Thursday, October 22, 2015

American Girl 20% off Gift Cards, Crafts, Mini Dolls, and Pets at Costco

Multiple Costco locations around the USA are currently a selection of American Girl items, which may include a mix of gift cards, craft kits, AG pet set, Bitty Baby sets, and next month, Caroline doll sets.

Not all stores will have everything, most are only carrying some of the items, and if you are looking for something specific, I recommend calling around to the various stores in your area to see if they have what you're looking for. The images below are from my local Costco which only had the gift cards and craft sets.

Costco is a bulk seller that requires a membership in order to purchase from them (I think the membership price is $50 a year). If you don't have a membership, you'll have to hunt around for a friend who does and wouldn't mind helping you get AG goodies. ^_^

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UPDATE 11/5/2015: The Caroline doll bundles are appearing in Costco stores. For details, photos, and price, visit the most recent post here:
Gift Cards:
For $80, you can buy a $100 AG gift card. It comes as 4 $25 gift cards, a total of 20% savings.

Bitty Baby Sets:

*Photo by therapy97 and used with permission. Please do not repost without written permission.*
Bitty Baby Sets are $100 and include the items listed below.

*Both photos below are from a reader and used with permission. Please do not repost without written permission.*

Mini Doll Sets:
*The photo below is from a reader and used with permission. Please do not repost without written permission.*
BeForever Mini Doll Sets - $40
The come with the mini doll, her 3 book collection, and a bookmark.
Mini doll selection will vary by store so if there's a specific one you're looking for, call ahead and ask if your store has it. :)

*Photo by therapy97 and used with permission. Please do not repost without written permission.*

Pet-House Sets:

*The 3 photos below are by sarahangeline and used with her permission. Please do not repost without her written permission.*
Pet sets are $30. This is a display showing what is included with each set.

The come with the poseable pet, a cardboard pet house you can assemble, as well as a set of food dishes.

*The 4 photos below are by a reader and used with permission. Please do not repost without written permission.*



I believe all 3 of these pets are not available through the AG website, so they may be Costco exclusive pets.
Once again, stock varies by store so if you're looking for something specific, call ahead and check. ^_^

Craft Kits:
All the craft sets were $25. 

These craft boxes are similar to the ones they sell on the AG website and stores.

Doll Art Studio - $25


Close up of kit

Back cover

Doll Pets - $25


Close up of kit

Back Cover

Doll Boutique - $25


Close up of kit
The two hangers are typical AG hangers. The knit caplet is really cute with embroidered flowers. I bet it would look beautiful with Maryellen's meet outfit.


Grace's Baking Kit - $25
I believe this particular set is exclusive to Costco. Please correct me on this if I'm wrong.


Close up of kit

Back cover

Grace's Baking Craft Set Details:
*All of the following photos and information is by sarahangeline and used with permission. Please do not repost her images without written permission.*
Here is the front of the plastic insert with the items included.

Back of plastic insert.

Mixing bowl & Spatula

The Costco set is on the left and the 2007 Sweet Treats Accessories version is on the right for comparison. It looks like the bowls are from the same mold, just with different colors.

Over Mitt

Half Apron

Comparison of the store exclusive Grace apron (left), Costco half apron (top right), and sales pouch from Grace's Pastry Cart (bottom right).
According to sarahangeline, the Costco half apron is a tad more orange than the store exclusive apron.

3 Recipe Cards: Petit Fours, Cake Macarons, and Croissants

Comparison of the Costco recipe cards with the recipe reader and a recipe card from Grace's Baking Set.

The Costco recipe cards are double sided. The recipe card from Grace's Baking set is single sided.

The Costco recipe cards do fit in the reader from Grace's Baking set, but since the cards are slightly smaller, there is some extra room at the top.

The Costco set also comes with some paper craft parts, such as business cards, labels, a baguette bag, and shopping bags.

Comparison of the Costco business cards (back) with the business card from Grace's Pastry Cart.

Comparison of the Costco baguette bag on the bottom (which is plain) with the baguette bag from Grace's Pastry Cart (in the plastic case on top).

Comparison of the Costco pink shopping bags (left back), with the shopping bag with handles from Grace's Pastry Cart (right front). The one from Grace's Pastry Cart is a bit smaller with handles.

The book that comes with the set includes some great tips and craft projects to help you build your own bakery and a fraction of the cost of the AG one. :)

Another page in the book.

Sarahangeline's Grace doll all dressed up in her 3 aprons and oven mitt and checked cloth. ^_^


  1. Cool! I like the Art Set best. It seems right up my doll Saige's alley. ;)


    1. She'll have a lot of fun with it then! It seems like it includes a lot of great accessories. ^_^

  2. I have open the Grace set last night. Very nice. I have posted photo's from the Set on My Instagram which is beautifullydonecustomdrapery. I feel you get a lot with the set. We did nit even use everything in Our Custommade Grace Thomas Bakery/Patisserie. I rate the set a full 100.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! It seems like it's a very comprehensive set with a lot of pieces that can be fun for children to play with. It's definitely at a good price compared to the rest of Grace's collection direct from AG.

  3. 3 of the pet house/pet sets are exactly what was released years ago. I wonder if it is overstock from back then?

    1. Are they? I wasn't follow AG years ago so I didn't realize they had appeared before. I was under the impression they were items packaged specifically for this partnership with Costco, but they could be overstock as well.