Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lissie & Lilly: Episode 21 - The Great Compromise

One last short L&L adventure to end the year 2015, or depending on where you are, the first L&L adventure of 2016! ^_^

Lissie & Lilly: The Great Compromise (Photostory)

Cecile: It is such a dreary day, non?
Sam: It certainly is! The sun just cannot make up its mind. One moment it is quite warm, then the next it is freezing.
MG: Oui Samantha, I do not know if I need a jacket or a cold drink.
Lydia: It’s downright confusing is what it is!

Lissie: Enguarde ye villainous blackguards! What is this rebellious murmur of dissent I hear? Are we going to have a brawl today? Do I need to put on my brawl mustache?
Sam: Lissie! We discussed this already, no brawl mustaches in the house. Besides, Sawako Lilly asked for us all to please be quite today. She is studying for the last big exam of the year.
Cecile: Regarde Lissie! Look! We are all feeling let down at the weather.

Lissie: Let down? Impossible! Only 50 daily servings of vegetables should be a let down! Let me have a look.
Lissie: Ah hah!
Lydia: What are you shouting about? I don’t see anything exciting going on.
Lissie: That is because you see but do not see my dear tadpole! For if you did see and see, then you would see that it is a perfect day to go outside for glories galore!
MG: …Could you repeat that? I think you have confused me even more Lissie.
Lissie: No time for confusion! We must away to play! Meet in the kitchen before the cock crows!
Lydia: Lissie! Wait – ! Oh, she’s already left. Now what do we do?
Cecile: We do not have un cock, a rooster, do we?
Sam: Certainly not! Let us all meet down in the kitchen in 5 minutes. That is close enough to the cock crowing.

Cecile: It seems I am the first one here. I hope everyone else hurries! Even if the day is so strange, Lissie is right, we can still have lots of fun playing le basket-ball!
MG: Bonjour Cecile! You are already here! With… a basketball?
Cecile: Eh? What are you carrying Marie-Grace?
MG: I brought the volleyball. I thought it would be fun for everyone to play.
Cecile: Mais, I thought –

Sam: Oh Cecile, Marie-Grace, I see you are both ready. Why, what have you both got there?
Cecile: I have a basketball and Marie-Grace brought a volleyball.
MG: And it looks like you have a tennis racket Samantha.
Sam: Yes, I thought we could get a few volleys in, but –

Lydia: Hello! My goodness, did we all bring different things? I thought croquet would be just the game for a day like this but it seems like everyone has a different idea.
MG: Did Lissie even say what we were going to do outside?
Cecile: Non, you know Lissie, she only shouted glories galore before running off.
Sam: Speaking of which, where is she anyway? Seems she would be the first one here to sort out this confusion.

Lissie: Have no fear! For General Washington is here!
Sam: Oh my goodness! Lissie! Where ever did you find stilts?
MG: Do be careful Lissie! If you fall and hurt yourself, none of us will be able to put you back together.
Lissie: I was never together in the first place so I have nothing to lose! Now tell me troops, what is this discord I hear brewing like a soggy tea bag steeped one too many times?
Cecile: Ecoute, listen Lissie. We cannot decide what to play outside.
Lydia: We all brought different things but there isn’t enough time to play them all so how should be decide what we ought to play?
Cecile: It is facile, simple non? Basketball is such good exercise!
MG: Mais Cecile, we do not even have a hoop. Volleyball would be much better.
Sam: I must disagree my dear Marie-Grace. Tennis would be the greatest exercise for us.
Lydia: But we are not here for exercise, we only want to have fun, and nothing can be more fun and challenging than a good game of croquet.
Lissie: You all have got it wrong, stilts are the only way to go! How else can we tower over all our minions in a vast shower of glory and adulation?
Sam: But there are not enough stilts for all of us Lissie.
Cecile: And I do not want to risk life and limb today. Basketball I say!
Lydia: Croquet!
MG: Non! Volleyball!
Sam: Tennis!

