Thursday, May 28, 2015

Maryellen Sneak Peeks from BEA 2015

Today is Book Expo America 2015, where publishers gather to present upcoming books and innovations in the field. American Girl is present at the BEA and this year their focus is on their newest historical/BeForever character, Maryellen from 1954, to be released Aug. 27th officially.

Skayh754 from AGPT visited the AG booth and took some pictures of the material AG is showcasing for Maryellen. She has kindly allowed us to share her images here. I have edited her photos to increase to contrast for ease of reading.

*Please do not repost without her permission or claim the images as your own!*

Book 1: The One & Only
Table of Contents for Book 2

First page of Book 1

History section at end of book 1

Book 2: Taking Off
Table of Contents for Book 2

Journey Book: The Sky's the Limit
Back cover description


  1. Her friend seems to be named Angela...

    1. Ooo, is that a new rumor going around? I didn't see it yet! :) <--loves sneak peeks

    2. It's a bit in the Looking Back section- Maryellen feels this pre...friends with Angela, th...

    3. Oh I see it now! Thank you for pointing it out! Hmmm.... I wonder if they're going to make Angela a minority BF character. >_<