Monday, May 4, 2015

Caroline Archival Annouced

AG has finally officially announced the long rumored archival of Caroline on their Facebook Page and Instagram! Be sure to pick up what you need sooner than later, ad don't forget if you're ordering online to use the HAPPYMAY code for $10 off $100 on your purchase. ^_^

Facebook Announcement:

Instagram Announcement:

I'm very disappointed to see Caroline leave, especially since she's only been out for less than 3 years. More importantly, it saddens me that it seems like her collection is not selling well because I love that time period as well as it's fashions and it's a shame it's not resonating with the majority of AG's target market. I hope AG will give the older time periods another chance when they are financially able to take that risk!

Link to FB Post:

Link to Instagram Post:


  1. I'm really sad to see Caroline go. She is such a gorgeous doll! But AG did get many complaints about how hard it was to take care of her hair.
    Farewell Caroline.
    ~Leah <3

    1. That's true, her curls were supposed to be difficult to take care of for little kids, but I feel like I've heard a lot that the doll herself is selling well, but her collection is now. :(

  2. What???? I have to admit, I never saw this coming. I wish she wasn't retiring, because I don't have her yet, and I love the colour of her eyes, they're so unique!
    They can't retire her if she's only been out for around 2 years. That's just not fair!

    1. I really hope they're reuse the eyes! They're such a gorgeous, unique color!

  3. I'm so sad! Even though I have her, I don't want her to go away. She's too pretty to be retired. Do you know when they're retiring her? I think I'll get another one to keep as Caroline and customize mine because she kinda needs a new wig anyway. I'm sad! :(


    1. AG hasn't given an exact date for her archival, and going from past years, most likely the items will be sold until the stock runs out. My guess is they will try to finish her sales by Aug. 27th when the new Maryellen historical character is released to make room for her, or by the end of the year.