Thursday, May 21, 2015

Store Photos of Truly Me Summer Outfits for Dolls

Outfits for Dolls

Truly Me Meet Outfit & Love to Layer Accessories

The glitter spots are painted on, and sealed so rubbing them won't cause the glitter to fall off.

The "pins" are actually decals, and smooth on the knit vest thingy.

The inside of the vest thingy is not lined, but the zipper as you can see works. The skirt fits through a piece of elastic which allows it to slip on.

The lace mesh decoration around the collar and hem of the meet outfit have tiny sequins sewn on at intervals.

The ribbon belt is attached to the tulle skirt and made of a metallic thread, fuzzy material. The glitter does not rub off. The bow is perma sewn on and can't be pulled apart without great effort. *did not attempt this*

The silver knit belt of the meet outfit is attached to the outfit.

Worn without the tulle skirt.

Back of meet dress + knit vest thingy.

Back of knit dress + tulle skirt thingy.

Shimmer Doodle Outfit

The silver grey skirt has an underskirt covered with a semi transparent, chiffon like over skirt. 

The boots are actually made from fabric, and have small silver studs glued on.

The creases are supposed to be there. Because fashion. They can't be smoothed out without great effort. *did not attempt*

Flamingo Beach Dress
Okay, I'm personally not a fan of this dress, I think mainly because I'm not feeling the flamingo flock print.

Admittedly, it's cuter on a doll than I had expected from the leaked photos.

Plastic beads on elastic.

Seaside Fun Outfit
I really like this outfit. It suits the image of a beach really well for me, and the sandals especially are adorable.

These designs are embroidered into the shorts. 

However the designs do not go to the back and are only on the front, which is a disappointment.

The visor does not come with the outfit, it is a part of the hammock set.

I like the rough edge of the hem. ^_^

Hahaha! This is one of those outfits people will argue over the color. Some see orange, some see pink, some see coral, some see salmon, etc. I call it salmon. Sushi salmon. XD Also, there is a little flamingo, almost like a logo.

The golden wheel buttons are sewn on.

There is a hood in the back and the top closes with velcro. The shorts have their ego tag (AG logo) on the back but the top can easily cover it.

Store Exclusive PWP: Swim Shirt & Shorts

It's made of a very slippery, exercise outfit like material.

Egooooo tag! :D


Closes in the back with velcro. Given the type of material, I would worry about potential snags and pulls.



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    1. Please take care of your health and get lots of rest! ^_^ I'm glad the photos are fun for you to see and I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your visit to the store!

  2. Thank you for the up close in store photos! Especially the back of the outfits :)

    1. I'm glad the photos are helpful! ^_^ Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  3. These pictures make me like the Shimmer Doodle outfit more than I did at first :) it would probably still look better with leggings though. I see a slight resemblance between it and Mia's meet outfit.

    1. I thought of Mia's meet outfit at first as well, but personally I don't find the outfit really appealing to me, though I think the shoes are neat. :)