Monday, January 4, 2016

Store Photos of GOTY 2016 Leas Doll, Meet Outfit, Earrings, & Meet Accessories

Lea Clark Doll & Meet Outfit

Mass of hair! It's mussed because little paws (not sloth paws) have been over it many times over. XD

Back of Meet outfit with hair pushed aside.

No strings! The neck/head closure is sealed with a zip tie and sewn shut! >_<

Close up of neck closure.
I really dislike this myself, because it makes it all the harder to pull the heads off to customize the doll. It's still possible for the determined with a seam ripper and the knowledge of string replacement, but as I am not one of these people, it doesn't help me much.

Shown wearing headband from meet accessories.

Side view of the dress.
The print does not exactly line up on the sides, and the yellow braid does not go all the way around. I'm disappointed in this, but not surprised as the leaked outfits did not match up either (though I was hoping they were factory defects).

Shown with meet accessories

Close up of eyes. 
They are a lighter, more yellow hazel color.

I do really like these shoes! I think I'm really enjoying all of Lea's shoes actually. The sandals and designs are such a nice change from the constant parade of flats. 

Her hair is so long and luxurious, but it is layered so that might make some styles hard.

It's not as long as Kanani's though I think it may be second longest after her (Saige might give her a run for her money though).

Ego tag! 
I have a soft spot in my heart for this ego tag because it's thanks to it that we first confirmed our GOTY 2016's name. ^_^

Be blinded by her stunningly bright, neon underpants!

Compass Necklace & Messenger Bag
(Part of Meet Outfit, comes with doll)
The compass is plastic on a thick cord. The strap of the bag is embroidered.

The compass does not always point north, but the arrow does move if you jiggle the necklace.

The necklace is adjustable in length, but be careful because it can still mess up your doll's hair style putting it on and taking it off if you're not careful. Despite that, I think it makes sense why AG went with this style closure because a clasp would not have really matched the theme or design of the necklace.

Front of necklace and bag

Up close of bag front
It closes with velcro.

Back of compass (plain) and bag (ego tag!).

Opened bag

Inside view of bag

Embroidered strap

Exclusive Earrings
I guess Grace's earrings were a success because AG is doing this again for Lea. These exclusive earrings are only available when you buy the Lea doll and cost $16.

It comes with a beaded dangle, and two sets of studs, a butterfly pair, and a pair of circles with her "sign" on them.

Beaded dangles with circle stud

Circle logo stud

Butterfly stud
This pair is my favorite.

The flaky white things are not dandruff, they're vinyl shavings, left over from her piercing!

Lea's Meet Accessories
I'm recoiling at the price for this set, $32. I was hoping after Grace's set at that same price went on sale multiple times, AG would bring the price back down but no luck it seems. >_<

I love this camera even if it is plastic!

There is a little plastic grip on either side to fit the doll's finger like a ring so she can actually "hold" the camera.

Underneath it, there is a tiny USB port which fits the USB cable from her computer (from the Rainforest House). ^_^ This was a really nice detail!

Back view of camera.
None of the pieces move.

Magazine, journal, and photos

This is an interesting bracelet. I've never seen this style of bracelet myself, but the turtle charm is really cute! The back of the charm is flat and plain.

Braided hairband
I wonder if Lea will have a hairstyling set since this is already part of her meet accessories?



  1. UGH! The neck! :( Other than that she is a pretty doll, but she reminds me a lot of Rebecca and Kanani. Thank you for all these posts. I always look forward to reading them!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy the posts! ^_^

  2. Can you please take a picture of the USB from her rainforest house plugged into the camera? Thanks!

    1. I'm afraid I won't have time to go to the store for a while yet so I won't be able to take any photos for a few weeks. :(