Saturday, November 5, 2016

Detail Photos of Felicity's New Outfit and Undergarments

A month ago, we saw a few items leak on eBay for the likely re-release of Colonial era Felicty sometime next year. They included an undergarments set and a new blue & gold dress. We are so fortunate and grateful that the wonderful Skayh754 was to take several detailed photos of these items and how they look modeled on her Felicity for us to share here!

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Blue & Gold Dress:
First up is this stunning blue & gold dress.
According to Skayh754, the material is not cotten, but a more crisp fabric, similar to her gala outfit. The vine and flower design on the blue part of the dress is actually *stitched* into it! It is not just printed on! :O

The set arrived with white socks and brown buckle shoes. It is not 100% guarenteed these are the items that will be paired with this outfit as nothing is certain til AG releases it.  

Back of dress
Closes with velcro. The two folds in the skirt of the dress are intentional and created by stitching parts of the dress to 2 white ribbons inside the dress, in order to give the back of the dress more "poof".

Insde of back of dress
1) AG ego tag!
2) You can see what I meant bu the two white ribbons sewn to the skirt to give it a more "poofy", layered look.
3) The gold part of the dress is not a separate underskirt (I didn't expect it to be based off of other dresses AG created for Felicity before they archived her).

Comparison of Felicity's original buckle shoes (left) to new buckle shoes (right).
The shoes that came with this outfit are the samle design it appears, just in a different color.

Felicity modeling front of dress
I am so in love with this dress, especially now that I know the design is stitched in, and not just printed on! 

Felicity modeling back of dress
And the additional detail of the layered, poofy back skirt is unique from what AG created for her in the past! 

 Colonial Undergarments:
Now we get to the colonial undergarments! The listing consisted of a shift, much like the ones that used to come with Felicity and Elizabeth's meet outfit, colorful stays, and a bumroll!

The stays can be worked with the ribbons, or for little fingers and those who want to do a quick change, you can also use the velcro closure on the side. Although I think the velcro on the side can add some bulk to the outfit, overall, I think this is a good compromise for both accuracy and ease of use. 

The stays completely opened and laid out. You can see the AG ego tag off the side here. 

Comparison of Felicity's original stays (left) with her potential new ones (right), front view.
According to Skayh754, the newer stays are thinner and it looks like they have less lining. Perhaps the original stays can be winter stays and the new ones summer stays? ^_^

Comparison of Felicity's original stays (left) with her potential new ones (right), back view.

Felicity modeling undergarments, front view.

Felicity modeling undergarments, back view.
AG ego tag poking out the bottom end of the bum roll, which is used to hold up the back of the skirt in order to give it a more full look.

Close up of back of stays and bum roll.

I know many people were concerned with the revamp of Felicity into a Beforever character, but honestly, I'm so thrilled with what I have seen so far. They have added in new pieces and redid old pieces, such as the undergarments with new bum roll. The blue and gold dress detailing is both unique with the ribbons holding up the layered, pleated back of the skirt, and the detailed stitched design on the blue portion of the dress. If this is a glimpse of what's in store for Felicity, I cannot wait to see what else AG has in store for her potential re-release! ^_^

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  1. Does the dress fit over the undergarments okay?

    1. I am not 100% certain, but I believe so yes. :)

  2. I am a little disappointed in the stays - given that they were intended to improve posture, I wouldn't think that the new ones would do a very good job, since they aren't moulded with stitching and boning as the originals were. I also think that the dress - at least the front - is a little short, since we can see her shoes and stockings. The fact that the design is embroidered rather than printed is encouraging, though!

    1. I am not familiar with colonial era stays and didn't know that. :) But yes, I do agree that the stitched design on the dress is encouraging.

  3. The fabric looks like the design is woven in rather than embroidered? which would be totally appropriate for this period (although we'll gloss over the man made fires as it certainly doesn't look silk!) shame the underskirt isn't separate, but I have to remind myself this a dolls outfit for little girls to dress and Velcro makes that so much easier for little hands. Likewise I think the stays don't look firm enough? Not enough boning or at very least they need thicker fabric to appear real! Not keen on stays having Velcro as girls in past have been perfectly happy to thread a few eyelets from my experience! But delighted new line will be out ❤️

    1. I wonder if that's what Skayh754 meant by stitched in? Which would be fantastic! :D Like you, I also haven to constantly remind myself it's for little fingers, but I am happy with what we've seen so far! ^_^

  4. Dress looks a bit short but otherwise I'm loving it!

    1. Hopefully the final released product will be a bit longer. ^_^

  5. This is sooooo cute! When AG releases Felicity, lots of people will be able to experience this doll, who perhaps hadn't discovered the wonderful world of American Girl when she was in sale before. Still, Lissie in all of her colonial splendour will always be the cutest.
    ME: Oh, I mean... the best and most important...

    1. Yes! ^_^ It's good AG is rotating the older characters with new characters in the Beforever line. I think it's a good set up!

    2. I agree! The rotating of old & new characters is wonderful, as is this dress. Hopefully her new meet dress will be available for separate purchase.

  6. This is so pretty! I really hope AG does release these items.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I agree, these are so cute and I hope they'll come out soon! ^_^

  7. Oh gosh! Beautiful. I miss Felicity and can't wait to see her again!

  8. I also bought the's a lovely brocade fabric and the colors remind me of a peacock plume. It photographs blue but sometimes it has a greenish teal tinge.