Friday, May 8, 2015

2015 GotY Grace Thomas Doll Review

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of being able to pick out a Grace doll for the same wonderful lady who sent Sawako Lilly to join the L&L family! She very kindly allowed me to take some photos for a quick review before I shipped her. ^_^

Prior to 2015, the box for the previous GotY dolls were a lighter, brighter pink compared to the regular boxes. However, after BeForever, the color of the boxes became too similar and to make Grace's box stand out, the color was changed to purple. 

Side view of the box. The GotY emblem is stamped all over the box. In case you forget which box this is. XD

Presenting... Grace! ^_^

I love her face! Her owner and I looked through 9 different Graces in the store via picture messages to finally decide on this beautiful lady! 

The charm bracelet is attached to the side of the box like Saige's ring and Isabelle's hair piece were, so don't throw the box away before making sure you grab it. :) 

Unboxed at last!

The hair care tag that comes with her. 

Close up of her face. You can see she has the extra glossy lips and unique freckle pattern. Her mold is the Josefina mold with the regular pin wheel light blue eyes. Her short bangs are swept to the side and the part is off center.

I didn't remove her hair net since I don't have the ability to put hair nets back on without destroying the hair completely, but even with it on you can see the highlights in her hair, which goes past her waist to her butt.

Her shoes are make from what feels like a very thick, fuzzy, canvas like cloth. 

There is no velcro. The shoes slip on and off easily from the doll's feet but they are not loose enough to fall off on their own. I really like the construction of these shoes and their ease of use!

Her meet outfit is very... unexciting? The shirt is pretty standard knit shirt with a Paris themed decal on it and closes in the back with velcro. The underwear is... usual AG underwear. The skirt is make of a thick woven/knit material. There is no velcro, just elastic on the back so you can slip it over your doll's tush.

Back of the meet outfit. I don't dislike it, but I don't particularly love it either. XD It's just... what it is.

Although AG doesn't mention in Grace's stories, apparently she has the memory of a goldfish because her name is attached to all her clothes. O_O Just in case... you and her forget who she is? 

Another ego tag.

Her charm bracelet is really cute! It has 6 separate, non removable charms on it, featuring her dog Bon Bon, her suitcase, a macaroon, the Eiffel Tower, a postcard, and a heart Paris. It DOES NOT fit on the adult wrist. :( I'm not admitting I know this because I tried it or anything. -_-

The designs on the colored parts of the charms are only on the front. The backs are just plain silvery metal. Also, a word of warning, the way the color is applied to the charms, it looks like it could scratch easily so I would recommend playing with care if that's something you're worried about.

The back of the bracelet. It closes by pushing the two clamps into each other. It was pretty easy to put on and to remove, though I don't know how well this would hold up long term.

Comparison of Grace with Lindsey and Elizabeth. They all have the pinwheel light blue eyes. 

Compared to Lindsey and Elizabeth, you can see how much pinker and shinier Grace's lip glossed lips are. :) Elizabeth looks practically ill next to her (even though she just got back from the hospital with a new head).

From this picture you can see how Grace's freckle pattern is different from the typical AG freckle pattern they have been using up to this point. Personally, I prefer the original freckle pattern because it looks more natural with the different sizes. Grace's freckles look too similar in size and the distribution feels a little too forced.

Grace and Elizabeth both have the Josefina mold and I don't see any significant differences in face plumpness. The eyebrow placement is also similar though Elizabeth has the line eyebrows and Grace has feathered eyebrows. 

Close up of Grace's freckle pattern.

Close up of Lindsey's freckle pattern.

Overall, I think Grace is a lovely doll (especially the one we finally decided to pick!) but she's not unique enough to me for me to want to add to my doll family. 

It's wonderful her charm bracelet can be used with any doll, unlike Isabelle's hair piece. I'm not a fan of the short bangs, and as much as I love long hair, I think she could have such a more fashionable look if she had short hair. I do like her pinker, gloss lips, though I think it's not something I would notice unless she was standing next to other dolls. 

I do love the outfits in her collection though, and I think for the first time I might have to break my vow of not buying any GotY related items and pick up a few of Grace's outfits, ego tags and all. :D


  1. Nice review! I totally agree. I like the original freckle pattern much better than this new one. But that doesn't stop me from getting lovely Grace. ^_^
    ~Leah <3

    1. Hahaha! She is a lovely doll so I'm not surprised. :D Despite preferring the original freckle pattern, I am glad AG decided to try something new with it though.

  2. Great photos. Love her face color. My Grace says hi.

    Ally from AGFANS message board

  3. Great review- Grace has a sweet face, but I find the glossy lips off putting. It makes her look like she's wearing makeup, and typically AG characters are supposed to be 10... I don't know. Wonderful photos though!

    1. Thank you! I believe her glossy lips are actually because she is wearing make up, or at least she's wearing lip gloss (the one included in her Paris accessories). Do 10 year olds wear lip gloss? XD I sort of catalog lip gloss with chapstick in my mind and I think I was using chapstick back then.

    2. That makes sense. I was thinking it was lip stick. It probably is lip gloss, which I wore on special occasions when I was ten (and sometimes just for fun if I was feeling daring XD.)

  4. Which dolls do you have that aren't on your blog?

    1. That's constantly changing as I try to decide which dolls I want to keep and which need a new family. :) Some are keepers but they play a different role than join L&L.

  5. Sigh... I want Grace but then I want 46 and 64 and 62 and Addy and...

    1. Hahahaha! Oh how I can relate to these feelings! :D

  6. I have Grace and I think she is the best Goty by far next to McKenna. Sadly I couldn't get McKenna so when Grace came out i got her ASAP! :D

    1. I hope you're enjoying your Grace doll! :) It's great you were able to get her.

  7. Thanks for the close-up look at Grace. She's very pretty (how could she not be with the Josefina mold), but I find the lip gloss look a little off-putting. Other than that I like her very much more than I expected.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! ^_^ I agree, the lip gloss is either a hit or miss. For my part, it has grown on me, though to be fair I don't really notice it unless Grace is next to other non glossed dolls. :D