Sunday, August 24, 2014

Latest BeForever Updates

*Please do not copy this list! You are welcome to link back to this post but DO NOT reproduce this information on your own blog/website without permission.*

I was able to have a lovely phone chat with my trusted source at AG and learned of several new updates to the "Soon-to-be-Gone" list, as well as changes, and new things coming with BeForever on the 28th. The list is more or less in it's final state and should not have alot, if any more changes. The only items mentioned are items I specifically asked about. If you do not see an item on this list, it is simply because I did not ask about it so I have no idea what direction it will go.

First the New Stuff Coming Out:
1) Addy will have new outfits. I confirmed that Addy will be receiving as least 2-3 new outfits.
2) Kit will be getting a typewriter, and it is black like the original. I was told there should be very little difference between the new typewriter and the original one.
3) Rebecca is getting new holiday outfit to replace her current purple Hanukkah outfit which is going away.
4) Caroline is getting a new blue birthday/party outfit to replace her current blue birthday dress which is going away. There was a sneak peek of this outfit when it briefly appeared on EBay earlier in the year.
5) Caroline will be getting a new table & chairs set which is basically the NOLA Courtyard Furniture style, to replace her current table & chairs set which will be going away.
6) Caroline will be getting a new party set similar to the NOLA glassware set to replace her current party set which will be going away.
7) Kit is getting new reporter dress to replace her current reporter dress which is going away. Her reporter set itself (the one including the camera) is not leaving.
8) Addy's hairstyling set will change colors so if you like the colors of the current one, grab it now.
9) Julie's hairstyling set will become plastic so if you like the metal bits of the current one, grab it now.
10) Rebecca's hairstyling set will change colors so if you like the colors of the current one, grab it now.
11) Addy's hair will be same length but less textured.
12) Rebecca will get a new set to replace her retired Sabbath and Hanukkah set. It will be combined into one set, and I am not sure what exactly will be included but I know it will not have as much detail and pieces as her original two sets.
13) The free giveaway Doll Chest at the stores for the BeForever events is small enough to fit in your hand. 
14) Josefina's and Kit's tables & chairs sets will be sold in store until they sell out. I don't know if this means they will then be available online, or if they will disappear altogether.

Safe Items:
All Historical Pajamas/Nightgowns are safe.
Addy - Ice Cream Set, Bed & Bedding, Table & Chairs, Christmas Dress, Hairstyling Set (color change)
Caroline - Work Dress, Travel Outfit, Holiday Gown, Winter Coat, Ice Skates, Nightgown, Parlor, Bed, Skiff, Hairstyling Set, Garnet, Spencer & Hat, Travel Basket
Josefina - Oven, Bed
Julie - Bike, Bed, Patchwork Outfit, Summer Skirt, Hairstyling Set (changing to plastic)
Kaya - Teepee, Talto, Foods
Kit - Reporter set, floral print dress, Hairstyling set, Bed, Desk, Table & Chairs, LE Candy Making Outfit, Christmas Dress, Nightgown
Rebecca - Costume Chest, Phonograph, Sideboard, Bed, Hairstyling set (color change), Pajamas

Not Safe Items:
Caroline - Table & Chairs, Party Set
Josefina - Table & Chairs (not 100% but very likely)
Kaya - Doll & cradleboard (online only after 8/28)), Animals (online only after 8/28)
Kit - Reporter Dress, Birthday set (not 100%)
Julie - Car Wash
Rebecca - School outfit, Hanukkah Dress, Winter Coat, Robe & Slippers (not 100%), Settee

*Some items may disappear as they get repackaged in the new BeForever boxes.
**I was reminded again that most of the items going away will at least be briefly available to order online.
***There could be mistakes on the list. My source was going off memory, and I didn't take notes as we chatted so this is what the both of us recalled. I am 90% confident on what I put down, especially the safe list and the changes but just be warned we are all human.
****Although the list is more or less in it's final state, there may still be last minute changes, so at the end of the day, if it's something you'd regret missing out on and can financially afford it, don't wait.

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  1. Thank you for the update. Picked up Josies table and chairs.. My mom bought the settee today and hair accessories.

    1. I'm so happy to help! I'm still debating on Josefina's and Kit's Tables & Chairs sets, though I did pick up the settee and hairstyling sets.