Lilly: QUIET!!!
Lydia: Sawako Lilly, what are you doing here? I thought you were studying for your final exam?
Lilly: Even the dead couldn’t study with all the noise you guys are making out here. What on earth are you all arguing about?
Lissie: We weren’t arguing, we were giving voice to our passions!
MG: We cannot seem to agree on what we should play. Cecile wants to play basketball, Samantha wants to play tennis, Lydia Charlotte wants to play croquet, I want to play volleyball, and Lissie…
Lissie: Give me stilts or give me death! Or chocolate and all the riches in the seven kingdoms!
Lilly: I see. Well, why not play something everyone can join in on? We only have one pair of stilts, one tennis racquet, and one croquet mallet, and we don’t have a hoop for basketball or a net for volleyball.
Sam: What is something that we call can do then?
Lissie: Praise me and bathe me in your flattery til I float to Jupiter on my own self esteem!
Lilly: Why not skating? We have plenty of skates.
Cecile: Bonne idée! Good idea Sawako Lilly! You must take a break and join us.
Lilly: I think I will. I could use a break from memorizing all the diseases of blood.
Lissie: Alright troops! You heard Lilly! Meet back in here with your skates on before the cock crows or she’ll show you blood!
Lilly: Before the cock crows?
Sam: We believe that is Lissie for 5 minutes.

-5 minutes later, before the cock crows-
Lissie: What knavery is this??? You said skating!
Lilly: I did say skating! Ice skating! It’s the middle of winter Lissie.
MG: Mais Sawako Lilly, it is 80 degrees outside. There is no ice to skate on.
Lissie: Unless skating is code for swimming in which case swimming must be code for a secret reconnaissance mission to our Big Person’s pantry to raid her snacks.
Sam: Why, I thought we were going to go to the ice skating rink to skate.
Lydia: I suppose we could, but it would take a rather long time to get there.
Cecile: Aujourd'hui, today is cursed! We will forever be trapped in this limbo!

Lissie: No my minions! I have been defying curses before they even existed!
Lilly: But that doesn’t make sen–
Lissie: Sense warthogs! We don’t need sense or sensibility! We just need blood curdling courage!
MG: Mais, but I do not want my blood to curdle.
Lissie: Iron snapping tenacity!
Sam: My goodness, I have no desire to snap iron though.
Lissie: And all the luck of a snowball rolling down the slopes of Hell itself!
Cecile: Then we are doomed!
Lissie: Doomed means success Cecile! Now let’s go!

Lilly: You’ve had many ideas throughout the years Lissie, but I can’t say this is the best one. Eeeep!
Lissie: Oh bladderdash on rye! Every idea I have in the spur of the moment is my best one.
MG: Cecile, please please please do not tip over!
Cecile: Only if you don’t tip over either Marie-Grace!
Sam: Lissie, I feel this is even more dangerous than ice skating and roller skating combined!
Lydia: Ahhhh! Samantha, we are going to fall!
Lissie: Nonsense! Everyone knows dolls that skate together fall together!
Lilly: Only if they tempt fate by wearing one ice skate and one roller skate.
Lissie: That’s the point! Danger with every step is our motto!
Lilly: That’s your motto Lissie. The rest of us would rather adhere to safety first. Now do stop proclaiming things in such an emphatic way or we’ll lose our balance!
Lissie: You can’t lose what you never had! Onwa–

Everyone: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be careful girls! XD Don't let Lissie drag you into tomfoolery and mischief just because your Big Person isn't there to stop her! 

I was reorganizing the L&L closet when it occurred to me just how many skates (ice and roller) the girls seemed to have accumulated and the idea for this photostory was born. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after I finished typing up the photostory and taking all the pictures that it finally dawned upon me how to use Molly's roller skates (worn by Lydia Charlotte), and Kirsten's ice skates (worn by Sawako Lilly). They're supposed to go over shoes, not worn barefoot. XD Well.... live and learn! ^_^

It's still 2015 here as I type this up. Thank you all so much for following and supporting Lissie & Lilly, and all the crazy shenanigans here this past year! We hope you'll continue to visit us in 2016. This has been a crazy year, filled with lots of changes and new experiences for L&L, but nothing would be possible without the kindness of our readers for which we are ever grateful, even Lissie, though she won't admit it. :D

Tomorrow starts 2016 and I'll be up bright and early to see the debut of the 2016 Girl of the Year, Lea Clark, whom we have been following all year it seems. At last, I'll see her in the vinyl for myself! I'll be sure to take many photos which will be posted tomorrow evening, Central Time in the USA for those who would like to see them.

***From all of us at Lissie & Lilly, we hope you have a glorious finish to the year 2015 and a fabulous start to 2016! ^_^ ***


  1. Lissie: And all the luck of a snowball rolling down the slopes of **** itself Please refrain from swearing but otherwise AWESOME!

    1. It's not swearing if it's used in the correct context, but I understand where you are coming from.

    2. Nah. "Hell" isn't a swear word, because it's just the name of a place that doesn't exist. "Narnia" and "Hogwarts" aren't swear words either, for the same reason.
      If you -do- believe hell exists, ask yourself why you believe in a God who is so cruel that he hands out infinite punishment for finite misbehavior. Not much of a divine being, yeah? Too many people believe in god really because the bottom line is that they're afraid of him. God isn't that cruel. Time to let that fear go and be free. <3

    3. Hell is indeed a reality. But the principal punishment isn't physical torture; it is the spiritual anguish of being separated from God. Hell is a natural and logical consequence for a person who has already decided to separate themselves from God on earth through great sin and at death that separation becomes complete. Hope this makes sense!

