Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Girl of the Year 2016 Meet Outfit on Various Dolls

*Background: We have learned the name of next year's Girl of the Year 2016 is Lea Clark based off eBay auctions of her meet outfit which have her name on the clothing tag. 

A wonderful AG collector who purchased one of the meet outfits on eBay generously took a few photos and sent them to us to share. The photos show the outfit details, and how it looks modeled by a doll with light vinyl, medium vinyl, and dark vinyl as well.

*Please do not use her images without her written permission.*

A full list of links to all the info/leaks/photos/rumors on next year's Girl of the Year 2016, Lea Clark, is at the bottom of this post.

Photos from Original Ebay Auction:


Back view of meet dress

I am assuming Lea will also have underwear and potentially a hair accessory or some other small add on, otherwise this would be really the bare essentials for a meet outfit.

User Photos of Meet Outfit:
*Modeled on Marisol Doll with Marisol's Meet Necklace

Updated 11/4/2015 - All photos have now been edited to include a watermark, due to image stealing by the Living a Doll's Life blog.

The necklace is from Marisol's meet outfit, and not a part of Lea's meet outfit.

I am disappointed the prints of the shift portion and top don't match up, nor do the prints on the front and back pieces of the skirt line up. The yellow "belt" does not go all the way around and stops at the sides.

More mismatching. I hope this was just a defective prototype, and that the final version of the dress sold on dolls will be better aligned. >_<

On McKenna Doll (light vinyl):

On Sonali Doll (dark vinyl):

Vinyl Comparisons:

My thoughts: I'm not the biggest fan of bright, neon colors so this meet outfit is not my favorite. However, I do think it looks really really really great on Sonali and she makes the bright colors pop. Marisol looks super adorable in it as well, and I personally feel McKenna looks a bit washed out in the loud colors. I am disappointed with the belt that doesn't go all the way around, and the mix matched prints on the different pieces of the dress that don't line up. Hopefully this is just in the prototype and the final version will be better pieced. ^_^

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  1. I don't like it on Marisol. I like it best on Sonali, and then on McKenna.

    1. Really? I think it's pretty cute on Marisol, though I do think it looks the best on Sonali. The colors really pop on her. ^_^

  2. I'm with you. That quality is lacking...substantially...
    However, I do like the idea of the dress, and I think it looks stunning on Marisol especially! Sonali, too, looks lovely, but McKenna just appears off. Like you said-- washed out. Anywho, thanks for posting these! Your blog is such a wonderful reference for people such as myself who cannot keep what's what straight about new releases!

    1. I'm with you about McKenna looks washed out. Brighter colors generally go better with darker skin tones.

    2. Thank you for your kind words! I'm such a fan of your photography and cute photostories on your blog. ^_^ As to the quality of the dress, another collector has told me her version of the dress does line up the prints so hopefully this one was just a factory defect and the final version will match up the prints. :)

  3. I will say that the dress looks soooooooooo much better on a doll than laying flat. I really thought I would hate it but it's not half bad.

    1. Hahaha! Me too! I'm not a fan of the neon colors, but I have to agree it looks so much better on the doll than lying flat, just like that halter flamingo dress from this summer. :D

  4. I like it on McKenna and Sonali the best- I feel like the dress against Sonali's dark skin makes the colors pop more!

    1. Yup, I agree that the bright colors look best with Sonali's darker vinyl best. It really makes the dress pop. I'm not a big fan of the dress on McKenna though. :/ I think it makes her look washed out.

  5. I'm not a big fan of the dress... I really dislike how it is in the back, it doesn't line up! Even though I'm not happy with it, it's not the worst thing AG has ever made... I like the style of dress, but the neon colors are a bit to much.. hopefully the rest of her collection is better! I like it on Sonali the best, because it makes Mckenna look really pale. I love the name Lea Clark though!

    1. Good news is someone else received this same dress with the prints lined up in the back so there's a good chance this is just a factory defect and AG has fixed it. :) Unfortunately... I think all of Lea's collection will look like this with the bright neon colors. XD We'll see!

  6. I like it a lot better ON a doll as well. I'm feeling a little better about it after seeming these pictures l. Thanks for posting. I really like it in Marisol, which is good if the rumored Leah Clark photos are true since they are similar coloring.

    1. I think so too, that it looks good on Marisol, which bodes well if Lea shares her appearance. :) I can't wait til we get more leaks on the doll itself!

  7. LOVE the shoes!!!!!