Friday, October 23, 2015

Explorer/Hiking Outfit for Girl of the Year 2016 Lea Clark Leaked

I thought we had seen all of the 2016 Girl of the Year, Lea Clark’s wardrobe already, but it seems like there was another one that has just appeared on eBay, featuring a white t-shirt with a colorful butterfly graphic, dark green capri pants, and colorful sneakers.

Although the eBay photos do not show an ego tag, I think it is a safe assumption to make because of the theme of the outfit and color scheme fits with the rest of the colors and themes in Lea’s collection. As with all leaks, nothing is 100% certain til AG unveils the collection so it is possible this could be for the Truly Me line.

*Full list of links to all GOTY 2016 Lea Clark Leaks/Photos/Info so far at the bottom of the post.*

EBay Auction Photos:
This looks like a really nice "exploring" or hiking outfit for Lea! We've seen a lot of vacation-type outfits leaked, but for tromping through the rain forest, you really need sensible shoes and covered legs. :)
It looks like it will come with at least the butterfly shirt, dark green capri pants, sneakers, and yellow headband

The graphic on the shirt is simple but lovely. To be fair though, I have such a weak spot for butterflies. ^_^

The green on her belt looks like it matches with the green on her parrot romper outfit we saw leaked earlier. The dark green capri pants look well made and I can see them useful in a lot of mix and match outfits.

The sneakers are very bright, but since the rest of the outfit is relatively tame, I don't mind it and think they look really cute. 

Close up of the shoes. I am impressed with how well made and detailed they look.

Overall, I really like it. Lea needs some sensible, non touristy, vacation clothes, and this outfit definitely fits the bill by being both fun and functional. The colors are good at accenting without overwhelming the outfit and I can definitely see myself adding this to my collection. The colors and theme really fits in with the rest of her wardrobe that we’ve seen leaked so far, especially her Meet Outfit and her Tropical Parrot Romper. As an added plus, I can see this outfit being broken up and used in various mix and match ensembles too. ^_^
In general, I am really starting to warm and fall in love with her collection. I think because we saw leaked outfit initially that were very “LOUD” in color and design, I jumped to conclusions that the entire line would be too crazy and neon for my taste. However, now that we’ve seen nearly all the outfits in her wardrobe, I am impressed with how cohesive the line is. There is a good mix of loud, bright colors (meet dress, purple tye dye dress, green tropical romper) and calmer, more down to earth styles (fancy dress, this explorer/hiking outfit), and that balance really helps mellow out an otherwise too rambunctious wardrobe for me. 

Hurray AG! I think they did a great job with making Lea a fun wardrobe and I can’t wait to see the whole collection unveiled! *baby sloth baby sloth baby sloth baby sloth*

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  1. I am, overall, very impressed with what I've seen of Lea Clark! It isn't as "cutsy" as Grace and seems more realistic. I love the butterfly graphic. The watercolor-tiedye look is lovely, as you said. :)


    1. It's definitely uses a different color scheme than Grace's wardrobe, which is very nice. I really like Grace's collection, but I'm really excited by AG's use of so many greens and bold colors. ^_^

    2. The only reason I'm not getting Maryellen for Christmas is to see Lea. I wish I knew more about here though. But I'm going to Brazil in May this year so that's why I like her.

    3. That's so exciting! If you get Lea, you could take her with you when you go to Brazil! :)

  2. This is so cute! I love how the natural, casual hiking feel this outfit has. It kind of reminds me of Lanie, but not so much that I wouldn't buy it. Super cute new outfit for Lea! I hope you can find the eighteen inch version of her soon Lissie and Lilly!

    1. Hahaha! I'm always on the lookout. ^_^ I'm super curious to see the full sized doll as well, though I'm not expecting any leaks on her til at least Nov., most likely Dec.

  3. Oooh! Maybe I won't hate Lea as much as I thought I would...

    1. This is my thought with every new leak, so that now, I'm actually quite excited and eager to see Lea! Her collection is well balanced, colorful, and fun (at least her wardrobe is). :)

  4. OMG!!!!!!! I'm in love with the shirt since it looks like butterfly is painted! It will totaly suit my collection since I am an artist and I love painting butterflies! Overall I think underestimate lea's collection so far! When the tropical romper came out I thought that this collection was a failure but when the fancy occasion dress came out everything change. Probably those first outfits where jusr prototypes overall. I think lea's collection won't be as bad as I thought! :)

    1. I'm glad this outfit appeals to you! I do not believe the first outfits leaked were prototypes, but I think because they leaked first, it looked too crazy. Now that more or less the entire wardrobe has appeared, it's much easier to see how everything coordinates. :)

  5. Could this be the new Hiking Outfit for the Truly Me line instead? I don't see Lea's name on this outfit. Just wondering....

    1. Anything is possible. After all, nothing is certain until AG debuts Lea on Jan. 1st. For my part, I believe this is for Lea. :)

    2. her name is on the pants in the image of the back :D, 4th pic down

    3. It has already been confirmed this outfit is for Lea. ^_^

  6. Of course you can't go hiking with something uber girly! I hope her bow doesn't get snagged on a tree. ;-)

    1. *gasp* But I always hike in heels and ruffled ballgowns! :D

  7. Hmm. Aside from the shoes I think I like this outfit! :)

    1. Hahaha! I actually love the shoes with this outfit! ^_^ I think the colors tie it to the rest of her collection and it's fun for me to see such a bright pop of color on the otherwise neutral outfit.

  8. I like it because it's realistic, and the butterfly shirt is adorable, it's just that the outfit doesn't do much for me...

    1. That's understandable. :) The outfit is a good balance for me when I take into account her meet dress, fancy outfit, and this one.