Thursday, August 28, 2014

BeForever Release Photos from AG Store

I took a ton of photos in my excitment this morning at the BeForever store event. The doll chest is more like a small suitcase which fits in your hand and has a very small journal (paper back and stapled) inside for girls to fill out. They also had a copy of the most recent 2 AG magazines inside, and a BeForever bookmark (?) that I didn’t look at too closely. With purchase of a BeForever doll, you get a girl’s sized t-shirt. I'll get photos of those up tomorrow. ^_^

I took over 250 photos so I put them on my blog in separate posts for ease of viewing. The old vs. BeForever Addy & Samantha doll comparisons are at the bottom of their respective pages. There are lots up close shots at the items but I apologize for the strange cell phone camera quality. Let me know if you have any questions on the new releases! I’m working on adding captions to the photos tonight and hopefully have them up tomorrow.

Addy Photos

Samantha Photos

Caroline Photos

Julie Photos

Kit Photos

Josefina Photos

Rebecca Photos

Kaya Photos

Mini Doll Photos

Girl's Outfits Photos