Monday, November 18, 2013

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 6 - I'm not FAT!

Lissie & Lilly: I’m Not FAT! (Photostory)

Lilly: Samantha, Lissie! Come look at what the mail truck just dropped off!
Samantha: What is it? It is such a large box.
Lissie: It says it’s from our Big Person. Maybe she sent us a present! Hurry and open it, I can’t wait to see what it is!

Lissie: Well? What do you see Samantha?
Lilly: I’m curious also! Our Big Person has never sent us such a large box before.
Samantha: Oh! How lovely!

Samantha: There are two dresses! The note says the green one is for you, Sawako Lilly, and the red on is for me!
Lilly: Oh what a beautiful dress! That’s just like our Big Person! These must be our Holiday dresses.

Lissie: What about me? What do I get?
Samantha: That was all that was in the box Lissie…
Lissie: It can’t be, maybe it’s hidden at the bottom. Let’s see…

Lissie: … There’s nothing… Absolutely. Nothing. I can’t believe our Big Person forgot me…
Lilly: Oh Lissie, that’s impossible! Our Big Person loves you! How could she forget you?
Lissie: Then how come there’s nothing for me?
Samantha: Well… Um…

Lilly: Here now Lissie! Don’t be sad! Why don’t you try on our dresses? I’m sure our Big Person meant for us to share them after all.
Samantha: Of course! Sawako Lilly is right Lissie, we’re obviously supposed to share them. Go on, try them on! I bet they look wonderful on you.

Lissie: Really? You think so? I guess I will try it on then. Can you help pull it up for me?
Lilly: Hold your breath Lissie, I’m trying!
Samantha: Let me help as well. Lissie, brace yourself and suck in your belly!
Lilly: PULL!
Samantha: ONE! TWO! THREE!
Lilly: It’s no good… I think the dress is a bit small for you Lissie. The back won’t shut.
Lissie: What? Why??? I’m sucking everything in!

Samantha: Don’t fret Lissie, try mine on! Sawako Lilly has such a tiny waist no one can get her dresses on. You’ll definitely look splendid in this red dress.
Lilly: Oh absolutely, hold your breath in Lissie, I’m going to close it up.
Lissie: What is it Lilly?
Lilly: Well… It’s… a little tight Lissie.
Lissie: Do you need me to suck in some more?
Lilly: Um… Actually… I don’t think it fits you Lissie… I’m sorry.

Lissie: How is that possible? Am I that fat? Is that why our Big Person didn’t send me a dress?
Because she couldn’t find one that fit someone my size?
Lilly: You’re not fat Lissie! Don’t say that about yourself!
Lissie: Then how come none of your clothes fit me?
Samantha: We all have different body types Lissie. That doesn’t make you fat.
Lissie: That’s easy for you guys to say. You can fit into your new, pretty holiday dresses while I sit here in a pile of my bilious adipose tissue. Nothing that looks good ever fits on me! I’ve had it!

Samantha: Wait Lissie! Where are you going?
Lilly: Lissie! You have to at least put on something! You can’t parade about like that!

Lilly: What are we going to do Samantha? I’ve never seen Lissie so sad before.
Samantha: Our plan backfired. I just don’t understand how our Big Person could neglect to send her anything.
Lilly: I’m sure there must be an explanation, but for now how are we going to help Lissie?
Samantha: Come with me, I think I have another idea.

A while later…

Samantha: Goodness gracious Lissie! Whatever on earth are you doing?
Lilly: Lissie! Are you trying to pull a hernia? Hurry and get up before your hurt yourself!
Lissie: Oomph, there’s no time for hernias Lilly! I’m going to go an extreme diet and exercise until I burn all this extra fat off!

Lilly: That’s ridiculous Lissie, you’re not fat. There’s no need for you to do this!
Samantha: Listen to Sawako Lilly, she’s right. You are perfect the way you are Lissie, you don’t need to go on extreme diets.
Lissie: It’s the only option I’ve got! If you’re not thin, you can’t make it in this world. Hoopmhhhh!

Samantha: Lissie, there’s nothing wrong with being healthy, but right now you’re going too far. Even bodybuilders don’t do 1,000 sit ups.
Lilly: It’s unhealthy to stop eating and work your body so hard. It’ll only make it worse. Don’t you remember our Big Person’s textbook? Extreme diets will only put your body in shock.
Lissie: Hoooo! Hoooo! Hoooo! Hoooo! Listen you guys, Hoooo! That’s easy for you to say, Hoooo! But you don’t know, Hoooo! How hard it is for me, Hooo!, to be larger than you two, Hoooo! Now either help me, Hoooo! Or give up on me, Hoooooo!

