Thursday, August 28, 2014

BeForever Kit Photos from AG Store

BeForever Kit

Kit Display Case

Pieces from Typewriter set & School Supplies

Typewriter Set & School Supplies

Roll top Table, Type Writer set, School Supplies

Reporter Dress & Reporter Set

Photographer Outfit

Closeup of shoes from photographer outfit, made of cloth feeling material.

LE Candy Making Set

Homemade Scooter, Grace, Floral Print Dress

Summer Dress

School Skirt Set & Lunch

Nightgown, Bed & Bedding, Grace

Typewriter Set & Rolltop Desk

Meet Outfit & Accessories

Meet Outfit, Meet Accessories, Reporter Set, Typewriter Set, Roll top Table
Typewriter is metal with plastic keys. Just like the original typewriter.

Meet Accessories

Summer Dress, Grace, Table & Chairs, Birthday Set

Meet Outfit

Close up of Meet Shoes

Holiday Outfit

New Meet Outfit & Accessories

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