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Specific Details for 1960s Beforever Melody from Book 1

A few bookstores are already stocking and selling the first book for our newest historical character, the 1960s black BeForever girl, Melody Ellison. MissMidoria was able to pick up a copy of the book at her local Books A Million bookstore and sent us several notes about the details from Melody's first book, No Ordinary Sound, to share here.

*A full list of links for all the leaks/photos/rumors so far for the 1960s Beforever character Melody Ellison is at the bottom of this post.*

The remainder of this post contains spoilers for Melody's story! Do not read on if you do not wish to see spoilers! ^_^

Regarding the Timeline:
·      The book starts in late spring of 1963

Regarding Melody Herself:
·      Melody’s nickname is “Dee Dee

·      Gospel and Motown music play an equal role in her life

·      Melody usually wears pigtails and braids. She gets her hair flat ironed and flipped at the edges (as shown on the cover) during a “girl’s day” event at her cousin’s salon.

Regarding Melody's Family:
·      Her entire family is musical in some way.

·      She has one sister at Tuskegee College, an 18-year-old brother who leaves home to tour with his band, and a 13-year-old sister who is interested in STEM.

·      Her dad is a WWII vet and a former Tuskegee Airmen, now he owns a flower shop.

·      Her mother is a teacher.

·      Her sister is a huge activist and attends the march on Washington. She also sports an afro which her parents think is odd.

·      Her cousin, uncle, and aunt flee from Birmingham to Detroit because of violence.

Regarding Melody's Pet:
·      She has a mixed terrier named Bojangles and everyone calls him "Bo".

Regarding Events in the Story:
·      Melody closes her account at the local bank because they will not hire her sister due to their race.

·      The floral dress leaked from Taobao is her oldest sister’s. Melody wears it during an impromptu picnic performance at their house.

·      Melody loves to sing, but she is shy to do so alone in front of people. She is asked to sing a solo at Youth Day at her church, which is a large event that draws people from all over Detroit.

·      After hearing Dr. King speak at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Melody decides on “Lift Every Voice and Sing” as her solo piece. It is also called the “Black National Anthem” as it addresses the sadness, hope, and joy that African-Americans have experienced in this country. It was written in 1899 and then set to music in 1900.

·      Melody gets laryngitis shortly after the Birmingham Bombing, but when her throat starts to get better, she is literally struck dumb. She realizes it’s because she has to sing in a church and is terrified that someone will bomb the building. She tries to go to rehearsal at church, but gets too scared to stay and sits in the car while everyone goes in. She keeps thinking about the fact that the 4 girls who died in the bombing were the same age range as her friends and cousins. Instead of doing a solo, her friends and cousin sing a quartet – each one representing one of the girls who died in the Birmingham Bombing.  

***For those who are not familiar with the song "Lift Every Voice and Sing", below is a YouTube video by The Balm In Gilead Inc. of the song. It is very stirring and uplifting. The video description states the song was performed by the Grace Baptist Church Cathedral Choir, conducted by Derrick James.

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  1. Thank you!!! While I love the fact that Melody has a sister interested in STEM, I wonder if the book really calls it thus or if they handle it in a way that she is interested in the subjects that are nowadays grouped together under the acronym? I always thought the term was not yet around in the 1960s. The quartet in honour of the victims of the church bombing sounds truly heartwarming.

    1. No, the book does not say "STEM". I just wrote it that way because she's interested in science and mathematics. She also enjoys taking things a part and putting them back together (including electronics), and this suggests engineering is also in her interests. It was easier to just say "STEM".

    2. Thanks for the clarification Miss Midoria! I love that Melody has that interest! It seems like her story will cover many other themes and touch on a lot of other aspects instead of solely focusing on the Civil Rights movement or just on Motown. :)

    3. Thanks from me, too, Miss Midoria! :)

    4. Lilly Maiden, it's Melody's sister, Lila, that's interested in STEM. :)

    5. Thank you for the correction! I am so excited about Melody I'm getting everything mixed up. ^_^ Having a sister interested in STEM is probably even better, so Melody doesn't become a character who is spread too thin, and so we fall in love with her entire family, not just her.

  2. I'm probably going to cry reading the part about the church bombing. I'm very impressed that they included that act of terror. I really hope they consider making a movie or short story for Melody, like they did for Maryellen. The Beforever line would gain so much more popularity if they made feature films out of their stories.

    1. I would love if they could make movies for all the historical characters! Let's hope Melody is super popular. Perhaps if enough people ask for it, AG will consider doing one!

  3. Oh my gosh I'm SO excited for her!! I seriously can't wait!!! I don't think I've been this excited for a doll in a while! While I'm somewhat excited for Lea, I'm even MORE excited for Melody! I recently got Addy and told my parents she'd be my last doll since I have 13 now, but now that Melody is coming out I'm not too sure :o I was also so close to giving up about AG's books regarding plots because the last few haven't had anything to "major" going on like "Oh nooooooo Graces friends started a bakery without her WHATEVER shall we DO??" etc. You know? Any who, I'm really excited and I can't wait to see what the Melody doll looks like

    1. I agree with you! The GOTY books did not hold my interest, though Lea's has promise, but more than that I am SO EXCITED for Melody's book and collection! She sounds like her plot will cover many diverse topics and what we've seen of her collection so far is stunning. I cannot wait to find out more about her!

  4. Lea's kayak was leaked on a a private Instagram account, I love it!

    1. How exciting! I love the idea of the kayak. ^_^

  5. Wait, Lea who? I may bounce back and forth on the idea but it looks like my Lea fund is now a Melody fund.

    1. Hahaha! I definitely like Melody over Lea, partially because my focus is on historicals, but mainly because her story really captures my interest and seems to be a wonderfully diverse and thoughtful plot!

  6. *fingers crossed for Marie-Grace mold*

    1. That would be cute in medium or dark.

    2. Yes! I would love to see the MG mold in medium and dark vinyl colors. ^_^

  7. Being I live in the Detroit metro area and run a small art business I often teach in Detroit to children, I am super excited that the new doll will be from Detroit. Detroit often gets a bad name, this doll will help the image of Detroit and I am sure the girls in Detroit will be super excited that there is a doll from where they live. Can't wait till she comes out.

    1. I didn't realize Detroit had a bad name, but I am glad to hear you are excited about this doll! Hopefully some of the children you teach will be excited about her as well! ^_^

  8. Just when I thought that this doll couldn't get any more exciting, even MORE details come out about her and her story, and I fall even harder for her! If her books are indeed coming out on the 1st of the year, I'm picking them up as soon as I can. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us!

    1. Hahaha yes! Each time something new comes out for her, I get even more excited than I thought was possible! I have never been so thrilled for a doll's release! Her first book will be out on the 1st, but her other two books and most likely her big release will be in July. :)

  9. This is sooooooooo exciting!! Does anyone know when she will come out?

    1. Her first book will be out on the 1st, but her other two books and most likely her big release will be in July.

  10. The storyline seems great, any idea who wrote it?

    1. Denise Lewis Patrick, who is also the author of Cecile's books and Addy's Journey book!