Thursday, May 21, 2015

Store Photos of Truly Me Summer Furniture & Accessories

Accessories & Furniture

Store Exclusive - Summer Sailboard Set
The blue life vest comes with the sailboard. The swim outfit is a separate Purchase with Purchase ($14 after spending $50).

There are grips, only on one side for the doll to hold, as well as grips for her feet.

One side of the sail has the number 12 (why 12?) and a starfish decal (at least not flamingo?). XD

The clips on the front of the life vest really work.

Another starfish decal on the shoulder.

The cutout part on the sail is covered with a transparent piece of plastic.

Back of the life vest has the AG logo.

Beach Hammock Set

The white circle holding the ties can rotate but does not pull out easily unless extreme force is used. *did not attempt*

This joint did not rotate, at least not without extreme force. *did not attempt*

The hammock is netted, unlike Lanie's hammock.

The visor has a decal flamingo. Because they're AG's official bird of the summer.

The pillow only has the starfish on one side. The white poles on either end are lightweight plastic.

In fact, I would describe the entire frame as light weight plastic. I am not surprised by the plastic, though I was hoping for wood. However, I am surprised and rather disappointed at how light and "flimsy" the plastic feels. AG logo in center.

Beach Blanket Set
The straw is... a Penguin! Hahaha! Just kidding, of course it's a flamingo. XD

The plate and cup are plastic. Everything is plastic acutally. The chips are in their bag, and are clumped, though nicely textured with ridges on the side.

The blanket has starfish embroidered into this corner with the AG ego tag *logo*. 

Truly Me Wheel Activity
This comes with the doll purchase. You can spin the wheel, and it will have colors which correspond to cards in the box that have suggestions for fun activities you can do with your doll. It sounds corny, but actually looks pretty fun.

I mean, it has a pun, so it has to be fun right? :D

New Earrings 
When you get your doll's ears pierced now, these are the new earrings they come with.



  1. Replies
    1. YES! :D I was so excited to see these and am terribly curious what they look like on a doll!

    2. I got a doll's ears pierced a year ago, and she came with hoops?

    3. Hmmm, I've never gotten a doll's ears pierced before so I don't really have anything to compare it to, but from what I recall, they used to use the start silver studs. Perhaps you got a special set? :)

  2. In the pics with the windsail...That's #27 on it, right? It's definitely not #63, that's for sure. I was just wondering because I've kind of been debating getting #22 or #27 again and a pic like that kind of swings the pendulum back toward #27.

    Thanks for the pics of everything! It's a little disappointing that the hammock's base is plastic, but it still seems pretty nice and looks like it holds dolls pretty well. I love the look of it and will probably still get it. I don't mind the windsail being plastic (as it appears to be?), as at least maybe you could carefully put it on the water for some (closely supervised!) doll photoshoots, unlike Caroline's skiff. I want it so badly! :D

    Also, thank you so much for photos of the new earrings! I don't think anyone else got pictures of them.

    1. Yes! Good eyes! That's #27 riding the windsail, with the layered hair and dark blue eyes. I think between 22 and 27, I prefer 27 because I like the dark blue eyes and the layered hair gives her a more mature look. However, the layered hair also makes it more difficult to style so that's another consideration. :)

      Despite the hammock being light weight plastic, I will probably still get it myself, because I think it's a really pretty piece, and it would look wonderful with the cabana that came out last year. ^_^ The windsail's base is VERY heavy, solid plastic material so I assume you can stick it in very shallow water if you are careful about balancing. :)

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I'm so glad you found the images fun to look at and helpful! ^_^

    2. I thought that was #27! She looks right at home on the windsail :P You raise some good points about her. I think if I absolutely had to choose between #22 and #27, I'd probably pick #27. But I've seen some really, really cute pictures of #22 lately, and honestly, I've kind of been fascinated by her for a while, thanks to that extreme flip in her hair and it having that rarer white blonde color. So in all likelihood, I'll probably end up with both. lol

      I'm glad to hear that the windsail's base is nice and heavy. Since it's a store exclusive and I have no idea how popular it's going to be, I plan on getting that as soon as possible, and then hopefully the hammock. I have to say that despite this being a rather small release, I've found it pretty impressive. I hope there's a lot more that's supposed to be released next month though.

      Well I have to thank you for going the extra mile and taking so many pictures as well as providing us information on the new products :) it's a huge help since I can't get to an AG store that easily. This is the next best thing!

    3. Lol! You can't miss out on the benefits of either doll if you own them both! Good strategy! :D

      I would agree with the order of your list. I know there weren't too many of the windsail at the store I visited on release day so I don't know if they'll be getting more in, or if they really are that limited, but it's best not to take the chance if you can afford it.

      Overall I really love the items in the summer limited release! I think they're so bright and fun, and different, and the colors would look fantastic with last year's cabana. :) I'm still kicking myself for not getting that yellow, sunshine outfit that sold out so quickly! :D

      Thank you for your kind words about the pictures! When I hear that it helps people and others enjoy looking at them, it makes going to the store and being a doll paparazzi even more fun! ^_^