Thursday, May 21, 2015

Store Photos of Truly Me Outfits for Girls

Outfits for Girls

Lilac Dress & Vest

Although the doll version has decals, the girl sized version is actually a patch like, embroidered decoration here.

Back view

The belt is separate and not attached to the dress. The dress also has... POCKETS! :D

Flamingo Beach Dress
It's probably just me, but the shapeless appearance on the hanger really does not appeal to me.

Criss cross on the back.

Shimmer Doodle Outfit

Unlike the doll version, the two smaller pink stars are not glittery. The entire design is a decal with a few sequins. 

The skirt has an elastic waist that can be tightened. The underskirt has a chiffon over skirt.

Back view

Flip Flops

The AG ego logo will be worn off as you wear down the sole. :)


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