Thursday, June 9, 2016

Photos of Red Dress for Beforever Melody or Truly Me

A lovely fellow AG collector was able to purchase the red polka dot dress that leaked on eBay. She took several photos of the details of the outfit and how it looks modeled on her Sonali doll, and kindly sent them to us to share here. It's still unknown what line the dress is for, though judging from the photos, I no longer think it's for the Bitty line. Originally, my guess was for the Truly Me line. However, several people have speculated this could be a dress for the 1960s Beforever character Melody, who is debuting later this summer. The collector who shared the photos also believes this to be for Melody due to the length of the dress and the neckline, though it would work wonderfully as a modern outfit as well. ^_^

You can view the original post wih the eBay auction photos here: 

Collector Photos:
The doll modeling the outfit is Sonali, a "best friend" character doll to the 2009 Girl of the Year Chrissa. Both Sonali and Melody have the Sonali face mold, brown eyes, dark vinyl color, and dark hair, though Melody's hair will have bangs, is textured, and shorter compared to Sonali.
The outfit came with the dress, headband, and shoes. 

Close up of the headband. It a perma-tied bow and there is elastic in the back to help it stretch and fit the doll's head. 

There appears to be elastic around the waist of the dress, with an upright bow decoration sewn into the side. The bow have two layers. I can't tell from the photos if the bow can be easily removed with a seam ripper or not.

The shoes that came with the outfit are simple, red/pink mary janes, though there is no guarantee they are correctly paired with this outfit, as sellers have been known in the past to include whatever shoes they feel fit the outfit, whether they are part of the same set or not. 

Aside from the bow detail, there is not much more in the way of decorations on the dress. It is fairly simple in terms of print and design. To be blunt, I did not like this dress at all when I first saw the eBay photos of it. However, now that I've seen how it looks on a doll, I find myself actually really liking how this dress looks. It's quite bright, and I think it would be very flattering on Melody if it ends up being for her. ^_^

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    Thought that looked familiar.... Any ideas?

    1. That's Josefina's party outfit and jacket. It's a current dress from AG and retails for $28

    2. Thanks, Anonymous Commentor! I knew I had seen it before!

    3. It's a really well made outfit and I highly recommend it if you don't already have it! ^_^

  2. I just noticed something quite peculiar on Melody's play page: a music quiz with the description, "Find the song from Melody's movie that best matches your personality." Is there a movie in her books... or is a mystery brewing?

    1. (Also, mystery gold dress with headband, tights and shoes:

    2. Good sleuthing!
      Amazon is producing 4 live-action specials for American Girl. Two are to be for Beforever characters. I'm guessing Melody is one of the characters getting a movie because she is new and awesome! :)

    3. Ooooh! There already was a post about the dress alone, but not with the tights! The shoes don't seem to belong. They look like Josefina's holiday shoes.

    4. Thanks for the info! I never look on the play pages so I had no idea it said that, or that Amazon is producing 4 specials! If 2 are for Beforever characters, I wonder who the other 2 will be for? Why not all 4 Beforever? :D

      I like how the gold dress looks with those accessories, even if they are pretty standard! It'll really be flattering on Melody with the gold coat. ^_^

  3. Bitty baby outfits have the " bitty baby " tag on the inside of the dress followed by the American girl tag. My speculations since there is no tag that it's a dress or prototype dress for Maryellen or Melody

    1. That's a good point, though it's hard to be sure of anything with grey market items. :D

  4. I don't think it's Melody's. Maybe Truly Me or even Bitty Baby.

    1. I think due to the fit, it's unlike to be Bitty, even though it looks like a Bitty design. :/

  5. GAAAAAH GET RID OF THE BOW ASKEW BURN IT- but other than that, it's actually quite cute and seems accurate to the era. Those shoes look like Sam's Special Day shoes, because those shoes are the only Mary janes I can think of in thatcolor.

    1. I believe Sam's Special Day shoes have little bows on them, but the color is similar. :)

  6. i really like it but if you got rid of the bow on the dress i would love it!

  7. Cute! When is Melody supposed to come out? Everywhere I've checked just says "this summer". I swear AG is trying to pull a Beyoncé and just release her with no warning, lol. (In which case- no, AG. Only Beyoncé can pull a Beyoncé.)

    1. It's been changing. Initially the thought is she would be released on Jan 1st, with her first book. Then we all guess February for Black History Month. Then we wondered if it would be June when her other 2 books are released. Then an AG promotional flyer came out and mentioned "July". And most recently, store employees have been telling people late August, like Maryellen. XD

  8. We now know who this is for - Maryellen!

    1. Yes! I'm excited to see how this will look on the doll!