Friday, June 10, 2016

Photos of Truly Me #62 in Beforever Melody's Meet Outfit

It seems like we've been waiting forever for the release of AG's newest Beforever historical character, Melody Ellison from the 1960s, to be released later this summer. As we whittle away the hours til we can finally see her in person and she is available for purchase, here are photos a fellow AG collector shared with us of how her meet outfit looks on the medium vinyl colored, Sonali mold Truly Me #62 doll! 

*Do not repost/copy/claim/use photos without written permission.*

Photos of Melody's Meet on Truly Me #62:
Both Melody and Truly Me #62 have the Sonali mold. 
Melody has dark vinyl coloring and TM #62 has the medium vinyl coloring.
Melody's eyes appear to be brown while TM #62 has amber pinwheel eyes.
Their hair is about the same length, but Melody's hair will be textured and she will have bangs.

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  1. 62 looks amazing in this!

    1. 62 is a stunning doll, and The colors of the dress flatter the dark and medium vinyl dolls. ^_^

  2. Addy, Kaya, Josefina, and now Melody really benefit from the Beforever bright color scheme! I`m sure that bright dress would look absolutely BOMB on Melody`s dark skin!

    1. I agree! They can really pull off the bold, bright colors so well!

  3. Hello,

    I have some very good news! The Hearts For Hearts Dolls will be relaunched by a new company this year!

    Read more here:

    It is said there that Nahji, Dell, Consuelo, and Rahel will be the first ones rereleased. Out of these four, the only one I do not have yet is Rahel. I am curious as to when will they release Tipi, Lilian, and the other dolls. Because my Lilian and Tipi both have purple eyes and the other dolls that I need to finish my collection aside from Rahel are Lauryce, Mosi, Shola, Surjan, and Nyesha. I really wanna give Lauryce and Mosi to my sister for Christmas this year.

    Apart from that, I am also wondering if the new company will release any NEW DOLLS. My Israeli friend Hagit wants them to release a girl from Lithuania and a girl from Ukraine- not only due to a lack of European countries in the line, but also due to that Lithuania has a high suicide rate and Ukraine is currently under a state of war. Moreover, my favorite contest will be held in Ukraine next year and Hagit is so obsessed with Lithuanians.

    In fact, Hagit is now conceptualizing both the Ukrainian and Lithuanian Girls!

    1. I am so excited about this, thank you! :D I love these dolls so much and am glad they'll be making a comeback.

    2. Hi Lilly! So happy you're excited! What countries are you interested to see in this doll line?

    3. I would love to see countries that have a negative stereotype represented! :)

  4. Ugggghh. AG, how do you do this? There goes my savings, LOL.
    I am super exited for her release, in fact, I might as well have a 'days until melody releases' calendar on my wall, and cross off the days! I am excited to see a new doll, and this is the first time I have seen a release that I feel I need. Like, ACTUALLY NEED!


    Out of pocket. :)

    1. Hahaha! I would have one of those calendars if I only knew when she was coming out!