Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Photos of 1960s Beforever Melody Ellison's Pet

Cdaizybug on AGPT is on a roll today! ^_^ After finding the link for GOTY 2016 Lea Clark's sloth, she also found an eBay listing which appears to be the pet for our 1960s Beforever character Melody Ellison, and kindly gave us permission to share her finds.

Thanks to MissMidoria's detailed notes from Melody's first book, we know that her pet is a mixed terrier dog named Bojangles, which everyone calls "Bo" for short.

Looking at the collar, it seems Bojangles has a similar collar/leash as Grace's dog BonBon did, where the leash was a part of the collar and permanently attached. If you unfold the bow, the opens to the leash, and when you're not using the leash, you can fold it back into the bow. This is just my guess based off the photos so it may not be how it actually works. :)

The coloring on Bojangles reminds me of the dog from the children's book series "Harry the Dirty Dog". ^_^ 

The name "Bo" instantly reminds me of the First Family's (President Obama's family) dog Bo. I wonder if this is intentional? For now, I have difficulty thinking of Bojangles as Bo because I'll think of the first dog Bo each time, so I'll continue calling him Bojangles until I don't have that strong association. :D 

I know a while back there were images of a plush bunny that also appeared on eBay. It is still unclear whether this pet will belong to Melody, be part of a new historical Beforever character's release (maybe a part of Julie's collection since she has a bunny?), or be from the Truly Me modern line. 

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  1. Eeeen! He's so cute! He does look like the First Dog.

    1. Hahaha! He really is adorable! I don't think he actually looks like first dog Bo, since he's all black, but the fluffy-ness certainly is the same. :D

  2. He is so cute! I really wish that American Girl would make the dogs like the Truly Me animals (poseable). It looks a lot less like a stuffed animal that way.
    I think that we haven't gotten as many leaks because her collection is smaller, or maybe just not as popular. Even judging by your posts, it seems like the GOTY leaks or more popular than the BeForever leaks.
    Just a side note, I was at the AG place the other day and talked to an employee briefly. She said that she did not know if Melody was releasing on the 1st but did say they would retire one of the current girls to add a new one. They haven't announced a retirement yet, so now that I think about it, she probably isn't releasing until the fall. Me and my wishful thinking haha.
    Thanks for this post!
    P.S. I'm sorry for the long comments!

    1. I think they might retire Rebecca. It seems like now American Girl is retiring newer dolls. I hope it is not Rebecca because my sister just got her and wants to buy Rebecca things.

    2. I don't know. The lady I talked to said that there is only eight dolls in the line at a time, and correct me if I'm wrong, but all the dolls except for Addy and Josefina are newer (as in released after Mattel took over). I'm not counting Samantha here because she is not really the old Samantha anymore, and a newer version. You would think they are retiring newer dolls because they retired Caroline, Cecile/Marie Grace, and Ivy but Caroline was not selling well, her time period was not as influential, and had copyright issues in Canada. Cecile, Marie Grace were "best friend characters" and so was Ivy, and I think American Girl wants to keep the line on the smaller side. My best bet would be Addy or Josefina to retire. I can't say which, but I would be surprised if anyone else was to retire. They also happen to the more diverse characters in the line, unfortunately. Hope that helped! I think it would help if someone would clarify these things because I think that AG is retiring most pre-mattel characters.

    3. I think it will be Addy. Her collection is minuscule now and there have been people around that have been complaining that she is a "slave" doll (they obviously never read her books). Josefina was supposed to be archived years ago but for some reason was not and I think the Friends went instead. AG now has stores in Mexico so I would guess Josefina will stick around, at least for a while. These are just my thoughts -Niki

    4. Sanjana, I do think it would be nice if the character pets were poseable too. However, I am conflicted because I also really like how soft and cuddly they are, and I don't get that same squishy joy with the poseable Truly Me pets. :D

      You're right, the GOTY posts generally seem more popular, but those who do participate in the Beforever posts all seem unanimously enthusiastic about Melody, unlike the very mixed reception Lea has been getting. ^_^

      It has been confirmed Melody's second book and Journey book will be released in July, so I am assuming that is when the doll and her collection will also be released. I don't know who they would retire to make room for Melody, but I think any of the current dolls is a possibility with the exception of Maryellen.

    5. I hope I don't seem too judgemental! I definitely did not notice that people generally seem to like the BeForever. What spurred the rumors of Addy being retired? I can't really say how a BeForever pet feels since I only have a Truly Me pet, but from a marketing perspective it does seem like a poseable pet would have more play value.

    6. I think the Addy rumors came from the fact that AG doesn't want to have another doll that doesn't sell that well taking up room in stores and the warehouse. I was going to save all of my Costco gift cards for Melody, but I got Addy's nightgown because I believe she will be retired soon. I might not have the cash when that happens, so I figured the gift card was the best way to go.

    7. I did not feel you were coming off judgmental. :) I believe the rumors brewed from the fear that AG would not have two black dolls in the Beforever line at the same time, especially as Miss Midoria stated, Addy does not sell well relative to the other dolls in the line.

      I have one of the poseable Truly Me pets and feel it is fun to set up different poses for scenes, but my historical pets are softer to cuddle. :) It just depends on what each person wants out of that pet, to set up scenes or to cuddle in bed with.

  3. I'm glad the tag is smaller than the animal, I have Julie's bunny, and Josefina'so goat and the tag is bigger than the animal, it was the same thing when I saw Lea's sloth.

    1. Yes I agree! I really dislike the giant tags. They look so off, whether it is on a pet, or an accessory like a headband or shoes. >_<

  4. It kinda looks like Saige's dog, not very creative for another fluffy black and white dog. Nonetheless, very cute dog, and great for collectors who didn't snatch Saige's pup.

    1. It does have similar coloring. :) I don't really collect that much from the GOTY line so I didn't get Saige's dog, but may end up with Bojangles, if only for the name alone. :D

  5. I love that they chose Bojangles for the dog's name! That was the nickname for the really great African American tap dancer, Bill Robinson, who also appeared in a few Shirley Temple movies, including the famous stair dance scene in The Little Colonel.

    1. I didn't know that, thank you for sharing that information with me! Now I love the name Bojangles for him even more. ^_^

    2. How do you pronounce the dogs name? I am slightly confused... :)

    3. I have been calling him "Bo" (as in BOat) "Jangles" (as in Jingles only with an "a" instead of "i").

  6. Awwwwwww! "Bo" is so cute! We used to have a pony named Bo. Maybe I will get this little dog when he comes out :)