Sunday, September 28, 2014

Historical Items Soon to be Retired

While browsing the American Girl website, I noticed that when you click on the doll, then click "view all" of her items, you can scroll to the bottom of her page, after all her books are displayed, and some items remained which I was told all were on the sell until gone list. If any of these items are on your list, my advice is to prioritize them. :)

Some of these may show up on Cyber Monday but decide whether you want to take that chance. ^_^ I've put the links to order each of these items from the AG website below for convenience.

Addy's Nightie for Girls & Dolls (Not in this screenshot but it is now on the website.)

Caroline's Birthday Dress
Caroline's Table & Chairs
Caroline's Nightgown for Girls
Caroline's Nightgown for Dolls & Girls
*Not Pictured* Caroline's Party Set

Josefina's Shoes & Socks
Josefina's School Outfit
Josefina's Table & Chairs
Josefina's Fiesta Dress
Josefina's Night Shift for Girls
Josefina's Night Shift for Girls & Dolls (Not in this screenshot but it is now on the website.)
Josefina's Dress & Vest

Julie's Birthday Goodies
Julie's Casual Outfit
Julie's Floral Jumpsuit
Julie's Calico Dress
Julie's Swim Set

Kit's Birthday Outfit
Kit's Reporter Outfit

Rebecca's School Outfit
Rebecca's School Set
Rebecca's Robe & Slippers
Rebecca's Settee
Rebecca's Winter Coat
Rebecca's Souvenir Set
*Not Pictured* Rebecca's Hanukkah Outfit
*Not Pictured* Rebecca's Hairstyling Set (Original Blue Bow Version)


  1. Replies
    1. I'm not sure where you are confused but the vast majority of the times listed are now sold out, or soon to be sold out, and like I warned, many of them were on sale and sold out during Cyber Monday.

  2. Didn't julies birthday set just come out when she was turned into beforever