Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Difference Between Jess Molds & Ivy Molds

Before I owned Ivy and Jess in person, I was always confused by the subtle differences between the Ivy and Jess mold. They technically have the same mold, but Ivy's mold is considered a "Modified Jess Mold". However, it's always been a challenge for me to visualize the differences until I owned the two dolls and put them side by side to compare. Here are some images for anyone else who may have the same question. ^_^

Just as a quick note, Jess has pinwheel brown eyes and Ivy has decal brown eyes. Here is an image of the two of them side by side. Aside from the eyes, the molds are the same. 

Here is a close up of Jess' face. This is the mold used for all the dolls with the Jess mold with no modifications. 
Dolls with Jess Mold: Jess, Kanani, #30, & #40

Here is Ivy, the only doll using the modified Jess mold. The only difference is the eye.
Dolls with Ivy Mold: Ivy, #54, & #64

Left: Jess
Right: Ivy
Both Jess & Ivy have a cut out triangle shape on the center of the eye socket (near the nose). Ivy has an additional cut out on the ear side of the eye socket. Both of Ivy's cut outs on each side of the socket are lightly tinted a darker color to add shadows and depth. Jess does not have the cut out on the ear side and her single cut out on the nose side is not tinted.

Left: Jess
Right: Ivy
Here is a close up of just the eye socket. You can see Jess only has the one cut out, and it is faint and hard to see unless you look for it on the nose side because it is not tinted.
The cutouts on both sides of Ivy's eyes are very clear and distinct because of the tinting.

Top: Jess
Bottom: Ivy

In short, the difference in Ivy's eyes is there is an additional cut out on the outer side of the eye socket (ear side) as well as light tinting of both cut outs. ^_^


  1. I found this very helpful! Thank you so much! :)

    1. I'm glad you found it useful! ^_^ Thank you!

  2. Love this detailed comparison!! Thank you