks like the silhouette we saw leak earlier, and similar to the rumors that say she is based off the Truly Me #46 doll which was retired earlier the year.

Summary of 1st Book:
Meet Gabriela McBride:
Gabby loves expressing herself - especially in the dance studio - but lately, poetry is becoming her art choice, and for a good reason: Gabby struggles with stuttering, and spoken word poetry helps her speech flow more freely. Still, compared to how confident she feels on the dance floor, speaking can be scary. When the city threatens to close her beloved community arts center, Gabby is determined to find a way to help. Can she harness the power of her words and rally her community to save Liberty Arts?

I am *SO* excited for this Girl of the Year character! She looks adorable and American Girl is LOOOOONNNNNNG overdue for a black GOTY character. Her story doesn't seem that thrilling to me, because the theme of dance has been done in the line already with Marisol and Isabelle, and the idea of saving a local arts program/community was seen in Saige. However I love the idea of her developing her love and interest with spoken work poetry, and using that to help her with overcoming her stuttering. All in all, even though I don't collect Girl of the Year dolls, I just might have to make an exception for this beautiful girl! ^_^

New Basketball Uniform for 1970s Beforever Julie

Back when the 1970s girl Julie was first released, a big part of her story was her love of basketball and how hard she worked to get her school to allow her to play on the team due to her gender. American Girl originally created a Hoops Outfit and Accessories set for Julie which they released in 2007 but it was shortly retired in 2009. This new set is revised and looks different. I have added it to the Master List of Leaked AG Releases. ^_^

Link to Master List of Leaked AG Releases:

eBay Photos:
Please keep in mind that grey market leaks often have mismatched pieces or are not complete. But it does look like this set will at least have the jersey, shorts, socks, shoes, and basketball.

Julie's team name is the Jaguars and her number is #22. This was also on her original basketball outfit. 


Matching socks


And you can't call it a basketball outfit without a basketball! ^_^

This is a stock photo of the original Hoops Outfit & Accessories released in 2007 for Julie. You can see it also has the Jaguars and #22 printed on the jersey. It also came with a small finger splint, a headband, and a bag for her items. It is possible the revised outfit will also include more accessories which are not shown in the leaked photos.

To be honest, I prefer the original 2007 basketball outfit for Julie because it seems to fit into her collection better. However, I am just glad AG is re-releasing this outfit period because it's an important part of her story and highlights an important issue of the time. I'm a completionist for the historical outfits so I'll be picking this up either way. ^_^ (Might wait to see if it goes on sale though...)

Link to Original Auction: