Thursday, August 20, 2015

Photos from Scottsdale, AZ Soft Opening with New Releases

The fantastic Thumbptak visited the soft opening of the newest American Girl store in Scottsdale, AZ yesterday (Aug. 19th) and sent us several photos to share on the blog! The store will be debuting Maryellen's collection today (Aug. 20th), a week before the other stores as part of their opening celebration. As these are photos from the soft opening on the 19th, they do not show Maryellen's collection.

Update 8/20 - Photos of Maryellen's Debut at the Scottsdale store are posted here:

Most exciting was the Scottsdale store also had the new winter releases for the Truly Me line! These include the holiday outfits and accessories, a new scene, several new outfits, a popcorn maker, a sofa, and a magnificent entertainment center! The Pretty City Carriage also makes a reappearance. ^_^

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Outside the Store:

Josefina on her new bed with her unlit candle. :D

Her new hairstyling set! ^_^

Maryellen's Display Images:
(Her collection will be unveiled on Aug. 20th at the Scottsdale store.)

Ahh the suspense!

Seems like the entire store is celebrating Maryellen! Her images are above the registers.
*Notice that the Scottsdale store Purchase-With-Purchase (PWP) is the 2-in-1 Track Outfit. This outfit is Sold Out online. I do not know  if it will be offered at the other stores as well.

Truly Me Holiday Dresses & Accessories:
(The prices on the 2 dresses will be $36 each, like in previous years. The accessories are $32.)
The dresses are not a surprise but that new Christmas scene certainly is! While I find it cute with the tree and decorations (The middle fireplace piece looks suspiciously like the one from Caroline's parlor), I am disappointed that this will exclude those who do not celebrate Christmas from being able to join in on the excitement of a new scene.

Joyful Jewels Outfit - $36
#58 looks adorable in the Joyful Jewels Outfit though I think she could pull off the gold one even better (don't know the name of it yet). :D

It looks like the Pretty City Carriage that sold out rapidly last winder is back this year! I don't know if the price will be the same or if there are any changes to the set.

Close up of the shoes that come with the red, holiday dress.

I really love the gold holiday dress! And lovely lovely lovely #62 is the perfect doll to model it!

Holiday Accessories - $32
These are the accessories that go with this year's holiday dresses. The black wrap reminds me very much of the black jacket/shrug that came with the 2012 holiday accessories set. It comes with a gift bag, box of ribbon candy, waterless globe, and a cute gift bow ring.

Close up of the gift bow ring. It's super adorable! I hope this set goes on sale because I can't justify $32 for just the ring. XD

Truly Me New Outfits & Accessories: 
Sparkle Spotlight Outfit - $34
We saw this one in the leaked images a while back. The gold shoes that come with this set are particularly fantastic, and the outfit overall has really great mix and match potential.

Warm Winter Outfit - $30
Warm Winter Accessories - $24
I was not a big fan of this sweater when the images of it leaked, and while I admit it's better paired with the vest/hat/leggings/boots combo, I still don't really fancy it at all. I do not know what is part of the accessories (mittens and hat for $24?), but this entire look would be $54. O_O

>_< This is just my personal aesthetic but I'm not a fan of elbow patches, even if they are heart shaped ones. The knit design on the hat and gloves are cute though!

Playful Polar Bear PJ's - $24
New Polar Bear Pajamas for Dolls & Girls! It looks like the Christmas scene will now come in a Truly Me box (whereas the previous 4 scenes came in a brown cardboard protector).

The polar bears are smiling at me! I'm sure of it! I can get on board with polar bears much faster than with flamingos. :D Love the furry booties!

And maybe one of these will fit me! They look so comfortable and warm, even though that's still impossible to think about in this daily over 100 degree F weather. XD

Cool Coral Outfit - $28
Popcorn Machine - $48
Eek! The popcorn machine is such a great and fun accessory set. I love the idea of it, but personally as an adult, I don't like the execution though I can see it being popular with children. For me, it's disappointing how "plastic" this set looks, and how the popcorn is clumped. :/ I am stressing that I feel this way as an adult buying for an adult. I understand it would be a safety hazard for children with loose plastic popcorn flying about.
The outfit itself is pretty simple, and we saw the top in the leaked images. I do like the top and the price is relatively good (aka under $30).

Entertainment Set - $85
Comfy Couch - $68
WOW! This set was a complete surprise for me and I can't wait to get to play with it in person! The entertainment set looks like it comes with 3 changeable screens (See the tab on top of the TV? That's to remove the screen.) which include a Karaoke screen, and AG style Netflix screen. There are 3D glasses and DVDs with a DVD player that looks like it opens and closes!
The comfy couch looks... well... comfy, though I question the wisdom of AG releasing a couch for the Truly Me line when they are also releasing one for Maryellen. :/ The two couches could compete and eat at each others' sales.

Gymnastics Outfit - $30
Rhythm Gymnastics Outfit - $34
Two new gymnastics outfits. I like them better than the previous one but feeling overall meh on them since gymnastics is not an interest of mine.

I don't believe this is new. :) It's one of the in store exclusives from what recall.

Not a new release either but a beautiful set nonetheless!



  1. Omg the bow ring is an exact copy of an old Kate Spade ring!! They made earrings too which were super adorable, I'd love to see those from AG too haha! Thanks for the sneak peak, can't wait for everything to be released!

    1. Really?? I had no idea the ring was modeled off an old Kate Spade ring! That makes it even more exciting for me. :D

  2. My daughter just proclaimed, "My Christams list just expanded!!" Thanks for the sneak peek?!

    1. Hahaha! I'm glad your daughter enjoyed the sneak peek!

  3. So we will be abl to buy Maryellen on Sat ??

    1. In Scottsdale yes. She is there right now, store is open. --Thumbptak

    2. Yup, as Thumbptak said, she is being sold currently at the Scottsdale store in AZ but will be available online and at the other stores starting Thursday, the 27th.

  4. Can u buy her over the phone and have it shipped?

    1. You can, once she is released online on Thursday, the 27th. If you don't want to wait, you would have to contact the Scottsdale store and ask if they ship her.

  5. I adore the TV and cabinet. AG should have made something like that a long time ago. :)

    1. I think they have made a TV before, though not to this level of detail. This new set definitely takes the cake!

  6. Are the holiday releases coming out along with Maryellen?

    1. At the Scottsdale store yes, but I am not sure for the rest of the stores and online. I was told they would be released a few weeks after Maryellen.

  7. Would you mind if I posted some of these photos on my blog? I haven't been to the AG store yet. ;) I'll leave a link to your blog. If not, then that's totally fine.

    1. Thank you for asking! Please do not post these photos as they are not mine, but sent to me by someone specifically to share here. You are welcome to share the link to this post however. :)

  8. You are right about the pink pyjamas: I saw them in the Orlando store today x

    1. Thanks for the confirmation! I knew I had seen them in stores before, but I couldn't remember what they were called.

  9. The gold holiday dress is definitely on my wish list!

    1. It's my favorite of the two holiday dresses this year! I think it looks so pretty! ^_^

  10. Good job including a pic of the Hanukkah gift set. I've always thought that it's a great set even if it's not one of the new items.

    1. It's a really beautiful set! You can even fit real candles and light them, though I wouldn't recommend doing that with a child though. :D