Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Photos of Golden Coat for Melody Modeled on Doll

After the excitement of seeing this beautiful coat leak on eBay and hoping it will be destined for the 1960s Beforever girl Melody to be released later this summer, we were fortunate enough that a fellow collector was able to win the auction for the outfit and share some photos of how it outfit looks modeled on her doll. ^_^ Full list of all leaks/info/rumors for Melody at the bottom of this post.

*Do not repost/copy/use photos without written permission.*

Collector Photos:
The doll modeling the outfit is Sonali, a best friend character to the GOTY 2009 Chrissa. Like Melody, she has the Sonali face mold, brown eyes, dark vinyl coloring, and dark hair. Melody's hair will be textured, with bangs, a little over shoulder length (shorter than Sonali's hair).
You can view the leaked AG stock photos of Melody here: http://lissieandlilly.blogspot.com/2016/02/stock-photos-for-melody-doll-floral.html
You can view the screenshot photos of Melody & her collection's CBS preview here: http://lissieandlilly.blogspot.com/2016/02/1960s-beforever-melody-doll-collection.html

The coat is thick with gold metallic thread in the fabric.

The coat will have working buttons and a discreet snap closure at the collar, which I am glad about. I was not happy with the velcro button strip on Maryellen's cherry play outfit (though I do realize it makes it easier for little fingers). As an adult collector, details like actual buttons are part of what I like about AG! ^_^ 
The collector who sent me the photos did state the buttons are a little tricky to handle. 

Close up of the faux fur hat. It really does look like the white hat that was a part of Samantha's original winter outfit, but I love the design and it suits the coat very well. 

There is also matching faux fur around the wrists and the outfit came with small, wrist length gloves.

The thick faux fur collar makes the coat a little awkward/difficult to wear open. The outfit worn underneath the coat is Melody's Peplum dress which will be a part of her release later this summer.

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  1. Very '60's looking coat. Looks good, cute.

    1. I didn't think I'd love 60s fashion so much but I guess I do after seeing Melody's wardrobe! ^_^

  2. it's pretty it would look great on melody

    1. Definitely! I think it would be very flattering!

  3. I love that it looks so good paired with the floral Peplum dress, in case that lace dress does turn out to be Melody's holiday dress and I'm still not smitten with it once we see better pics.

    1. It really does look great paired with the peplum dress doesn't it? :) But the style of the coat is so nice I think it would be really great paired with a lot of outfits!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I don't think I'm familiar with that. ^_^