Lissie: Here, hold the ends of our Big Person’s jump rope. She does 500 every day so I’ll double that and do 1,000!
Lilly: We’re not going to give up on you Lissie, we just want to help you.
Samantha: You’re not acting like yourself. Where’s the confident Lissie who always is filled with fun ideas?
Lissie: She’s buried under all this chunky fat, but I’ll soon burn it off and bring her back.

Lissie: Whoooo…. I feel like I’m going to pass out.
Lilly: Oh no! This is why I told you it’s unhealthy to overdo it. Lissie, lie down right now.
Samantha: What’s wrong with her?
Lilly: Her heart can’t get enough blood to the rest of her body so her brain’s not getting enough oxygen. If she lies down for a bit, she should be alright… As long as she doesn’t continue with this crazy weight loss plan.
Lissie: Weight loss plan! That’s right! I have no time to let my brain get oxygen! Hold out your arms! Let’s see if all that jump roping did anything.

Lissie: … WHY????
Samantha: Lis –
Lissie: After all that, I’m still fat! Look at my arm!

Lissie: There’s no hope. I guess I should just resign myself to being a bucket of lard for the rest of my miserable existence.
Lilly: That is quite enough Felicity Merriman! I’ve had enough of your foolishness. Now you listen here –

Samantha: Who’s at the door?
Lilly: Let’s go see.
Lissie: I’ll wait here. I’m still feeling lightheaded.

Lilly: Lissie! Come here and see! Apparently your dress was in a separate box. The mailman had lost it and just came back to deliver it.
Samantha: See? We told you our Big Person would never forget you. Of course she would get you a wonderful holiday dress too.
Lissie: It’s so pretty and blue! But… I’m nervous… What if it doesn’t fit?
Lilly: The Lissie I know would never shy away! Try it on, what are you hesitating for?

Samantha: It’s a perfect fit!
Lilly: Oh you look like such an elegant lady Lissie. It suits you perfectly!
Lissie: Does it really look good? You’re not just saying that?
Lilly: We really mean it Lissie, and to go with your new dress, Samantha and I have a present for you.

Samantha: We bought this for you Lissie, because we wanted you to understand how important you are to us, no matter what you look like.

Lilly: You’re our fearless General Washington Lissie. You’re really strong and brave, so don’t let your waistline hold you back.
Samantha: No matter what size you are, you’re still Lissie, and that’s all that matters to us.
Lilly: Did it ever occur to you that the reason you’re bigger than us is because you’re stronger than us?
Samantha: None of us can do even a quarter of what you did today Lissie. You’re amazing and you should focus on that when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Lissie: Awww, thank you! You guys are right. I’ve been acting ridiculous. I just felt so lonely and left out, but I guess I’m never really alone with you two as friends.
Lilly: That’s right Lissie, now try on the hat! We want to see how it looks!
Samantha: It’s a perfect fit! You look so dashing Lissie! Probably more than General Washington.

Lissie: It is a perfect fit! Just like the three of us!
Lilly: All you need now is a jaunty tilt, wait, there! Now you really are back to our intrepid leader.

This story hits pretty close to home for me because although I’m a fairly confident and fearless person, occasionally I’m plagued with doubt about my waist, and although I try to lose weight, it’s really difficult. It took me a long time to come to terms with my body and the importance of health over a minuscule waistline, and even now I still find myself trying to diet. It helps to have friends who can see past all that and appreciate you for who you are. :D

Lissie is my chunkiest doll, from 2000. There are a few modern outfits that don’t really fit her very well and I have to pull and strain the fabric to get it on her. Her arms and legs are noticeably thicker than Samantha and Sawako Lilly. Her face is much rounder and chubbier than their's also, to the point where even though she and Samantha are both classic mold dolls, they look very different. :) Her waist is… incrementally larger as well. Nonetheless, she is my beloved first doll! ^_^

Thanks for reading L&L! I hope everyone has a great week! The girls all say hello and want to say to everyone reading this to be confident in themselves, and to realize how much more important a healthy lifestyle and your true personality are than whether you can squeeze into that outfit at the store. Love yourself because others love you! :D


  1. :) This story just restates how awesome Sam and Sawako Lilly are!

    1. Amazing! I love how your dolls always look like real people in your photostories!

      Oh, and could you please check out my blog? Thanks! :) Don't forget to leave me a comment!

    2. Thank you! I visited your blog when you shared the link with me earlier. It seems like you're off to a great start with lots of pretty photos!

  2. I'm so glad I decided to read all of these posts! You take wonderful pictures and your stories are always so sweet!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear you enjoy the photo stories and this blog wouldn't exist without them. ^_^

  3. Very Funny. This is one of my favorites along with the second one (I forgot the title).

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed this one! ^_^

  4. Tell Lissie for me that I could barely tell that she has a bigger arm.
    Actually, I couldn't tell at all.

    1. Hahaha I will! I'm sure she'll be chuffed!