Sunday, July 26, 2015

Maryellen's Poodle Skirt Prototype Top Mix & Match Photos

*Background information: Maryellen Larkin is the new historical Beforever character from 1954, who will be released next month on Aug. 27th along with her collection. There have been several leaked photos of the doll, her outfits, and her mini doll, which can be seen here:

AGPT member sailormolly recently received the prototype of the blouse top from the Maryellen Poodle Skirt set, and very graciously took several photos of the blouse top's mix & match options and sent it to us to share here. The prototype of the blouse top has blue sleeves instead of pink. I have included the leaked photos of the Poodle Skirt outfit as well as the prototype for reference. Sailormolly's photos are below them.

*Please do not repost the images without sailormolly's permission!*

-Note: The final version is ALL PINK. The prototype has blue sleeves and is not the final version. The final version is the image below. The mix and match photos are with the prototype blouse with blue sleeves.

Original image of the Poodle Skirt Set from the leaked photos:

Prototype of the blouse top from leaked photos:

With Molly's Skirt from Molly's Meet Outfit:
(Modeled on Emily Doll)

(Modeled on Kit Doll)

(Modeled on Molly Doll)

With Overalls from Kit's Overalls Outfit:
(Modeled on Molly Doll)

With Overalls from Kit's Chicken-Keeping Set:
(Modeled on Molly Doll)

With Off Brand Skirt:
(Modeled on Molly Doll)

My thoughts:
I like the style and look of the top very much, especially the contrasting material of the shirt from the sleeves. It's a look that seems to fit the time period very well, and the subtle polka dots on the sleeves are really cute without being too gaudy. Personally, I prefer how it looks paired with Molly's meet skirt, and I think Emily looks the best modeling it, though I admit I may only feel this way since she looks the most similar to Maryellen. ^_^


  1. I LOVE the Poodle Skirt idea for MaryEllen; so suiting for a 50's girl! I had always told my friends and family that I hope they come out with a poodle skirt for her ever since I found out about the doll, and I am SOO excited! I hope i can get her this year!!!!

    1. I'm glad you're excited about the poodle skirt! I've never seen one in a non-costume setting so I'm still holding judgement till I see it in person. :) But at the very least I think the top is really cute and would be a great mix and match piece.