Monday, October 26, 2015

In Store Winter Exclusives for Girls & New PWP

American Girl is continuing its tradition of offering store exclusive accessories for girls with its winter themed sets that are now available to purchase in stores. If you are not near a store and would still like to buy one of these items, you can contact a Personal Shopper at the store and they can ship it to you. ^_^

I was in a bit of a rush while taking these photos so my memory on the prices are a bit hazy. If there is a (?) next to a price, that is one I am uncertain of. If you see any errors, please let me know! Thank you!

*Update 11/7/2015 - Prices have all been confirmed. ^_^

These two stands are the display. There is a back side as well with the rest of the items.

Believe Stocking - $15
Earring & Necklace Sets - $10

Believe Stocking - $15
Dream Stocking- $15

Stockings have a red, velvet hang loop.

Close up of hang loop on stockings.

Earrings - $10

Back of Earrings card

Wish Necklace - $10

Earrings - $10

Love Necklace - $10

All scarves - $12
Gold Handbag - $20

Fluffy Cream Scarf - $12
*Infinity scarf

Red hats - $12
*The jewel studs are only on the front side of the hat, not the back. *
Red Scarf - $12
*The scarf is an infinity scarf and SO soft. ^_^*
Red Ear Muffs - $12
Red Mittens - $12

Gold Hat - $12
*Same story, jewel studs on one side only.*
Spotted Scarf - $12
*To infinity and beyond!*
Gold Mittens - $12

Gold spotted ear muffs - $12

Gold Heart Purse - $20

The quality was really nice! It's very sturdy, and despite glitter being craft herpes, I played with the purse but didn't notice any gold glitter on my hands afterwards. Not sure how long that will last. XD

The inside is pretty spacious (aka the heart is pretty plump in capacity). There is a cord inside which you can attach to wear as a purse instead of clutch.

Bling Bling Headphones - $25


Spotted Star Cushion - $15
Believe Journal - $10

Believe Journal - $10
*The cover is fuzzy, great for falling asleep on, or collecting germs, whichever is your fancy. XD*

In Store Purchase-With-Purchase:
This is one of the holiday in store PWPs, the red Santa Dress. You can buy it for $14 when you spend $50. It comes with just the dress and hat, no shoes. 
The other in store holiday PWP is a light blue Snowflake Dress and only select stores have it. The price is the same.

The dress is make from knit material with faux fur around the wrists. The white stripe is not painted on. It's a separate piece of fabric. 

The red part of the hat is made of knit material like the dress, not fuzzy velvet.

Here is the Blue Snowflake PWP dress, also $14 when you spend $50. The color is a very very very light powder blue with a small snowflake embroidered in the corner. Like the Santa PWP dress, the fabric is a thin, t-shirt like knit material with the faux fur trim at the wrists.
It comes with a faux fur headband elastic. The black flats DO NOT come with the outfit.

Close up of the embroidered snowflake decoration. Other than that, it's very plain.

The back of the headband has elastic to fit over your doll's head. 

Overall, I think it's a cute set together, but the Santa dress for me at least, is more visually interesting. If the blue snowflake dress was the only PWP offered, I do not think I would be interested in it. If you would like to purchase any of the PWPs, give one of the stores a call and order through a Personal Shopper. :) It is a free service with no additional costs, and they also accept the free shipping code currently out TOGETHER15.


  1. I just went to AG Atlanta a few days ago and all of these items were there! I agree, the infinity scarf is really soft. Sadly, I did not buy it.

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

    1. I was debating the scarf as well! It seems really well made and comfortable for a good price. :)

  2. Is there a pic of the snowflake dress? These new holiday items are cute, but I'm not in love with any of them. Have you seen some of the new ebay listings of various outfits? I was going to send you links to them but I'm not sure how to do that.

    1. They didn't have the snowflake PWP at my local store, but I'll check this weekend when I go to one of the flagship stores. If they do have it, I will update the post with those photos. ^_^

      I have not had time to check to new eBay listings yet, and I would be thrilled to see any links you find. :) You can email them to me at
      Thank you!

  3. Very pretty, but still, too expensive for my budget. ;)


    1. Understandable, each person has to shop within their budgets. :)

  4. "despite glitter being craft herpes"

    You're lucky I wasn't drinking anything at the moment, or you would owe me a new keyboard! xD

    1. Hahaha! But it's true and you know it! Glitter will inevitably attach to you and anyone you bump into! ^_^

  5. Oh my goodness! Those are all so cute, and going on my Christmas wish list. :) I especially love the little santa claus dress. Too adorable! My family better take me to the doll store sometime soon!! :)

  6. I own the Santa dress, and it's the CUTEST!

    1. I think the quality is not what I hoped it would be, it definitely is adorable! ^_^

    2. The fabric is thinner than I would have expected, but I still really like the dress overall.

  7. I noticed "stainless steel posts" on the earrings backing. Would have been nice for them to have done that for the doll earrings to avoid the "green ear" problem. I took out Ivy's earrings as soon as she arrived and coated both the posts and ball with several layers of clear nail polish before I put them back in.

    1. I doubt AG expected that to be a problem with doll play earrings, since they did not expect vinyl to need the same protection as a living girl's ears. To their credit, they did go through numerous revisions of their earring posts in an attempt to address this issue, while still making the posts safe for children to play with.

  8. do you by any chance know which stores have the snowflake pwp?

    1. Hmmm, I know for certain the Chicago store had it, and I believe the other two big, flagship stores have it as well (New York & Los Angeles). I would give the Personal Shoppers at those stores a call to ask. :)