    4. I don't understand what religion or anyone's personal beliefs have to do with this photo story. Loved it, Lissie & Lilly!

    5. Lissie and Lilly lease mark this tread as spam, thank you!

    6. Hi Lea! I am specifically responding to your comment since yours is the original comment. Thank you very much for reading the story and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Regarding my use of the world "Hell", I respect that you choose not to use that word in your own speech. However, I do not agree that it falls under using profanity. In the context of the story, I have used it as a location, which is why it is capitalized, and not as a curse. I'm not sure what other word I could have used to represent a place almost universally understood by society as a location of torment and unbearable heat. This is a word used frequently in the Bible itself, also in the context of of name of a location. As an aside, I also am a firm believer in not censoring language, even if I personally disagree or dislike it. My view is that language is critical for communication and the words a person chooses to use convey much about the person and their feelings, so it would never do in my mind to try and censor that in others. I personally do not use profanity, but certainly don't apply these standards and rules to others because I have not lived their lives and shared the same experiences, so I couldn't possibly use the same rules I govern myself by on everyone else. It is difficult to tell tone over the internet so I hope you do not read this comment as an attack or lecture. That is definitely not my intention, and I am not upset by your comment. I only want to explain why I chose to use the word that I did, and what I stance on this issue is. Thank you!

  2. Great story. I enjoyed it as usual. Happy New Year to all at LM's house of fun and frivolity.
    PS. There was no swearing from where I sit. :)

    1. So glad you enjoyed it daisyaday! ^_^ Happy New Year to you and your dolls as well! Thank you for taking the time to always read the L&L episodes and share your comments with us. :)

  3. So cute! I always look forward to seeing these types of posts. Happy Holidays, and definitely have a fantastic New Year too.

    1. I'm so glad to hear you enjoy these posts! Thank you very much for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. ^_^ Have a great new year!

  4. LOL! So this is how your ladies spend Christmas Eve. Looks like they had a good time, at least until they realized they couldn't stand up in roller and ice skates. We spent ours watching movies! Happy New Year's, ladies! ;)

    1. Hahaha! The girls get into all sort of craziness when Lissie's notions take hold. :D Well, at least everyone's having fun right? ^_^ It sounds like you had a relaxing evening! Happy New Year to you as well!

  5. Hahahaha, I wish it were cold enough to really ice skate. Christmas was almost 70 0_0
    I hope you have a magnificent New Year~!

    1. Yes! Christmas was 84 for me, and apparently the hottest Christmas on record. >_<

      I hope you had a fantastic start to 2016!

  6. All the girls screamed when the Galo (Portuguese for Cockerel) sings.
    This must have taken place at 3:50 Am.

  7. My cock is constantly crowing so my girls use "Before Molly screams." But Molly is always screaming, so how did that help them?

    1. It sounds like quite the cause of confusion in your dolly family! :)

  8. Happy New Year! Thank you for yet another fun installment of L&L. Great fun!!

    1. Happy New Year! :D Thank you for reading!

  9. Yay! A new L&L episode! They are my favourite... Happy (belated) New Year!
    Hannah M.

    1. Happy belated New Year to you as well! ^_^ Thank you for stopping by and reading! I'm so happy to hear you enjoy the L&L episodes!

  10. "See her in the vinyl", huh? Lol you are too funny!

    1. Hahaha yes! I will gaze at her in all her vinyl glory! :D

  11. SO funny! XD This post was suggested as one of the best AG doll posts. :D


  12. Lilly, I am afraid I am jealous of a doll. Because Samantha looks stunning in everything!!! ;) Great story by the way!
    -Nova <3
    PS: I am writing this on a computer, so a <3 will have to suffice for my heart emoji.

    1. Me and my friends spent new years eve by having an epic sleepover with LOTS and LOTS of junk food, movies, and youtube since it is like my favorite thing ever. And then on January 1st we went roller skating. My knee still hurts lol.
      -Nova <3

    2. Hahaha! That's how I feel about Cecile. ^_^ Thank you very much for stopping by and reading! It sounds like you had a great time with your friends. :)

  13. When shall Lissie and Lilly ride again?

    1. I'm actually typing up the next episode right now! ^_^ Hopefully this weekend!